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Depending on your Tamagotchi. If it is a v4 and up, than no. if not, i do not know.


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You can make ANY Tamagotchi "die" on purpose. Any virtual pet will "die" without proper care. But why would you want to kill it? You are missing the entire point of the game. Also you`re missing out on a lot of fun, seeing what your Tamagotchi could have developed into! If you`re fed up with your Tamagotchi, reset it or pause it instead. That way, you can return to playing with it once you feel like it again. And trust me, you will!

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"Pause" is the word that Germans use for "break time"."in the break" is "in die Pause","have a break" is "eine Pause einlegen".

The baby tamagotchi cannot die. If it dies, that means the parent is dead too. Only one angel will show up on the screen though

The Match Maker will look through a book and choose the right match for your Tamagotchi, just leave him/her alone while he/she looks through their book. After they've chosen, it should come up with another Tamagotchi and a sign saying "Marry? Yes/No?" or something. It's your chose if you want THEM to marry or if you want them NOT to marry.(NOTE) If your Tamagotchi never marries, it will get old and die without a child to continue where it left off. This means, you will have to create a new Tamagotchi and start all over again.

there is no tamagotchi cheats its a virtual pet that if you don't take good care of it will die just feed it play with it keep it happy and you'll be raising tama generations in nowtime

Your tama can die and run out of money, but it can't die because of money being gone

No, Dovepaw does not die in Night Whispers.

it wont break. I've done it a million times. It doesnt do anything to your tamagotchi and if your tamagotchi's batteries die, then all you have to do is put new batteries in and instead of pressing reset, you press download. Does that answer your question?

am pretty sure that it wont because the sun is not artificial light and it doesnt die over night when it is dark .

it doesnt turn off until the bateries die :)

xenocrates died at the age of 82, from falling over some unidentified bronze utensil in the night.

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Tamagotchis will die if their owner abandons them, doesn't feed them or give them any attention, or if you lose them. You can always reset them, if you want to play again though!!

no specific time. it can be eaten in the afternoon are ran over in the middle of the night. so technically a snake can DIE at any time of the day.

it depends which version u have. v6s live forever unless they marry or u take bad care of them. v4s die when they're about 10-15.

In Tamagotchi v5, tamagotchis won't 'die' but instead they will go to tamatown which has also the same meaning as dieing. but the thing is that when ur tamagotchi dies, there will be no tamagotchis on ur screen and u will have to press (A) n (C) and then eggs will appear. and then u will have to wait a few miniute for it to hatch and then the whole process will start again... If it died, there would be an egg with wings floating, but i think that's in other versions. If there's a spaceship then that means it went to tamatown.

do this# Don't Feed It. This is a crucial step to getting rid of your tamagotchi. Hungry Tamagotchis aren't happy tamagotchis, and you know what happens to unhappy tamagotchi's... Basically, not feeding it will get things to fall apart. Sounds horrible, but if you're desperate...Starve it.# 3Don't Clean Up Its Waste. Another crucial step. Just imagine a person in a room full of this sort of waste: if nothing else, they'd die from the fumes eventually.# 4Don't Turn Out the Lights at Night. Combined with the waste step mentioned above, this is another small detail that will help you kill your tama.# 5If It Gets Sick, Don't Give It Medicine. If you've just fed your tamagotchi too many snacks or it just gets sick, don't give it any medicine. This will most definitely hasten things up -a sick tamagotchi is not a healthy one.# 6Don't Play With It. Playing games with your tamagotchi makes it happy, and that's not going to kill it off. So just leave the tamagotchi alone - don't do anything with it. Simply treat it like a battery chicken and it'll save you some time, in the end.# 7Don't Pet It. Again, giving your tamagotchi positive attention will result in making it happy and that won't help you at all. Don't praise your tamagotchi, pet it, or anything. Leave it by itself, alone.# 8Reset it. Flip your tamagotchi toy and press the button on the back and save yourself the time of waiting for it to die. After resetting it, a new egg should appear and you can start over just like new.Overfeed your tamagotchi. It makes them very unhealthy, gives them toothaches, and will definitely shorten their lifespan. ## 10If you have the version 4 model, check the fortune cookies that come in the mail. Try to work on the area's that have the most stars. The less stars the better!

your tama must die, sorryTo use memory option you would have to have someone dead that you had as a tamagotchi or the memory option can be use for the next genoration.(only the second gen.) hoped it helped:) To use memory option you would have to have someone dead that you had as a tamagotchi or the memory option can be use for the next genoration.(only the second gen.) hoped it helped:)

fell over kashian the elephant died from artheritis due to being keeped in small cramped cages at night.

It could be many things old age, sickness, eating something it should have not, on

If it's a baby (which as you probably know need a ton of care), don't feed it when it hatches, don't treat it with medicine when it's sick, and don't clean up its messes. That should do the trick. Otherwise, just ignore it completely and don't pause it because that slows down the life cycle. Or if you don't want to wait for it to die, just reset it by pressing the reset button on the back.

The matchmaker will appear when your tamagotchi has been an adult for 72 whole hours, (That's 3 days) without being paused, she normally appears at the times: 10:30AM 3:00PM and 7:00PM. She will continue visiting until your tamagotchi is 10 years old. (If your tamagotchi has been an adult for at least 72 hours, you can set the clock to: 10:29AM, 2:59PM or 6:59PM, Though I've heard on V4 at 10:30 the mailman will most likely appear than the matchmaker) On the V4 The matchmaker will only appear for 10 seconds, so you'd better hurry! On previous versions like V3 and V2 she will stay for up to 10 minutes. If your tamagotchi is over 10 years old without a partner, the matchmaker will no longer visit, and your tamagotchi will become old and most likely die alone, UNLESS, you pair him/her with another old tama of the opposite gender, then they will continue to live life as normal. I hope this helped!

poor people in brazil live in the streets and under shop shelters and most of them die over night because of the animals

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