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If you need two 20 amp dedicated outlets, you need a total of 40 amps.

If you only have one 20 amp plug, you only have a total of 20 amps available to you.

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Q: If you need two 20A dedicated outlets but the facility only has one with one plug opening can you use a power strip for your equipment?
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What is the definition of special purpose outlets?

Point of connection to the electrical system for a particular piece of equipment, normally reserved for the exclusive use of the equipment, sometimes called a dedicated circuit.

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A "dedicated" circuit is one to which only one device is or can be connected; therefore the circuit is "dedicated" to the device. A NON dedicated circuit will therefore be one to which multiple devices can connect, such as the wall outlets in your home. Multiple wall outlets are connected to a common circuit breaker, making that an example of a non-dedicated circuit.

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