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If you need two 20A dedicated outlets but the facility only has one with one plug opening can you use a power strip for your equipment?


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If you need two 20 amp dedicated outlets, you need a total of 40 amps.

If you only have one 20 amp plug, you only have a total of 20 amps available to you.


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Point of connection to the electrical system for a particular piece of equipment, normally reserved for the exclusive use of the equipment, sometimes called a dedicated circuit.

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A "dedicated" circuit is one to which only one device is or can be connected; therefore the circuit is "dedicated" to the device. A NON dedicated circuit will therefore be one to which multiple devices can connect, such as the wall outlets in your home. Multiple wall outlets are connected to a common circuit breaker, making that an example of a non-dedicated circuit.

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The outlets in your home provide the convenience to be able to use electricity at specific points in rooms throughout the house. This saves not have to take your equipment to the distribution point where the power enters the building to operate the equipment.

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The fuses for the 2002 Toyota Highlanders power outlets are located in the fuse panel, near the hood release. They prevent an overload the vehicle and the equipment plugged into the outlets.

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Generally speaking--zero. 30amp circuits are usually for special use, dedicated, one appliance circuits. Normal outlets in U.S. are not rated for 30 amps. Normal outlets on a 30amp circuit would be a fire hazard.

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