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My husband is an NC state trooper. It is better to just go ahead and pay the fine since you were only going 9 mph over the speed limit. My husband pulls people over that go 11 over, and they just pay their fines and they don't even have to go to court.

2006-08-05 01:14:51
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How can you find a good lawyer to fight a speeding ticket?

One may want to consult a lawyer if they receive a speeding ticket as it can result in demerit points and higher insurance rates. One could use the services of X-Copper or look in the yellow pages of the phone book to find lawyers who specialize in traffic violations.

How much will a speeding ticket cost with no insurance?

that will probly be two separate charges, but in nc an average speeding ticket with a lawyer for myself was 210 and he appeared in court for me and paid the fine.

How much is a speeding ticket in NC for going 17mph over the speed limit?

get a lawyer, or your insurance will go way up

What is the fine for a speeding ticket going 33 mile over the limit?

It depends on the North Carolina it stops being speeding and becomes reckless driving at 15 over. At 33mph over, you really need a lawyer.

Is selling speeding insurance legal in the US?

The government (in its infinite wisdom) decides to regulate everything. If it's a product or a service which could help people, then chances are it's regulated. And insurance products are regulated on the state level. So unless there is a sanctioned state authority allowing speeding insurance to be legal in that state (e.g. VT or FL) then it is not legal there. Most reputable/known insurance companies are not in the speeding insurance industry and I don't see them getting into it anytime soon.Although not "speeding insurance" in the sense that it will pay fines imposed upon you for speeding, there are a multitude of prepaid legal service companies nationwide. These are generally regulated as risk bearing entities. In return for the advance payment of a fee or "premium" the member of entitled to services of a lawyer as and when the need arises. Depending upon the plan, this could include the services of a defense attorney regarding a speeding ticket.

What is the first step if you receive a civil summons as a result of an auto accident?

Notify your insurance company as soon as possible and get a lawyer.

What if someone forged your name to receive benefits from a life insurance policy?

This is another example of identity theft. Get a lawyer and have the lawyer contact the insurance agency to let them know that they have been defrauded. Lawyers can be expensive, but it's complicated paperwork that average persons can't manage.

Would one need a traffic violation lawyer for a speeding ticket?

"A driver receiving a speeding ticket does not necessarily need a lawyer but hiring a lawyer is always an option. Lawyers may have an easier time getting the ticket dismissed so, if that is your objective, it may be advisable to secure a lawyer. It is not required though."

Life Insurance Law?

When someone has lost a loved one unexpectedly, she can struggle with grief, pain, regret and depression. She believes that the life insurance will arrive in time to help cover funeral expenses and mounting bills. However, some insurance companies will try to deny every life insurance claim that they possibly can. If this happens, the beneficiary should seek the legal advice to a lawyer that specializes in life insurance law.How Life Insurance WorksLife insurance is offered to individuals at a monthly or annual premium that is determined based on the policy holder's health history, age and on actuary tables. Each month or year the policy holder pays the premium in order to ensure that the beneficiary will receive the life insurance money when the policy holder dies.Filing a ClaimOnce a loved one dies, the beneficiary must complete an application to receive benefits. An insurance lawyer can assist the beneficiary to complete the application. Some insurance companies will deny a claim based on what they perceive as a misrepresentation or for an application that was not filled out correctly.Other Potential ProblemsSome life insurance claims may be denied or delayed because the life insurance suspects that the deceased's death was caused by foul play. They may also delay the process if the police are currently investigating the death of the deceased. The insurance company may also require the beneficiary to submit an autopsy report or death certificate before the company will release the claim.How an Insurance Lawyer Can HelpAn insurance lawyer can provide many benefits to clients. She can help complete insurance forms and help secure the documentation that the insurance company requires. A skilled lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company in order to secure the funds that the beneficiary is entitled to receive. If the insurance company does not comply with its duty to provide compensation to the beneficiary, a lawyer can file a complaint with the court and advocate on behalf of the client. An insurance lawyer may be able to receive a court judgment ordering the insurance company to pay the amount of the policy so that the beneficiary receives the compensation that she deserves. The insurance lawyer may be able to seek additional damages for insurance bad faith. If you have not received the insurance compensation that you deserve, contact an insurance lawyer to protect your rights.

Finding the Speeding Ticket Lawyer to Win my Case?

Many drivers do not realize that they are being seen or followed by a police officer when they hear the familiar siren behind their vehicle. They inevitably pull over and find out that they were speeding. A majority of the time drivers will receive a speeding ticket. Speeding tickets can range from under one hundred dollars to almost $500. The amount of the ticket often depends upon the jurisdiction that the ticket was written under as well as the speed that was captured when the driver was given the ticket. Many individuals who receive a speeding ticket know that they are guilty. However, they do not want to have to pay an increased insurance rate or the ticket fine. While some drivers may show up to court and be successful in fighting a ticket by themselves, some drivers need legal assistance. A speeding ticket lawyer can be helpful to individuals who are trying to fight their ticket in court. Often, speeding tickets can be disputed through a formal hearing or an informal hearing. A formal hearing involves a speeding ticket lawyer and the individual who received the ticket sitting down before a judge with the officer who wrote the ticket. This formal hearing typically happens four to six weeks after the ticket is written. Many times the officer will not appear in court and the ticket will be dismissed. Other times,. the lawyer will question the officer as to whether or not the radar gun was properly maintained. Radar gun maintenance is suggested by manufacturers but few police departments perform the procedure. Even fewer departments keep detailed records necessary to confirm maintenance in court. Some speeders are able to have their tickets cancelled or plead down to lower fines or more points. Speeding tickets lawyers may also argue a ticket down on their clients behalf. Check with a speeding ticket lawyer to see if this is a possibility with your ticket. Informal hearings often do not allow a speeding ticket lawyer to be present. However, check with your state to find out the details about the restrictions on legal council at informal hearings. The more you know, the better you will be able to defend yourself in court! Speeding ticket lawyers often can save your car insurance from increasing hundreds of dollars a year. Why not spend a fraction of that money maintaining your innocence with the help of a lawyer?

Where can one find a lawyer if one is given a speeding fine?

To search for Attorneys for speeding, one can try the DMV website, Tixnix, Traffic Fighters, Lawyers website, and Avvo. Some of these websites offer free consultation from a local lawyer.

What jobs are available close to Los Angeles?

Lawyer, Accountant, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate. Lawyer, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate.

Do you need a lawyer to get a Life Insurance Settlement?

you do not need a lawyer for that. Simply submit a death certificate to the insurance and tell them the adress to send the money.

How would you put life insurance on your ex husband?

You would have to apply for it and he would have to sign the application. If you receive child support or alimony speak to a lawyer and that will help you get him to sign.

Why do attorneys need lawyer malpractice insurance?

Attorneys require lawyer malpractice insurance to protect them from lawsuits enacted by their clients. If a lawyer does what a client deems to be an insufficient or substandard job, or feels that the lawyer did not represent them properly, the client has the right to sue the lawyer. Because of this, lawyers often invest in malpractice insurance to protect themselves in case a client wishes to enact a lawsuit against them and their work.

If you are 22 years old and got your first ticket for reckless speeding for going 100 mph in a 65 mph how can you keep your insurance low and should you hire a lawyer?

Yes you should probably hire a lawyer because to many insurance companies this type of ticket is just as serious as a DUI. To save yourself you need to get this reduced to a careless, or a ticket that is less than 20 mph over the speed limit.

Where can you receive training and or education for lawyer?

An individual can receive training of law from different sources. The best source for receiving lawyer training is enroll in to a law college.

Can a lawyer help with a speeding ticket for 78 in a 60?

I wanna know if they can get it off my record or have the charge lowered

What do you do if you have a speeding ticket from New York?

The first thing you need to do if you get a New York speeding ticket is take notes on what happened. It is important for you to be able to recall exactly what happened in case you have to recollect that information. The thing you don't want to do is plead guilty before speaking with a New York speeding ticket lawyer. If you are concerned about points on your license, fines and an increase in your auto insurance and you are uncertain as to whether or not your New York speeding ticket can be challenged in court, you should contact a New York speeding ticket lawyer or New York speeding ticket attorney. You should have both your ticket and the notes that you took on the traffic stop with you when you call. A skilled New York traffic ticket lawyer or speeding ticket attorney will ask you various questions like what you are being charged with, what your driving record is over the past four years, etc. Then the New York speeding ticket lawyer will be able to (a) tell you what you are looking at if you are convicted or plead guilty; and (b) what he or she thinks they can do for you if you hire them to represent you in court. Not only are speeding tickets costly in terms of court fines and auto insurance increases, but if you get 11 points in New York within 18 months, your driving privileges will be suspended. In addition, if you get 6 points in New York within 18 months, you will receive a bill from the NYS DMV for $100/year for 3 years and $25/year for 3 years for each point over 6. So, for example, if you have 8 points on your license, you will have to pay the NY DMV $150/year for 3 years which is a total of $450! Most people feel that if they are indeed guilty (which is true most of the time but is definitely not always true) there is little that can be done and they should simply plead guilty and eat the points, fines & auto insurance increase. Most of the time, this thinking is mistaken. Courts and prosecutors are very busy and most often do not want to hold a New York speeding ticket trial, especially if they know they have to go up against a skilled New York attorney that can give them a run for their money, literally. A good lawyer should be able to challenge the ticket and negotiate a reduction of points and fines to save you money in both the short term (court fines) and the long term (auto insurance). This answer is general in nature and is not to be construed as legal advice.

How do you defer a speeding ticket in Washington State?

The person who would represent themselves in a court of law has a fool for a lawyer. Period. Personal experience CRIES OUT that you obtain/retain a lawyer, quickly. Even what is generally perceived as a "cheap traffic lawyer" can prevent that ticket from appearing on your driving record, preventing a future "unforeseen rise" in your insurance premium that may follow you for seven years- or more- yes; REALLY.

Does the insurance company lawyer have the right to ask for tax returns?

Of course the lawyer has the right to ask...and you have the right to refuse.

Can you keep Life insurance in bankruptcy?

Yes. Ask your lawyer about that!

Is their a state fund available for malpractice cases where lawyer has no insurance?


If a lawyer fails to inform the client that she could have sued a third party due to their negligence can the client sue that lawyer?

Yes,I believe the lawyer should have told the client so to receive additional compensation. Yes,I believe the lawyer should have told the client so to receive additional compensation.

How do you prove you are the beneficiary on an insurance policy?

You should see a lawyer for this because it isn't likely if you were lucky enough to know where the Insurance Co., was, that they would give out this private information. Your lawyer can find out about this for you. Marcy