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no. only if you have never been with him or her. No,you shouldn't wait for anyone.Time is precious so don't waste it on someone who isn't waiting for you. He wouldn't be with this other person if he felt the same way.Live your life.Life is too short to be put on hold.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-28 22:23:35
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Q: If you love someone who is currently with another person should you wait for them?
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What happens if someone kills another person?

If someone kills another person, they should die as well for committing murder to a innocent person. Or you need to go to a trail.

Should i get involved with someone who cut your friend?

No. A person who cuts someone else is not a person to be around and this is really true if they hurt a friend. This person has a problem and the more involved you become with them the apt you are to be another person they will hurt.

If your crush is dating someone else should you break them up?

If the said crush is currently happy with the person they are with then no. If you truly care about your crush, you will let them be happy with the person they choose.

What should you do If you are with someone but love another?

thats disgusting and utterly rude! leave that person they deserve better then you.

If someone likes someone but the other person doesn't like them what should they do?

If the other person strongly dislikes the person, then they should get over it and find someone else.

You are a dual citizenship in US and Turkey but currently living in Turkey for 20 years should you pay taxes to the states?

Someone who has dual citizenship in another country does not need to pay taxes in the USA if he lives and makes money in another country. The person is bound by the financial laws of the country of residence.

How does someone ask out another person?

You should go ahead and go for it, wasting time and not doing something will waste a lot of time and the person could ask that person out before you get to him or her.

What should you do when you like somebody but another person likes them too?

There's really not much that you can do about someone liking someone that you also like. If the person that you like were to ask you out then it really wouldn't matter much if someone else liked that person, because you would be the one going out with them.

Why a guy should love a girl?

There are no specific reasons why as the person loving another have their own personal reasons why they love someone.

What should be considered a liability?

A liability is anything owed to one company/person by another.If you owe money to someone it is a liability.

How far should someone be from another person who is using a band saw?

Normally, right around five feet or more.

When is it right to tell your dog to attack?

You should only tell them to attack if there is danger. Like, if someone is trying to hurt you, your dog, another person, or another animal.

How does a person stop caring for someone else?

When someone truly loves and cares for another person it can take a very long time to get over them should a marriage end. This is something that should not be rushed. Over time, a person may be able to occupy their minds with other things and begin to forget.

What is meant by 'A life for a life'?

A life for a life means that if you lost someone dear to you by means or hands of another person; you want equal retribution. That person or someone also dear to them should die as well.

How can someone show appreciation to another person?

You can show appreciation to someone else by treating them nicely. If they show that they love and care about you, you should do the same things through your actions.

What should you do if you have a girlfriend but there is someone else you can't stop thinking about?

If you think you are in love with another person then you should break up with your girlfriend, because that's not fair to her or you.

What is nuture?

Nurture is a word used to describe the way someone cares for another person. Parents should nurture their children for example.

How can a person take funds out of another persons bank account and because it was done electronically supposedly nothing can be done about it.i think this person does this often?

You should speak to someone at the bank, in person. You should also report the incident to the police.

Why should not you share your towel with someone?

1). Get your own towel and you wont have to ask this 2). Because that person might be whipping some type of germs on there that another person might not want on them -.- Cause thats just nasty Your towel should not be shared with someone primarily for hygienic cause.

I kissed someone who took ecstasy should you be worried?

I don't think you should be worried. Ecstasy can't get from one person to another by kissing. Even if it could, it wouldn't affect you.

What do you do when you love someone and the person you love likes you plus another person and is confused on what to do?

i believe you should be patient and waite or just let whom you love go and if he-she comes back it was meant to be.

What a person should do if he love someone and the other one love some other person?

Mate, move on and find another or you can just wait... for him /her to be available c: GOOD LUCK! <3

Who should someone contact if their house has sustained flood damage?

If a person house has sustained flood damage, one should contact their home insurance company and report the damages. Another person that one should contact is a contractor to estimate the cost of the damages.

Is 14 stones and a half obese?

It depends on your height. Think about it, a very tall person should weigh a lot, and a short person should weigh less. So obese for someone of one height is not obese for another height.

Should one move on if they love someone but that person is committed in another relationship?

No if you love someone tell them and let them decide what to do if you want to move on then move on but if the person you love chooses someone else just let them know that they mad a BIG mistake.