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The easiest way is to just wait a couple of days the chlorine levels will drop on their own. Also, if you use a pool cover, leave it off. This allows free Chlorine to evaporate from the surface. === ===

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Q: If you over-chlorinated your hot tub how do you lower the chlorine level?
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Will hydrogen peroxide lower chlorine level in hot tub?

Hydrogen peroxide react with chlorine.The reaction is the following:H2O2 + Cl2 = 2 HCl + O2

Does hot water lower the sterilization effect of bleach?

In a way. It causes the bleach to liberate chlorine faster than it normally would; the less chlorine in solution, the lower the effect. The flip side is, hot water itself has a sterilizing effect, but it's not as great as bleach's effect.

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Do you need algacide after several hot days with no rain?

No, just add a little more chlorine to keep the chlorine level up, since the sun breaks down chlorine quicker. Hatawa

How can you lower very high bromine level in hot tub?

Exposure to sunlight will lower bromine levels.

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Why does air-conditioners are usually placed at a higher level rather than at a lower level?

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What are some hot tub chemicals?

Chemicals used in hot tubs include Bromine or chlorine. Chlorine comes in granulated forms or a liquid. Another chemical used in hot tubs is sodium bromide.

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