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Stop using a cell phone. I would suspect you did quite well for many years without a cell phone.

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What are psychophysiological illnesses?

Literally, "mind-body" illness; any stress related physical illness, such as hypertension and some headaches. (Modern Day Psychology Text)

Is headaches mood swings and depression related to any disorder or illness?

Hypoglycemia and manic-depressive disorder come immediately to mind.

Can Headaches and hypoglycemia be related?

Yes, as a Type 1 diabetic, I often get headaches when I am hypoglycemic.

Where to live if you get headaches?

If your headaches are related to sinus trouble the best place to live is AZ.

What is FBI ish?

seemingly related to or reminding of the FBI.

Frequent headaches can be related to .?

high blood pressure

Which mental illness is OCD related to?

ordamia is related to ODC

What does it mean when you have headaches and body aches?

The symptoms headache and body aches are non-specific and can be related to many diseases and disorders. The most common is the flu. If you suspect an illness, consider seeking the help of a qualified physician for diagnosis and treatment.

Is carpal tunnel a work related illness?

It can be.

can I get head ache if I have high cholesteraol?

are headaches related to high cholesterol

Stress related diseases?

Insomnia, ulcers, cancers, headaches, migraine headaches, muscle tension, heart-attacks, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and many other illnesses and diseases are directly or indirectly related to stress.

Can morphine cause headaches?

Yes, it sure can. It depends on how your body reacts, but the most common reason for getting headaches related to morphine is due to withdrawl.

Can cats get headaches and if so what causes them and how can you help get rid of them?

Cats and dogs can get headaches if it's related to a disease or high fever, but there is no indication either of these animals can get headaches like humans.

Is alcohol abuse a stress related illness?

Alcohol abuse is not an illness but a behavior. The same is true of alcoholism.

What are illness in the integumentary system?

ilnesis related to indegumentary

Can headaches be a sign of illness?

A headache is one of the more common ways your body has for showing you that something is wrong. Headaches can be a sign of stress and fatigue. They can also be a sign of poor nutrition, low blood sugar and dehydration. Thinking of headaches in terms of general illness, headache pain can be related to the common cold and sinus infections, as well as being caused by high blood pressure. Headaches can also be a sign of more serious conditions, such as brain tumors, meningitis, and increased cerebrospinal fluid. If you have a headache that is the worst headache of your life - go the ER immediately. If you have a headache that is paired with neurological symptoms - such as dizziness, visual disturbance, hearing disturbance, smelling strange scents, - or experience a fever and/or vomiting, seek medical care as soon as possible.

How many percent of illness and disease is stress related?


Why does Sarah have headaches?

The headaches could very well be related to stress, eye strain, allergies. lack of daily water consumption, or not enough quality calories during the day.

What causes what you call mini headaches?

Lots of reason could cause mini headaches which sometimes are migraines only one wouldn't know for sure unless they get checked. - It could be that your body is used to or in need of some amount of caffeine but its being deprived of; sometimes a cup of tea or coffee makes quite a difference. - Some times prolonged hunger; like missing breakfast and lunch or missing dinner and breakfast - For women could be menstruation, having a coil in place or menopause effects - Sometimes it either stress related either due to work or rather day to day issues If you have these headaches all the time, it is better to get checked by an ENT doctor.

What do food computer and sleep-related headaches have in common?

they all result from tension and stress.

How many deaths are related to food borne illness annually?


What did Bernard Matthews die of?

AIDS related illness. Knocked the stuffing out if him

How did Amelia Earhart's husband die?

He did of a kidney related illness in 1950

Should I call a lawyer about my asbestos-related illness?

Yes, you should call a lawyer about my asbestos-related illness. is a directory of attorneys based in the United States, and will help you attorney in your area.

How do i Get rid of a vision related headache?

Vision related headaches arise from uncorrected vision. So, a pair of glasses will help with that, if it is truly attributable to your vision.