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Does the application ask you? For more details see

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Q: If you received a treatment years ago while living in a foreign country must you disclose this on a life insurance application?
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Treatment Center?

form_title=Treatment Center form_header=Get started on your path to recovery. Find a treatment center and get healthy today. Please explain what type of treatment you need.=_ Have you received treatment for this issue before?= () Yes () No Do you have health insurance?= () Yes () No Have you consulted a doctor?= () Yes () No

What does application received mean?

The party you sent an application to, received the application. This is usually a status message received during a routine Internet session.

Will the army pay for the delivery of a baby?

Medical treatment of service members and their dependants at military hospitals is free. Treatment received at civilian facilities is a matter of CHAMPUS, the insurance for military service members and their dependants.

What is the accounting treatment for insurance claim for goods lost by fire?

Treatment of goods lost by fire etc. and insurance claim thereof :--Goods worth Rs. 10,000 lost by fire. Insurance claim is yet to be received for Rs. 6000.In this circumstance, goods worth Rs.10,000 (which is lost by fire) is to be credited in trading account separately ( not to be clubbed with closing stock).Then since Rs.6000/- is to be received by insurance claim. (so we are not received ,we have to receive)so this should be posted at asset side of the balance sheetRs.4000/- to be debited in profit loss account.(Because its a loss)

Does a Massachusetts DUI transfer to Florida when looking for car insurance?

On every insurance application for every state you are asked for any and all tickets, accidents, and claims received in the last 3 or 5 years to be reported. It doesn't qualify this by saying only report it if you think they might find it. Take my word for it if it happened they will find it on your record. If you do not tell the truth on your insurance application then the insurance company is not required to pay your claims.

What does a job application status received submission mean?

A job application status of received submission means that the job application has been received by the company. The next steps may be reviewed, interviewing, or active.

Will accident on friend's insured car affect my driving record and my car insurance?

I guess you were driving? The ticket (if you received one) may, also if a clue is run then that too may show up. Be sure and be truthful when filling out any application for insurance.

What is treatment naive patient?

patients who have never before received the treatment in question

Should you notify your insurance company of reckless driving?

If you have not received a ticket, then NO! If you received a ticket they know already. If you are applying for insurance and received a ticket for reckless driving, then the answer is yes!

Who received the worsted treatment in the Holocaust?


Are parents responsible for adult childrens medical bills. My son incurred an ER bill after insurance paid. is the father obligated to help?

If the person that received the treatment was an adult at the time of the treatment being initiated then the onus is on him/her to pay for it. the parents have no responsibility in the matter.

Can you get car insurance in the past?

You can not get insurance to cover you accept from the day you actually received coverage.

Can your medical insurance expect you to cover the entire amount due because they filed the claim 2 yrs late and the insurance will not consider the claim?

Well at fault here is the facility where you had the medical care. There is a timely filing period that most insurances have from 30days up to 2 years. The insurance department at the medical faclilit should know those timely filing limits for each insurance company. So they are at fault and should eat or (write off) the balance as long as you were indeed covered by insurance at this time, and you had given the proper card or insurance info when you received treatment. If not that's your fault. Always update insurance information when you go in for any type of medical treatment.

How can you know that your application form of AIEEE has received or not?

Visit and you can check there online by mentioning your application number.

You are not under your fathers insurance but you got pulled over for speeding and received 4 points does the insurance go up?

Any time you have an accident or ticket on your record, insurance companies will sur-charge you for it. Since your not under your fathers policy, it will not effect it. Keep in mind that you MUST disclose all information to the insurance company. This includes all drivers that primarily reside at the resident. All drivers must be dis-closed, at this point and time you can either include drivers in the policy, or exclude them where they are not covered in the policy.

What is the wrp in insurance sector?

Weighted received premium

Can a creditor sue you for a doctor bill if you weren't the policy holder on the insurance?

Yes. If you were the person who received the services and signed for them, you are responsible for the debt. Unless you are a minor. If the policy holder signed the papers for medical care they are responsible for any charges not covered by the insurance. It was my children that received the service, not me. Am I still responsible? A parent or legal guardian must give authorization and accept responsibility for the charges resulting from medical treatment provided to their children at the time of that treatment. You probably signed a form (this is sometimes on the "sign-in" sheet itself). Even without your signature, since the recipient of the treatment is your child, your liability is presumed. The name on the insurance policy, its' coverage and the outcome have no bearing on the issue. The insurance company did not receive treatment, your child did. Why would you not want to pay a bill to someone who cared for your child? Medical facilities file insurance claims as a courtesy. They are not obligated to do this and they are certainly not obligated to wait for payment from insurance (regardless of who's name is on the policy) or remain unpaid. They, like any creditor, have the option of filing suit against consumers who owe them money.

What preposition comes after the noun application?

Some examples of prepositions that may come after the noun application are:I sent my application to the manager.I completed my application for the job.You need another application on the door.We received one application from a qualified person.I sent my application with my resume attached.

Who was Alexander Sun?

Sun filed a patent application for his soup product, described as an "herbal treatment of malignancy." He received the patent three years later, and conducted clinical trials involving cancer patients who consumed the soup.

Do you pay tax on money received from spouse life insurance?

Life insurance proceeds are received income tax free; how the money is taxed afterwards depends upon how and where it is invested.

Who reimburse your health insurance provider that paid for medical bills if you received a settlement from your auto insurance you or auto insurance?

The insurance company would pay them directly to make sure they are paid.

What are the ratings and certificates for Accident Insurance - 1913?

Accident Insurance - 1913 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Approved

What is the taxability of insurance money?

This depends on the type of insurance money and who paid the premiums for the insurance for the insurance money that was received and what reason was the payments made. A LOT OF MISSING INFORMATION NOT INCLUDED IN THE ABOVE QUESTION.

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no se foo homes

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