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Call your state DMV. They have procedures for the title work.

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What is the title of state?

The title of state?? I can only assume it means the state that the vehicle is registered and titled in.

What rights does a cosigner have to gain possession of the vehicle if his name is on the title?

It depends on the laws of the state where the vehicle is titled and the wording of the title itself.

If the title has two names but is not separated by AND or OR then which is the primary owner or are they both equal owners of the vehicle?

If there is no specific designation on the vehicle title the default laws of the state in which the vehicle is titled will apply.

Can a vehicle with a certificate of destruction be titled and driven?

In many states, a slavage vehicle can be inspected and receive a "salvage title". If you ever want to sell the vehicle you'll have to disclose the salvage title.

Can the co borrowers wife take vehicle from buyers if co buyer is incarcerated?

No. Not unless her name is also on the title. The persons named on the title have equal ownership of the vehicle.

If you have a clear title on a vehicle do you have to register the vehicle before you sell it?

As long as it is titled in your name, you can sell it without it being registered.

Does the co-buyer name appear on car title?

Yes the co-buyers name does appear on the title, but not on the vehicle registration.

How can you get a new title if you lose your original one?

If the vehicle was titled in the state you live in now, you can go to your local dmv and get a duplicate title.

How much is a vehicle worth with a reconstructed title?

60% of the value of a comparable clean titled car.

Do you legally have to disclose that a car has a salvage title to a buyer?

Yes you do have disclose a salvage titled vehicle.

Can a co-signer take your car away?

It depends on how the vehicle is titled. If both of your names are on the title she has an equal right to possession of the vehicle as you do. So technically she could take it. But then again you could take it back because you have the same right to the vehicle as she does. Now if its just her name on the title then she can take it without your consent and there's nothing you can do about it.

What rights does a co buyer have to a vehicle?

The co-buyer of a vehicle has equal rights to the vehicle if there name is on the title. The co-buyers rights can be defined by a written or verbal contract.

How do you find the title for a 1949 Dodge route van?

Call your DMV and see if you can get it titled as a rebuilt vehicle.

What do you do if you lost your vehicle title?

If you had the car titled in your name and just lost the title you can go to the court house can tell them you lost the title and they will make you a new one. This will cost you around $10

Purchased new in 2006 and had dispute with the dealership.Vehicle never titled.I traded for 2007 the new dealer sold 2006 without a title says I must get title or get sued. Am I responsible for title?

You are responsible for the title because you were the one that traded the car. You say the vehicle was never titled. Go to the DMV with the vin number and see if the car was titled and you did receive. If it was then apply for a lost title. If it was never titled you will have to go back to the dealer where it was bought and get them to process the paperwork for the title.

How much cheaper will a fully functional salvage title vehicle sell for versus a fully functional clean title vehicle?

It worth appx 60% of the value of a comparable clean titled car so if it is worth $5000 with a clean title it's worth roughly $3000 with a salvage title.

Is there a formula for determining the selling price of a vehicle with a salvage title as compared to the same vehicle with a non-salvage title?

Assuming it's reconstructed/roadworthy, take 40% off the value of a comparable clean titled car.

Can you sell your car to Carmax if you do not have the title?

As far as I understand it you cannot sell any motor vehicle to an automotive dealership without the title. Also if the vehicle is not titled in your name the said individual seen on the title would need to be present. The process to getting a title for your vehicle if it has been lost is simple as long as you are the registered owner of the vehicle. The process for acquiring a replacement title is called bonding the title. If you are not the owner on the title the same "bonding" applies it just requires you to get the previous owner of the vehicle involved in the process with a proper bill of sale and or other means of proof that you have taken "ownership" of the vehicle.

If the decedents solely owned property is less than 50000 I can transfer the title Do they mean if the vehicle is 50000 or less or if everything she owns is less than 50000?

This sentence refers to transferring the title. Therefore, it the only titled propery the decedent owns is a vehicle, then yes, you may transfer the title. However, if the decedent also owns a home (with a title), then this property must be included in the $50,000 limit, as well. Nevertheless, it does appear from the language, "solely owned", that the only titled property in question is the vehicle.

Is it hard to get an auto with a salvaged title to go back on the road?

No, not at all. The reason they put salvage on a title is to let future buyers know that the vehicle was previously involved in an accident. If it were demolished, you should only get a "certificate of demolished vehicle" instead of a title, then you wouldn't be able to put it back on the rod.

How do I get a truck titled in Georgia that I bought from a private seller?

You are required to submit a title transfer document and payment to the DMV in the state the vehicle is going to.

How can I get possession my car from co signer?

If your name is listed on the Title then you have all rights to posses the vehicle. The loan instrument doe not construe ownership, the title does. Again if your name is on the title and registration you can Take the vehicle or better yet depending on your situation, call the police (with title in hand) and report the vehicle stolen, this can be a very powerful threat to who ever has the vehicle.

How do you get rid of a vehicle without a title?

You can sell a car without a title. Most people will sell them as parts cars. If the car ever had a title in your name then you can go to the court house and get a lost title for it. If you never had the car in your name you will have to tell and buyers that it does not have a title. It will sell for less than if it had a title but you can still sell it.

When adding another car to insurance should it be titled in child's name?

Never title a vehicle in the name of a child. If it is titled in the name of a child, and you decide to sell it or trade it in, you cannot because the child cannot legally sign a document until they reach the age of majority. There is no reason to do this anyway.

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