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You need to apply for a permanent residency status. Go to INS or call them to get the application. It is a process that will take about 6 months to a year. After living in the US for 3 years as Permanent Resident your spouse can apply for US citizenship.

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Q: If you marry your foreign spouse in their country what would the first step be in filing a petition to get your spouse into the US?
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Can an immigrant in the US petition his or her spouse who lives in a foreign country?

An immigrant in the US can petition for his or her spouse who lives in a foreign country as long as he/ or she living in the US has already recieved their citizenship.

How do you get a divorce in Florida if you live in New Jersey?

You (or your spouse) must establish residency in Florida for six months before filing your petition at the appropriate court. You can read more about Florida law on this topic at the related link.You (or your spouse) must establish residency in Florida for six months before filing your petition at the appropriate court. You can read more about Florida law on this topic at the related link.You (or your spouse) must establish residency in Florida for six months before filing your petition at the appropriate court. You can read more about Florida law on this topic at the related link.You (or your spouse) must establish residency in Florida for six months before filing your petition at the appropriate court. You can read more about Florida law on this topic at the related link.

How can one avoid the wait to obtain visa for foreign spouse in the U.S.?

To combat the wait, your spouse can file a Form I-129F - nonimmigrant K-3 Visa - at the same time that the immigrant petition is filed. This will allow them to live and work in the U.S. while your immigrant visa petition is pending. If your spouse does not file the petition for a K-3 Visa, they may be forced to wait outside the country until their application for immigrant status has been approved.

Can you go to another country marry there and then bring your spouse back with you legally?

No, you will have to petition your spouse through the normal channels in the US. There is really no short cut. Yes you can, but not literally taking her back with you right away. You have to go back to your country and leave your wife to her country and you have to file for a petition.

What states can you get a divorce in if you are pregnant?

All of them, pregnancy does not prevent either spouse from filing a petition for the dissolution of a marriage, nor will it prevent the divorce from being granted.

How do i get green card for my grandparents?

You cannot petition them as grandparents do NOT qualify as a dependent relative/spouse. You can only petition a spouse, children, and parents.

My spouse is filing bankruptcy do i have to?

no you do not have to file.

once i file my divorce papers with the courts, how long do i have to serve him until the filing is expired?

You should wait for 60 days after Filing for divorce and you and your Spouse should ask the court to finalize a divorce.This time will begins on the day you file your divorce petition with the court.

How do you file for a divorce when you live in Oklahoma and your spouse lives in Italy when he will not agree even though there are no children in the marriage?

The same process is used regardless of the whereabouts of the non filing spouse. The party wanting the divorce files the dissolution of marriage petition in their state and county of residence. Service to a spouse who is not living in the state where the divorce is filed is known as an edictal citation. If the whereabouts of the person is not known the filing party must prove to the court that they have made every possible attempt to find the person or a member of the person family (subsituted service). A spouse who refuses to respond when served with the dissolution summons, regardless of where they may be residing forfeits his or her right to contest the action. When the non filing spouse refuses to respond or cannot be found, the requesting spouse will be granted the divorce under the default laws of the state in which the petition is filed.

If your spouse is in prison what should your filing status be when filing taxes?

My mom has a w2 for spouse how is in prision how can she file tn taxes she has always filed joint

Can a spouse leave the state with the children after a divorce petition?


How do you go about filing for divorce by publication to your spouse who lives in Jordan but you do not know his current address you know his former address?

the country jordan?

How can a same-sex spouse fix the other's legal papers?

Effective June 26, 2013, an American citizen can sponsor a same-sex, foreign spouse for permanent residency. The process is easier if the foreign spouse has not overstayed a visa and has not entered the country illegally. If the foreign spouse entered the country illegally, he or she may be subject to a bar for re-entry to the United States. Many other countries permit citizens to sponsor same-sex spouses.

Can a green card holder who is currently pregnant sponsor her spouse for a visiting visa and at the same time sponsor her husband for a resident visa?

What do you mean by "her spouse AND her husband. What kind of soap opera is this? No, you can only apply for your legal spouse (aka, husband). And by legal spouse or husband, I mean, the one you actually married by law. She filed a petition to bring her spouse (married legally in their home country) for permant visa but since she expects for this petition to take some time and since she is giving birth in the next 4 months can she petition her husband for visiting visa without compromising the permanent visa petition? In respone to the first answer, the spouse and husband are the same person, thank u in advance for answering.

What is a k3 visa?

I should first mention that for detailed and up-to-date information about this visa; you can visit the Visa Library website. As I understand, the K3 visa allows the spouse from a foreign country to move to the US and live there while waiting for the immigrant visa petition to be approved. This applies to married couples when one spouse is a US citizen, and the other is from another country.I hope your visa application process goes well.If my post helped you, please like it.

How can you file your own divorce petition without an attorney if you live in Illinois but you don't know where your spouse is residing?

Answer Yes. Go to your local clerk of court and ask for a dissolution packet and absentee spouse. They can guide you through the filing process. In most cases you will also have to advertise in your local paper.

Can you petition for a spouse that tried to illegally entry The United States?

It depends on the country you are living in. However most countries will not allow it, or make it extremely hard.

What if your spouse refuses to sign divorce papers?

File a motion of default in the court where the original divorce petition was filed. The spouse will be notified of the action. If the spouse fails to respond, the divorce will be granted and he or she will forfeit the right to oppose the terms contained in the original petition.

Could an inmate request a divorce and get one even if his wife denies it?

A person cannot be denied a divorce, but the terms of the divorce can be contested which sometimes leads to a long and lengthy court battle. When a spouse is served with a dissolution of marriage summons and fails to respond the spouse seeking the divorce may petition the court for a motion of default. A judge will review the petition to be certain everything is in order, the judge may also choose to interview the filing spouse. After the judge is satisfied that proper procedures have been followed the divorce will be granted by default. The non-responsive spouse will be notified that the divorce has been granted and that they have forfeited their legal rights to contest any of the terms that were included in the original dissolution of marriage petition. These procedures apply whether a spouse is incarcerated, residing in another state or living outside the country. Be advised, a divorce granted by default does not relieve a spouse of the obligation of child support, that is a different issue.

How do you file your taxes if your spouse is in jail?

Any married person has the option of filing as "Married filing separately" which requires no reporting or signature of the spouse. You can also still file as "Married filing jointly" if you both wish to do so as long as you can get the spouse's signature.

In the UK how long is the wait before a divorce can take place if the spouse refuses to sign the divorce petition?

how long is the wait before a divorce take place if the spouse refuses to sign the divorce petition

Can a woman file for bankruptcy after she is married and not include her spouse who went bankrupt 4 years ago?

Either spouse may file a separate bankruptcy. However, if they are joint debts the non-filing spouse will be responsible for repayment. If the spouse is the sole debtor the non-filing spouse might still be responsible if they reside in a community property state.

Are assets of non-filing spouse considered in bankruptcy?

No. When one spouse files for bankruptcy and the other spouse does not, they are only filing for their own personal debts and not those of the spouse. In general, the filing of bankruptcy by one spouse will not affect the other spouse's financial situation. A debt is created by contract between a debtor and a creditor - each debtor must sign the contract to be liable for payment. Therefore, the bankruptcy of one spouse does not cause the other to become bankrupt. Debts where spouses are joint and severally liable for payment will remain with the spouse who has not filed for bankruptcy.

Does the wife have to sign the divorce papers if she does not want to?

No, but the refusal of a spouse to sign the dissolution petition will not prevent the requesting spouse to be granted a divorce.

Can the executor of the will be changed by surviving spouse?

Yes, they can petition to change the executor. Or change the will.