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If you need two 20 amp dedicated outlets, you need a total of 40 amps.

If you only have one 20 amp plug, you only have a total of 20 amps available to you.

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Q: If you need two 20A dedicated outlets but the facility only has one with one plug opening can you use a power strip for your equipment?
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What is the definition of special purpose outlets?

Point of connection to the electrical system for a particular piece of equipment, normally reserved for the exclusive use of the equipment, sometimes called a dedicated circuit.

What is a non dedicated circuit?

A "dedicated" circuit is one to which only one device is or can be connected; therefore the circuit is "dedicated" to the device. A NON dedicated circuit will therefore be one to which multiple devices can connect, such as the wall outlets in your home. Multiple wall outlets are connected to a common circuit breaker, making that an example of a non-dedicated circuit.

Can I use an outlet as a dedicated 20 amp service if nothing is plugged into the other outlets on the line?


What do the outlets in your homes provide?

The outlets in your home provide the convenience to be able to use electricity at specific points in rooms throughout the house. This saves not have to take your equipment to the distribution point where the power enters the building to operate the equipment.

Where is the fuses for the 2002 highlander power outlets?

The fuses for the 2002 Toyota Highlanders power outlets are located in the fuse panel, near the hood release. They prevent an overload the vehicle and the equipment plugged into the outlets.

How many outlets can you put on a 30A breaker?

Generally speaking--zero. 30amp circuits are usually for special use, dedicated, one appliance circuits. Normal outlets in U.S. are not rated for 30 amps. Normal outlets on a 30amp circuit would be a fire hazard.

Why are many manufactureres like Nike opening their own retail outlets?

To make more money! By opening their own stores in so-called "factory outlets" here and there, they market their shoes directly. By cutting out the middle man, the profits go up (provided the store is run efficiently).

How many lights and outlets can be on a 15 amp circuit?

Any combination up to 12 outlets. The count includes switch boxes and receptacles. If the wattage is known on a dedicated circuit up to 1200 watts on a single receptacle.

Is the 120V outlet a dedicated circuit?

It depends on the way your house or business is wired. Usually not. Usually a circuit feeds several lights or outlets.

What to shut off during earth hour?

All the lights and electronic equipment that use wall outlets in your home.

Where are exercise equipment outlets?

There are man exercise equipment outlets in little rock arkansas. These include Your total fitness shop, pure fitness equipment and sports authority sporting goods.

How do you create a dedicated circuit?

A dedicated circuit is a single line that comes directly off its own breaker in the electrical panel to the device or outlet it is powering. It is not shared with any other outlets or devices. Dedicated circuits are usually required for appliances, such as ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, and air conditioners/heat pumps.

What amperage in NYC Commercial building?

For commercial buildings 110/115 VAC outlets should all be rated at least 20 A. For commercial buildings 220/230 VAC outlets as well as 3-phase outlets of any voltage can be installed with any rating the user's equipment requires.

What size wire do you need to run 4 30 amp outlets at 200 ft?

This question is best answered by knowing what equipment will be connected to the outlets, and what their expected current draw should be. It is also necessary to know what your voltage is.

Can a garbage disposal be on the same circuit as four outlets and a ceiling fan?

Yes, if the circuit breaker and the wiring is large enough to carry the sum of the amp draw of all. Without knowing what will be plugged into the outlets, there is no way to be more specific. <<>> It is recommended to use a dedicated circuit for a garbage disposal. It is best not to add any additional loads to kitchen counter receptacles as these are also dedicated circuits.

Can you piggyback 4 convenience outlets on a 20 amp dedicated circuit for washing machine which is rated 8 amps?

This is not a good idea. The washing machine current will surge when motor is started. a 20 Amp dedicated circuit is recommended for a washing machine.

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What is the collective noun for outlets?

The collective noun for retail outlets is a chain of outlets. The collective noun for electrical outlets is a bank of outlets.

Is a dedicated circuit for floor outlets necessary?

It depends on what the amperage of the connected load is. If it above 10 amps on a 15 amp breaker then make is a dedicated circuit. If it is used for lamps in the center of a room, then the floor outlet can be incorporated into the regular lighting and receptacle circuit.

Can the power to your whirlpool be on the same 20 amp circuit as the bathroom lights and outlets?

No, the whirlpool has a motor load connected to it and should be connected to a dedicated ground fault breaker.

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What is the minimum height for electrical outlets?

There is no minimum height for electrical outlets. Some outlets are designed to be used on the floor. The average electrician will use 12" as a rule. This measurement can be to the top, middle or bottom of the outlet box. Sometime the customer will ask to have an outlet at a specific height to accommodate a special appliance or piece of equipment they might want to power.

What does your outlet in your home provide?

The outlets in your home provide the convenience to be able to use electricity at specific points in rooms throughout the house. This saves not have to take your equipment to the distribution point where the power enters the building to operate the equipment.