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If you play an alto saxophone can you play a bamboo flute?

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Of course you can. I do!

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tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, flute

Piccolo, flute, clarinet, trumpet, alto saxophone, oboe.

Flute is worse. Saxophone is easier and more fun to play then flute.

alto saxophone is the easiest to play ( if youre a beginner).

Either the soprano or the alto both of these require less lung capacity, but the alto is probably your best bet as it is the standard beginner's sax.

You would have to change the notes to fit the notes on an alto saxophone

No, it would be too big.I play Alto Sax. I tried it.

Probably Adolphe Sax, because he is the one who made the alto saxophone

be stupid and dont play at all

you can simply type in poker face sheet music for alto saxophone or tenor saxophone.

email me and I will send you the Part for Alto I wrote it....

How do I play Joy to the world on an alto saxophone

Gold plated (18k) Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone #70,xxx

Suit and tie is one of the easier tunes to play on the saxophone. If you are using, or only have, an alto sax it becomes even easier. Press the "demo" button on your alto sax and it will play "suit and tie".

To play an F on a alto saxophone, you must play a G and then (if you know your fingering correctly) you play the key that your pointer finger of your right hand is on.If you have any questions at all, message me!

Saxophone! I think :) the 2nd one i play an alto saxophone i better sure its right!

The tenor saxophone is generally more difficult than the alto saxophone, one of the reasons being that the tenor sax is larger and heavier than the alto.

Information about the alto saxophone can be found at a local music store. Wikipedia pages have step by step instructions on how to play the saxophone.

When you play higher, you tend to pinch the reed, which make the saxophone squeak .

A flat its play the same as G sharp.

Parker began playing the saxophone at age 11.He used to play:Alto SaxophoneTenor Saxophone

Nelson Randell appeared on two Rippingtons albums; Curves Ahead and Black Diamond playing both the flute and Alto Saxophone.

Well first you need to play the g and hold i