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If you are referring to an Honorable Discharge from the military after having been convicted of reckless driving - I would say your chances are probably pretty good if the rest of your military service was exemplary. At the very least you might receive a General DIscharge Under Honorable Conditions.

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How can you find out if your a veteran?

Served in the military and received an honorable discharge.

Can you receive a honorable discharge before 180 days?

I received a honorable discharge from the us air force before 180 days under article 396 medical conditions .

You received a general discharge under honorable conditions Without getting into the details what are the odds of it being upgraded to an honorable discharge?

An honorable discharge can, on rare occasions, be granted to a former service member (whose service was characterized as less than honorable) as an act of clemency, should that person display exemplary post-service conduct and show evidence of outstanding post-service achievement in areas such as education and employment.

What year did Jackie Robinson get an honorable discharge?

After being arrested and court-martialed during boot camp after he refused to move to the back of a segregated bus during training, Jackie Robinson was later acquitted of the charges and received an honorable discharge in 1944 from the United States Army.

Was bobby rush dishonorably discharged from the Army?

No. Although he did go AWOL in 1968 (his fifth year in the Army), the discharge he received was classed as honorable.

Can you still get a federal job with an other than honorable discharge?

Yes. Having an Other Than Honorable discharge does not bar you from getting a Federal Job. They may scrupulously ask you further questions but it does not disqualify you. I know this because I work for the Federal Government and received an OTH several years ago. And I specifically stated on my application the type of discharge.

Where can you find hud vash housing in dekalb county ga with a felony?

honestly with a felony you cant do much these days. If you received an honorable discharge, then your good, but if not then you cannot receive veteran benefits with other than honorable.

How long do you have to be in the national guard before you are eligible for benefits if you got a honorable medical discharge?

First off, you either received a medical discharge or an honorable discharge. If the injury occured while in title 10 status then it should take a few months. If it was during a weekend drill, you will have to check with the local state employment office on injuries sustained while at work for their answer.

Does a navy person who received a less than honorable discharge still receive a flag?

Yes, but not for members with Bad Conduct/Dishonorable. Members with and OTH (Other Than Honorable Discharges) are still eligible and can receive a burial flag. There are no laws that prevent someone from purchasing and draping a casket with a flag however one will not be provided military honors by the guard to fold and present it to the next of kin if you have a dishonorable discharge. You must have at least an Honorable or OTH discharge.

Can a marine get government help if he got dishonoral discharged or a wall?

It depends on what type of Governmental help you are referring to and whether the Marine has received an honorable discharge in the past, previous to his Dishonorable Discharge. If a Marine in his or her 1st enlistment receives a DD then the Marine will lose many benefits. If however the Marine served one enlistment and received an Honorable Discharge and then reenlists he will be entitled to all benefits from that first enlistment. But you still need to speak to a Veterans Affairs Representative for details.

Jimi Hendrix going into the army?

Yes, Jimi Hendrix Enlisted Into The US Army As A Paratrooper. He Received An Honorable Discharge After Breaking His Ankle During A Parachute Jump.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Honorable - 2002?

The Honorable - 2002 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

Do you still have military benefits with honorable discharge?

You're entitled to VA benefits and service related disability benefits (if applicable), but you won't continue receiving the benefits you received while you were on active duty.

What are the ratings and certificates for Conviction - 2004?

Conviction - 2004 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

What are the ratings and certificates for Conviction - 2006?

Conviction - 2006 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

What is the proper way to address a former judge in a letter?

The Honorable is their title for a lifetime once received. Thus, Honorable (Last Name)

What are the ratings and certificates for El honorable inquilino - 1951?

El honorable inquilino - 1951 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

What can you use for discharge?

The soldier received his discharge papers from the army. The discharge from the car's tailpipe contains pollution.

Can you reenlist with another than honorable discharge?

In some cases, yes, in some, no. The Army tends to be a bit fickle about this (although I can't speak for other branches). The Army is less willing to reenlist a service member who received an OTH from the Army than they are to reenlist a service member who received an OTR from a different branch.

What are the ratings and certificates for Slightly Honorable - 1939?

Slightly Honorable - 1939 is rated/received certificates of: Spain:13 Sweden:(Banned) USA:Approved (PCA #5827)

I received my discharge on 04142008 and filed my taxes on 04152008 will i get the refund?

It is probably addressed in the discharge agreement...read it.

What are the ratings and certificates for Murder Without Conviction - 2004 TV?

Murder Without Conviction - 2004 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

What are the ratings and certificates for The Practice - 1997 Honorable Man 4-21?

The Practice - 1997 Honorable Man 4-21 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

I received an honorable discharge from the military how can I obtain a military id card to use at the commissary?

Only retired, reserve or national guard soldiers have ID cards.SSG C. HernandezUS ArmyIf you are not in the reserves, active, national guard or retired, you can not obtain an ID card.

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