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If you purchase life insurance policy on your adult child naming myself as beneficiary can adult child change beneficiary?


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The purchaser of an insurance policy names the beneficiary.

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Laws vary from state to state and other countries. The divorce decree can specify that the spouse be named a beneficiary on a life insurance policy of a certain amount.

If you are the insured and your beneficiary died, and you had a secondary beneficiary then the money would go to the secondary. If you had split beneficiaries, then her cut would get funneled to the other beneficiaries. If you didn't have split beneficiaries or secondary beneficiary, the money should go to your estate where your creditors would get first pickings. Therefore, I would get myself to the insurance company (phone, website, broker) and update that policy ASAP.

Other than naming a Trust in your name as the beneficiary, writing a life policy in your own name wouldn't be written. If naming yourself as the benficiary, the death benefit would be paid into your estate. An insurance company would not write a policy in this manner since an "insurable interest" is required prior to binding a life policy.

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