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Contact an agent in your area, if they do not sell this type of coverage/policy they will be able to refer you an agent that does.

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Q: If you own your own property and are planning to build yourself what kind of insurance is needed and where can you find it?
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What provides the funds needed for expenses such as property taxes homeowners insurance mortgage insurance?

Which of these provides the funds needed for expenses such as property taxes, homeowners insurance, mortgage insurance, etc.?

What provides the funds needed for expenses such as property taxes homeowners insurance and mortgage insurance?

Escrow account

In which situations would empty property insurance be necessary?

If you are looking to get information on empty property insurance, you should call your agent. Empty property insurance would only be needed if you own a building with nothing in it. It would cover the structure only nothing inside it.

Why should someone get more than just house insurance when owning a home with property?

House insurance covers only damage to the actual house and contents. Additional insurance may be needed for outbuildings and other structures, such as fences. Liability insurance may also be needed in case somebody gets hurt on the property.

What skills are needed to obtain a property manager job?

Many skills are needed to obtain a property manager job. Some skills that are required to obtain a property manager job are financial planning, organisation and communication skills.

What is renters insurance and why it is needed?

Renters insurance is for a person who is renting the place where they live. It protects your property if something happens to that place, such as a fire, flood or theft. Without it, only the owner of the property is covered.

What types of appraisals are needed for Personal Property insurance coverage?

any store that product is same

Do I need renter's insurance in Massachusetts?

Renters insurance is needed in every state. Without it, any damage or theft of your personal possessions is your responsibility. Renters insurance covers your personal property.

Equipment Insurance?

form_title=Equipment Insurance form_header=Be certain that the equipment you need to run your business is well insured. Get equipped with the proper equipment insurance today. Type pf Equipment/Vehicle to be Insured:=_ Cost/Value of Equipment:=_ Type of Insurance Needed:= {(),Property,Liability,Property and Liability}

Why is an insurance contract needed?

An insurance contract is needed to specify the exact terms of the insurance.

LLC Liability Insurance?

form_title=LLC Liability Insurance form_header=Even as a limited liability company, it's important to have protection from personal liability. Have an insurance professional create a personalized quote based on your business risks. Type of Insurance Needed:= [] General Liability Insurance [] Property Liability Insurance [] Professional Liability Insurance [] Directors and Officers Liability Insurance [] Product Liability Insurance [] Other [] Not Sure Years In Business:=_ How many total people work in your business (including yourself, owners, officers, employees, contractors, etc)?=_

What kind of insurance is needed when starting up a small business?

The type of insurance one should get when starting up a small business includes property and liability, workers compensation, retirement plans, health insurance and sometimes life insurance.

What sort of liability insurance is needed if you operate tanning beds in your salonDo I have to worry about lawsuits?

You will need liability insurance and property insurance. Most insurance companies customize your liability insurance. If your insurance covers everything you will not have to worry about lawsuits just make sure there are no loop holes in your policy.

What is the average cost of flood insurance in the United States?

The average flood insurance cost in the United States is $600 per year. It'll cover most of the things needed when flooded such as building property, personal contents property and more.

What is landord insurance?

Landlord insurance is specifically for anyone who has bought a property with the intention of renting it. It provides insurance cover that standard household;d insurance may not, for example covering third party legal costs if someone was to be come injured in the property. There are different kinds of landlord insurance depending on the degree of cover needed. You can also get landlord insurance which guarantees to cover your rent payments for a period of time, should your tenants default on payment.

What information do I need to get an insurance quote?

General information about yourself, other licensed drivers in your household, and the auto(s) you'd like covered by your auto insurance policy. Driving history is needed also. The first step is always your area code so obviously know that or know a future area code if you are planning on moving.

Where can I find out how cut the costs of building insurance?

Combining insurance policies if this is allowed with your provider would be ideal. If not, then looking to keep the building up to code and repaired would generally benefit you and possibly help reduce the amount of insurance needed for the property.

Does Florida law require title insurance to transfer a property title?

No, Florida law does not require that title insurance be issued. The only requirement to transferring title, is that a proper deed be recorded. However, having said that, if you are buying a property from someone, title insurance is greatly recommended. Title Insurance is the only thing that protects you in the event you receive a fraudulent title, or you later find out that there are undisclosed liens or encumbrances against the title. I would never buy any property without the protection of a title insurance policy. If, on the other hand, your parents are transferring to you their property, and you already know the history of the title, title insurance would not be needed.

What Physical Damage is usually covered with Auto insurance?

Damage to both people and property are covered by auto insurance. Aside from protecting the insured against the claims of others (for bodily harm or property damage, for example), auto insurance typically helps pay for medical expenses needed by the insured or other person involved in the accident AND it covers costs leading to loss or damage of the automobile stated in the insurance.

Do you need to buy auto insurance in NJ if the car is not being driven and is just sitting in a garage?

If the car is registered, meaning that it has license plates, it must have liability insurance. If you hace a loan, the bank probably requires insurance. If it is just sitting on private property without tags, no insurance needed.

What insurance license is needed to sell business credit insurance in Georgia?

You will need a property and casualty license. Now, after saying that ... you should check with the Georgia Insurance Commissioner. I nave been licensed to sell business credit insurance in 5 different states - they all required property and casualty licenses. In most cases very few people knew what business credit insurance is. Be very careful to specify that you are wanting a license to sell Business credit insurance (as apposed to consumer credit insurance e.i credit life insurance).

What kind of insurance is needed for a dance club?

medical insurance

Is insurance needed for trailers?

no no

Why education planning is intensely needed?

because with out planning in education we can't move our education.

Why is insurance needed for a business?

to transfer risk from the owner to the insurance company