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The only thing you have to do is situps twice daily and you should see a difference

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โˆ™ 2006-03-18 22:34:00
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Q: If you recently put on weight and you like the way it looks how can you tone up your abs without losing your boobs?
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Who is mal malloy?

Mal Malloy started on youtube losing weight, until she realized that her body was huge boobs and big booty which was perfectly abnormal and amazing.

Over the summer I ave been losing weight and in 6 weeks I have went from a 38 to 29 inch waist but i stil have man boobs and can't get rid of them any good chest exercises focusing on losing man boobs?

I think it mite be a hormone in balance I'd have your self tested or tack a trip to a doc or nacherpath

What can you do to reduce large breasts without surgery?

theres no way to reduce breats size unless it is from being over weight in that case if you lost weight you breast size would go down. correct but.... Why would you want to have smaller boobs? guys really love big boobs and the bigger they are the better! Its ok to have big boobs. You will have lots of guys after you.

How do you gain weight after having a baby?

Yes. Your boobs will be bigger and you will have you baby weight.

Do your breasts get smaller when you lose weight?

Yes, boobs consist entirely of fat.

Do crunches make your breasts smaller?

No. However, since breasts are made up primarily of fat, losing weight will make them smaller. Lately I have been doing a lot of crunches,and my boobs have gotten smaller. Try doing situps instead!

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google images without safe search on

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How can you lose weight with out shrinking your breasts?

Implants. Boobs are fat and water stores so they will shrink with the rest of you.

Do your breasts shrink when you lose weight?

Yes they can but it depends on if your boobs are genetically big or if they are composed of excess fat

Do fat girls with big breasts get small breasts when they lose weight?

Since the internal structure of boobs is mostly fat, when a girl exercises and burns fat, odds are that some of the fat burned will be from the boobs

Can beer really make your breasts bigger?

Not really. But beer is high in calories, if you drink enough you will put on weight, and some of that weight will end up in your boobs.

Does birth control make your breast grow?

Yes it makes you gain weight but some or most go to your boobs.

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Priyanka Chopra's upper curve is her boobs. That thing is her upper curve. She has acted in the movie Mary Kom recently.

What is 'boobs' when translated from English to Italian?

"Boobs" in English mean tette in Italian.

Will breasts grow the more you play with them?

no - boobs will grow at their own pace. such as gaining weight may go towards your bosoms.

How much do 36h breasts weigh?

Hi, I am a 36H and my boobs weigh almost 3 pounds each. I weighed them on a small kitchen scale recently out of curiosity.

What is another name for breast?

boobs right boobs

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Until Dolly lost all the weight her boobs were real. But after she lost the weight they were smaller than she wanted them & she had to keep her image so she got implants.

Can menstruation period come without developing of breasts?

you could start your period before you develop boobs - yes! :)

How do you get breasts smaller?

by exercising, boobs are just a bunch of fat so if you go to work out, if you notice that that is the first place where you loose weight

How do you make your breasts bigger without taking pills creams or surgery?

There is no natural way to enlarge your boobs and trust me you don't want big causes back-painstretch marksit is hard to exerciseit isn't pleasant