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If you over-chlorinated your hot tub how do you lower the chlorine level?

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The easiest way is to just wait a couple of days the chlorine levels will drop on their own. Also, if you use a pool cover, leave it off. This allows free Chlorine to evaporate from the surface. === ===

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Will hydrogen peroxide lower chlorine level in hot tub?

Hydrogen peroxide react with chlorine.The reaction is the following:H2O2 + Cl2 = 2 HCl + O2

Does hot water lower the sterilization effect of bleach?

In a way. It causes the bleach to liberate chlorine faster than it normally would; the less chlorine in solution, the lower the effect. The flip side is, hot water itself has a sterilizing effect, but it's not as great as bleach's effect.

Do you need algacide after several hot days with no rain?

No, just add a little more chlorine to keep the chlorine level up, since the sun breaks down chlorine quicker. Hatawa

Why are heaters placed at a lower level?

Because hot air rises.

How can you lower very high bromine level in hot tub?

Exposure to sunlight will lower bromine levels.

How does temperature change sea level?

If the temperature is hot enough, water will evaporate and lower sea level, and vice versa.

Why does air-conditioners are usually placed at a higher level rather than at a lower level?

Hot air rises but not cold air.

Is it safe to go in a hot tub with too much chlorine?

Although chlorine is a poisonous gas which can kill people, and chlorine was used for that purpose in WW I, it is virtually impossible that your hot tub will contain so much chlorine as to endanger your health. It's safe.

What are some hot tub chemicals?

Chemicals used in hot tubs include Bromine or chlorine. Chlorine comes in granulated forms or a liquid. Another chemical used in hot tubs is sodium bromide.

Why are air conditioner placed in a higher level than a lower level?

Cold air will sink and hot air will rise. So ACs are placed up higher.

Why do you have heat waves?

because of the atomosphere it heats up from the sun and if it gets too hot it gets heavy and drops lower and lower to our level and then we therefore suffer the heat from above

Why is the clorine disappearing?

Chlorine disappears from bacteria, algae, hot sun, and heavy use. You need to keep chlorine level up daily by checking it with a test kit and adding when needed. If you use tablets in the skimmer this will help every time you run the pump

Used to kill bacterial in pools and hot tub?


Is chlorine soluble in hot or cold water?

Cold water

How does Mercury react experimental with chlorine?

Mercury and chlorine in a hot sealed tube may form Mercuric chloride HgCl2

Does an exergonic reaction become hot?

An exergonic Reaction will give off heat. The higher energy level (Reactants) will produce a lower energy level (products) and release energy (chemical or kinetic). An exergonic Reaction will give off heat. The higher energy level (Reactants) will produce a lower energy level (products) and release energy (chemical or kinetic).

If the chlorine level to high in hot tub is it unsafe to be in?

yes your skin could burn you should make sure that you put as much as directed no less or not clean and not too much or too dangerous

What is first thing you should do for a chlorine gas victim?

The first thing you should do for a chlorine gas victim is to remove him or her from where the chlorine gas is. Giving the patient first aid for inhaled chlorine does no good if the guy is still lying there breathing chlorine.

Why must air-conditioners must be placed at a higher level rather than at a lower level?

hot air rises so the air con will cool down the air above so air cons will be placed at a higher level

What does chlorine react with?

It reacts with water and a base called a hot aqueous alkali.

Any hot tubs that can be used without chlorine?

Any hot tub can be sanitized with cholrine-free treatments. Hot Tub Silver is one such product.

How hot is a hot cup of tea?

If you mean boiling hot, it should be close to the temperature of boiling hot water. This depends on the air pressure; at sea level, water boils at about 100 degrees Celsius (373 kelvin); at higher altitude, where the air pressure is less, it will boil at a lower temperature.

How much chlorine should be in the bath water?

you don't put chlorine in the bath tub you put it in pool,and hot tubs, public water ect.

Is bromine used in hot tubs?

If there are high levels of either chlorine or bromine in a hot tub, then these chemicals can be irritating to the skin. Absorbing high levels of bromine can also lead to iodine deficiencies in the body. Chlorine is typically safer.

What is the Oil capacity for Yamaha ttr 250?

1.45. just use the site gage right under the oil filter. there are 2 sets of marks, the lower is for cold level, and the upper is for maximum hot level.