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To get the other Pokemon you have to have Pokemon Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness for Nintendo GameCube. Then you have to catch and purify every Pokemon in thoose games and transfer them onto your gameboy advance. Also to get Jirachi you have to have the Pokemon colosseum bonus disk which you could of gotton by pre odering Pokemon colosseum. To get Deoxys you have to go to a Nintendo event and get the mystic ticket. Then go to 9 island and catch Deoxys. On 8 island you can catch ho-oh and lugia but you can also obtain them by using Colosseum and XD. It is impossible to get Mew and Celebi. If you don't want to do all of that then just cheat by using action replay for the game boy advance and you can obtain all the Pokemon. this is colby 2 interuting to obtain celebi get maganeam LV50 and alakazam LV50 then celebi

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Q: If you only have 332 Pokedex on Fire Red how can you get two more to complete them?
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How do you complete Sinnoh pokedex?

There is only one legitimate way to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex. To complete the Sinnoh Pokedex you must trade for the missing Pokemon with Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

Do you have to obtain all Pokemon in order to complete the pokedex?

Last time I checked, only in Emerald did you have to capture every Pokemon for the PokeDex to be complete.

Where do you go after the sevault canyon in Pokemon fire red?

you probably finished the storyline and only need to complete the pokedex. talk to the one isle guy in the pokecenter in front of the machine if you haven't already

What do you do when you beat the Pokemon league on Pokemon Red?

well the only thing left to do is complete the pokedex however on fire red there are 7 islands to explore and team rocket to put a stop to

How do you complete the Hoen Pokedex with out catching all the Pokemon?

that is only possible with a gameshark or a cheat.

What to do after catching the three regis?

AnswerYou can complete your pokedex and beat the elite four. After that you can catchrayquaza and latias-(only sapphire) latios-(only ruby).

What legends do you get in ruby?

Latios, Groudon, and Rayquaza are the only legends in ruby. Any other legend you have to trade to Ruby or complete the pokedex and talk to Prof Birch for another pokedex.

Where do you find Squirtle in Pokemon FireRed to complete my pokedex?

Squirtle is only obtainable if you chose it at the beginning of the game you must get one from another firered or leafgreen then give it to your firered and then you can finish your pokedex.

Where is baltoy in Pokemon pearl?

route 206 but is very hard to find and only when you get the national pokedex and complete the league

You only have a ds can you still fill the Hoenn dex?

no you need to trade with other people to complete the heon pokedex

Where do you get a super rod in Pokemon diamond?

well, aparently, i need a finneon to get the national pokedex, but, i need to fish with a super rod to get it, and i need the national pokedex to complete the sinnoh pokedex, so, there, I PROVED THAT WRONG you can only get it after you have defeated the elite four and obtained the national pokedex. after this you can get it frmo a fisherman in the fight area

How do you get the johto starter in pokemon sapphire?

you can only get the Jhoto starters if you fill your pokedex(Not including Deoxys and Jirachi) and complete the game.

Where to get a totodile in emerald?

Complete the national pokedex (catch 200 pokemon) you can also get Cyndiaquil or Chikorita but you can only choose one :(

What do you do you on Pokemon plaltim when you have been everywhere?

Basically, the only things you can do are catch rare Pokemon and attempt to complete your national pokedex.

What are all the Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver and where can you get them?

Hi basically you need heartgold or at least trade from heartgold to soulsilver to get all of them and technically complete the pokedex however tearetically you only completed the pokedex as far as the game goes but you dont actually have them all because celebi is from the jhoto kanto region and you can only get him through a nintendo event,trade or pokemon xd bonus disc for gamecube and even more like mew, but if you want to complete the pokedex technically then i m sorry!but you need accses to both of the pokemon games hence the reason they released 2 with respect!You should be able to see more then 80% if not 90% of the pokemon in the game if you only have 1 of the 2.Hope this helped!

Do you have to migrate to complete your national pokedex in Pokemon diamond?

You only have to see all the Pokemon (excluding event legendaries) to complete your PokeDex. So if you can't migrate, then just battle your friend who has a Pokemon you haven't seen yet. Or if you have no friends that like Pokemon (like me), you can purchase Action Replay.

Can you get treecko on the Sinnoh pokedex?

No, you cannot get treecko on the sinnoh pokedex. You can only get treecko on the national pokedex.

How do you get five stars on a Pokemon FireRed trainer card?

You can only get three stars on a FireRed trainer card.You can't, you can only get 3 stars1. Beat the Elite 4 + Chapion2. Complete your pokedex from bulbasaur-Mewtwo3. complete your pokedex from bulbasaur-Rayquaza not including ledendaries from events or action replay (Deoxys, jirachi, Mew, celebie, and so on) bringing your pokedex to a total of 382 Pokemon caught.

What Pokemon is number 191 in the Hoenn pokedex?

my pokedex said that there are only 139 Pokemon in the hoen pokedex.

Can you get a Charizard in diamond?

only though pal-park, a feature you obtain once you complete the Shinnoh pokedex. Completing the Shinnoh Pokedex does not require you to catch them, just to see them. once you've done that and obtained all 8 gym badges. you can go to pal-park. if you have a copy of Fire Red or Leaf Green, you can transfer a charizard to pal park and catch him there.

Is it possible to get Pokemon in the Pokedex 3D with a scanner?

No, you must only enter the animals names then the Pokedex will tell you information about that monster. Also there is no scanner on a pokedex (Typing is the only thing).

Can you get tropius in Pokemon pearl?

Yes you can, but only by migrating it from Pkmn Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.You can migrate Pkmn by unloking the Pal Park after you complete the Sinnoh Pokedex.

Where to find pokedex number 123 on kanto pokedex?

keep going on a grass when you find a Pokemon is not in your pokedex when press run but you still have it the Pokemon in your pokedex or find a people to verse how to get mewtwo you go cearlen cave that where mewtwo is. you do not type well, ID118321170. yournot answering his/her question correct. Its scyther I think and you can only get it in fire red in the game corner and safari zone

Can you migrate from pokemon firered?

Yes, you can migrate from fire red, leaf green, ruby, saphire, and emerald. you can only migrate 6 a day i heard.(Just change the date on your ds to get more instead of waiting) But you have to have the national pokedex. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have to see all the Kanto Pokemon to get the national pokedex in leafgreen?

No, really you have to only own 60 or more