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No. The symptoms of pregnancy are a missed period and positive pregnancy test.


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You cant be pregnant if your having a normal period. But you can have a yeast infection during a period.

A bladder infection would probably not stop a period. If you ARE pregnant a bladder infection could cause you to miscarry. A bladder infection should be treated as it can backtrack to the kidneys so go to the doctor about the infection and tell him/her that you have missed your period.

No it will not. If you become pregnant, you will most likey not get a period, even if you are on birth control.

Affection of the sexual kind will cause a missed period if you are pregnant. An infection will seldom cause your menstrual cycle to be late.

if your not having your period you probably are pregnant already

I had the same thing happen to me and I was pregnant. I would take a test to make sure. You should not be treated for a yeast infection until you are 12 weeks along. I had to live with it for that long and then I could treat it.

You get a withdrawal period AFTER you go off birth control.

Yes but you dont get pregnant on your period even without birth control.

No. Birth control will prevent pregnancy.

If you are not using birth control and have no period, take a pregnancy test to see if your'e pregnant.

Normally, if you have a period, that means you are not pregnant. Of course there can be exceptions, and in the case of doubts, you might ask your doctor.

I don't think so, it could be that you have a infection or a signal that your period is by to come

Yes, a woman can get pregnant directly after her period. Unless you want to get pregnant you should always use birth control.

No, just an infection. Go and see the doctor

A yeast infection or the treatment for it have nothing to do with missing a period. If you missed a period you should take a home test or go see a doctor to find out if you are pregnant.

If you had sex it is possible you are pregnant. The chance of getting pregnant on your period, while taking BCP is quite small.

If you're pregnant there is always still a possibility that you can have your period.Regardless,You should not be on birth control while pregnant unless instructed to do so by your doctor. Taking Birth control pills while pregnant can lead to birth defects or death.If you think you're pregnant, consult your Doctor about pregnancy and your birth control.

if you're on birth control and you're taking amoxicillin and you have unprotected sex you can get pregnant, because amoxicillin and many other antibiotics can decrease the affectiveness of birth control by half. So if you are on birth control, and you are taking amoxicillin, and you had unprotected sex you could be pregnant. Otherwise you're period could just be late because you are getting over an illness or you're body is fighting an infection.

If you have had a menstrual period then you are not pregnant. It is impossible to have a period while pregnant. If you feel that you could be pregnant and are having bleeding during pregnancy you should see a Dr as soon as possible to rule out miscarriage, infection, and other pregnancy complications.

If you conceived on birth control you would not get your period or would receive a very unusual period for you. If you suspect pregnancy, perform a pregnancy test.

If you get back to a normal period you can get pregnant.

By taking a birth control pill or being pregnant

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