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cat. con. honeycomb material may have gone downstream and is plugging the muffler. this happened to me; had to get a nerw muffler.

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Q: If you replaced the catalytic converter on a 1996 Oldsmobile Achieve because it became red hot and stopped up and now the car jerks and has hardly any power what is wrong?
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What happens when you remove the catalytic converter?

If you remove the catalytic converter you will be in violation of Federal and some state environmental regulations. The vehicle will run just fine, but you'll pay if you're caught. Removing the catalytic converter reduces back pressure on the engines exhaust and can increase the engines performance by a small amount, The converter burns off small amounts of excess fuel that escape through the exhaust and other gases to reduce the pollution levels produced by the engine. eventually the honeycomb material in the converter may become clogged and cause problems with the engine performance ,it then needs removed and replaced. However since some converters can cost hundreds of dollars there are millions of quick fix mechanics that remove the old converter and chisel out the honeycomb material leaving the converter housing intact and the inside empty and then they place the converter back on the exhaust system. The vehicle will fail an emissions test but will run just fine otherwise. If the car is a late model with a computer and oxygen sensors, the computer will adjust the air/fuel ratio to try to get the now non existent converter to work. This can really hamper performance and economy. It will also turn the check engine light on. Additional Note:: If a non-functional converted is used you must by pass the oxygen sensor/s to avoid check engine lights and keep the computer from adjusting the fuel/air mixture to compensate for the empty converter,some models have an oxygen sensor both before and after the converter,this easily done by purchasing a dummy oxygen sensor/simulator that tells the computer the mixture is with in normal limits these can be found at any auto parts store under the off road parts..You can also just unclip the oxygen sensor wire and loop a resistor between the terminals of the wiring to achieve the same result however the size of the resistor varies with each make and model..

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Usually with symptoms like this on any engine, there is a partially blocked exhaust system. From the catlytic converter back, remove and check for blockage. Any engine running "pig rich", misfiring, lack of maintenance such as dirty air filter, will throw off ecm and cause converter to pack soot and start partial blockage. muffler baffles can rust, partially break off and block exhaust. a fully blocked exhaust will allow engine to start, run few seconds and stall.

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Emissions on diesel engines and gas engines are much different.... diesels don't use the same type of system a gas engine does. So we have to clarify what you mean when you say "diesel catalytic converter", because 'catalytic converter' is a term exclusive to gasoline engines.. what a diesel engine has will depend on the model year and emission standards in the country it was sold in. Since I'm in the US, I'm going to use the US as an example. From 1994 onwards, diesels in the US were equipped with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. This would not feasibly be retrofitted to a gas engine, and, even if it could be, you would fail emissions, since the exhuast from a diesel is much more coarse than the exhaust from a gas engine, and the DOC doesn't have as tight filtering as a gas engine. From 2008 onwards, this was supplemented by a Diesel Particulate Filter, which absolutely would not work on a gas engine.. for one, gas engines are not programmed for dosing and regeneration. Furthermore, to work effectively, a DPF has to get up to temperatures of around 1200 degrees to burn off the soot load... this is done by dosing the exhaust with diesel fuel, so that it will combust inside the DPF... gasoline does not burn hot enough to achieve these temperatures. Also, to do this, there's a thing called stochiometric ratio - it pertains to the fuel/air mixture used in the engine, and the point is to optimize it for efficiency. With diesels, you have some leeway, so the engine can be run lean in order to allow the diesel-dosed exhaust to enter the DPF at the ideal stochiometric ratio to achieve that 1200 degree temperature... gas engines are not lenient in any way on this, and have strict requirements for the stochiometric ratio. Running a gas engine lean is extremely harmful to it. From 2011 onwards, the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) was included as an add-on to the aftertreatment system.... from the DPF outlet, the exhaust would travel to a decomposition tube, where it would be dosed with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF - also known as AdBlue). This would break down the exhaust into less harmful elements, then it would go to the SCR, where it would be broken down further, minimizing the amount of toxic substances released by the exhaust. Since gasoline and diesel exhaust are much, much different, this would not work on a gas engine, either.