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A vehicle title is also referred to as the vehicle’s certificate of title. It is a legal form which establishes a person or a business as the vehicle’s legal owner.

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How can you find a car by the VIN if you do not know what state it is titled in?

bruh this wiki is horrible. you have vin on the door panel of the car. when you open the door on the side of the door there is a sticker on which you can find a vin, you have one as well on the windshield of the car on the drivers side in the bottom corner. if i am not mistaken one is under the hood and one under the body of the car as well. but you can never be sure if the car is stolen or salvage because there are professionals that can easily replace the vin

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Twain is saying that---paradoxically or counterintuitively--it can take more time and effort to write briefly and succinctly than to be long-winded and rambling.

Vehicle Titles

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Vehicle Titles
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If you buy a car with a salvaged title will your insurance sky rocket?

  • I have a salvage/reconstructed car right now with liability and comprehensive. Since a reconstructed car is worth roughly 40% less than a comparable clean titled car I will be paid 40% less if the car is totaled again plus any credit for any verifiable upgrades (car alarm, new sound system, etc). Rates will not skyrocket, but you will be paid if you trash the car, so don't pay too much for it in the first place and make sure it is a good car - get a re-purchase inspection by a pro.
  • Of course it is going to skyrocket.Not only will it go up but the amount paid to you in the event of an accident is not even worth paying the premiums of insurance at all.Who knows if you will even get paid by the insurance company.The rates are all a scam anyways just like new car prices.You should not buy a salvage titled vehicle anyways.There are a lot of things that can be wrong with the car that you are not made aware of and may cost you through the roof to get it repaired properly on top of the inflated rates for bad coverage you wont get.
  • Vehicles with a "salvage title" are seen as being worth less (or worthless) compared to the same vehicle with a "clean title". This has nothing to do with the actual quality or condition of the vehicle itself (indeed, i have a couple salvage title cars which were a great bargain and very reliable). The insurance rates will most likely be approximately the same, but in the event of an accident and insurance settlement, the vehicle will be considered by the insurers as almost completely valueless. When it comes to salvage title vehicles (as with any used vehicle) buyer beware.
  • When you purchase a repairable vech ( the decision between a parts only and repairable is the insurance co)
  • In Mass prior to being able to register and insure the must have it inspected by the State Police after its been repaired
  • Once this has been done your good to go.
  • As for the cars value, yes the title does state, "reconstructed" former salvage.
  • When you insure the car, you pay the same rate for insurance as someone who has a clean title.
  • If you paid less for insurance it would indicate that the car is worthless than another with a clean title. but the insurance co doesnt allow for that. if they try to pay don't settle they must pay you on the book value (minus any prexisting damage)
  • Example; Car is stolen and recovered after 30 days, owner has been paid for the car, its sold for salvage but with a repairable title
  • If the insurance company has a problem with paying a claim on a salvage car maybe, they should sell them for parts only

All of the above is not necessarily correct.

  • I guess different states have different laws. I drive a car that has a salvage title. I didn't have to have the vehicle inspected by the state police after it was repaired. I didn't have to have anyone look at the car. I have full coverage insurance on the vehicle, and I dot pay any more than I do for any of my other vehicles. Also, the car is the best, most reliable used vehicle I have ever owned. I have been driving it for over a year and I haven't put any money in it for anything other than upkeep and gas.
  • Laws regarding salvage cars vary from state to state. A reconstructed salvage car is worth less than a comparable clean titled car (KBB doesn't ever value them) and insurance will likely pay you less for it if it's totaled again (how much so varies but somewhere around 40% less than a clean titled counterpart is a good guess plus credit for upgrades with receipts). Your insurance does not skyrocket, however. Keep in mind that none of this really matters if you paid a reasonable price for the car to begin with (say, 40% less than a comparable clean titled car), so should you total the car, you should get a fair cash out from the insurance company. I own a salvage/reconstructed car and just put comprehensive and liability on it since the car's not worth much anyway. But boy, it's the best car I've ever owned and it's been trouble-free!
  • Only buy salvage cars that are at least 8 years old since it doesn't take much to total/salvage an older car since they're not worth much. Now some states salvage theft recovery vehicles - these make excellent purchases but again, they are devalued in the market due the branded title so don't pay retail for them even though there may be no damage whatsoever.
  • Depending on your state, the vehicle may not be eligible for full coverage. Remember that a salvage title means that the car has already been declared totaled and most likely it was an insurance agency that did so. These vehicles have already been paid out to someone and a vehicle that was paid out as totaled will not be paid out again. Texas does not fully cover salvage vehicles. You can get liability coverage; you may get uninsured/under-insured bodily injury; uninsured/under-insured property damage might be available for vehicle contents.
  • I've rebuilt/owned a number of totaled cars in Indiana. The rules do vary greatly from state to state. In Indiana anyone can rebuild a totaled car. All that is required is a police inspection for stolen parts. Illinois only allows licensed re-builders to rebuild cars. Sometimes the salvage brand seems totally random. All most all stolen recovered cars get branded salvage and mileage not actual. Here the brand can be removed with insurance company wavier on stolen recovered damaged less than a certain % of value as long as the title doesn't say mileage not actual.
  • I've never had an insurance issue, but I've never made a claim. The insurance costs were the same as a regular car. I did have a buddy with a rebuilt Suburban that was stolen and never recovered. The insurance company would not pay full book value because of the branded (salvage) title. As I recall, he got about 20% under book value.
  • Rebuilt cars can be a great value, but favor people who keep their cars for long periods of time. Usually the warranties are voided. They can be hard to sell because banks usually won't finance branded cars and people are skeptical. I've had no troubles selling mine, but they were nice cars 6-10 years old and worth less than $4000 when I sold them. A $10,000 rebuilt can be a very hard sell.
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My car is collateral for a loan can i sell if i hold the title?

The bank should be listed as a lienholder on the title. If you sold it, the bank would have to be paid the amount you owe them from the proceeds. Otherwise, you could be inviting possible criminal and civil charges for selling an item that technically wasn't fully yours, not to mention, whoever you sell the car to may not be able to even get a title due to the existing lien.

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What can happen if you hide a vehicle from the repossession agent?

It is not legal to hide a vehicle from repossession! Regardless of your intent, you are obligated by contract, and by law, to turn over the vehicle. Charges could be filed against you and additional out of pocket expenses incurred along with criminal charges. Please consult with the attorney generals office consumer protection in your state regarding said actions, your rights, and criminal penalties. Most states have concealment laws which could land you in jail or paying a hefty fine or both. Finance companies have not really pursued this avenue due to public perception. With the costs of vehicles rising, you can rest assured the day is coming. They have to protect their investments. If you cannot afford the car, give it back. You cannot afford an attorney either to defend you in court if you are the "new example." I am in this business and you're not going to get any better information. If you cannot pay, you don't deserve to ride for free. You do have a signed contract that you cannot fulfill. Go buy a cheaper car that you can afford and you won't have to worry about the repoman showing up at your door. Unless there is a court order (and you would be informed by certified mail if there was) then IT IS TOTALLY LEGAL TO HIDE YOUR CAR. You see most repossessions occur prior to court action. Most contracts allow repossession upon default of a car payment. In some cases even a day late can cause such action though in practice its closer to 60 days when an account is declared in default. Most people who do hide their cars do so after not making a payment for a couple of months. By now the finance company or bank that did the finance deal is trying to contact the person several times a day at least in most cases. Hiding a car is only concealment when a person has been informed there is a court order. In many cases even when the financer does get in touch with the person owing the money for the car does not even mention their intent to repossess in so the person is caught off guard. Still repossessions occur sometimes in the middle of the night at a person's home but more and more of them happen at a person's place of work. Hey the bank knows where the person works because its on their application. Hiding it out of state at a friend's or relative's residence in a locked garage in a gated community is your best bet. This way they cant get the car even if they find out where it is on a standard repossession. At this point they would go to court and get a sherriff department to do it. You should only hide the car if you think you will be able to make the loan current within a couple months. Otherwise it only bides time till the inevitable happens. " IT IS TOTALLY LEGAL TO HIDE YOUR CAR." Not true, in some states, such as Georgia, there are code sections for "Concelement of property subject to security interest" that can be enforced, and it doesn't require court action to have this enforced, except for the lienholder, or their representatives testimony to the magistrate judge during the warrant application process. With this in mind, I hardly think the statement of " IT IS TOTALLY LEGAL TO HIDE YOUR CAR." is correct, and I truly think it is bad advice. But whoever wrote that is probably just trying to get someone in trouble. If it isn't paid off, it is not yours, and the lienholder has various avenues of legal methods to take it back, simple as that. Keep in mind, in some states, such as Georgia, there are code sections for "Concelement of property subject to security interest" that can be enforced, and it doesn't require court action to have this enforced, except for the lienholder, or their representatives testimony to the magistrate judge during the warrant application process. With this in mind, I hardly think the statement of " IT IS TOTALLY LEGAL TO HIDE YOUR CAR." is correct, and I truly think it is bad advice. But whoever wrote that is probably just trying to get someone in trouble. If it isn't paid off, it is not yours, and the lienholder has various avenues of legal methods to take it back, simple as that. It is legal to "hide" your car from the repo man.He has no legal rights to come on your property and remove your car only beccause the lender gave him a contract to pick up the vehicle. If the lender goes to court and gets a "Writ of Replevin", then a "Writ" will be issued to the Sheriff's office. At that time, the repo man will come to your house with a Sheriff's officer who will have the "Writ" and at that time, and only at that time you will have to surrender the vehicle. The "Writ of Replevin" is issued by a judge and is a court order. You will have to abide by that, otherwise, you are in contempt of a court order and can be arrested. If there is no court order, the repo man has NO rights, and you do NOT have to let them take your car. I think you should try a search on concealing mortgaged property and then try answering. As far as coming onto your property take a good look at your contract you signed and read the part about you giving permission to enter upon your premises for the purpose of taking your car. Hide and seek is the game you are playing and you can never hide forever I work in law enforcement in NJ, and the only way a vehicle can be taken is by a "Writ of Replevin", that is, if you refuse to turn the vehicle over in hopes that you can catch up on the payments. If you do answer the door, in which there is NO law that states you must answer, you can refuse to answer any questions and shut the door. If you tell the "repo" to leave your premises, he must do so. If he does refuse, you can have him arrested for second degree Criminal Trespass. In NJ, they cannot remove a vehicle blocking the vehicle in question, cannot break in to a locked and/or secured building, touch or threaten you in any way. If the police are called, they cannot force you to surrender the vehicle either. Their presense is only to "keep the peace". They will tell the "repo" man to leave the property and not to return, unless it is with a court order and a Sheriff's officer. The "repo" man refuses, then he will be arrested. Simple as that. Remember, the "repo" man is a tow driver, not a law enforcement officer. He cannot make you do anything. It really is a civil matter. But if a court order is issued, you have no choice. You must at that time surrender the vehicle.

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What does dismantle title mean?

dismantle certificate of title to scrap, dismantle or destroy the vehicle

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What do you do if the dealership went bankrupt without giving you a title or bill of sale?

you went to a car dealership, didnt you? You DIDNT go to a casino. Did you sign a loan contract?? The B/K trustee and the manu. of the car will be looking for the car. Dont worry you wont have to pay TAXES on the gift of the car.

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Do you need a license to title a car in your name?

Technically, no. But, this will vary from state to state. Most states do require a driver's license to register a car, but not to transfer title. Transfer of title is typically required within 10 to 20 days of receipt, so they cannot prevent you from titling as well, in most cases - but they can prevent you from registering.

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How long does it take to replace a car title?


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What is a reconstructed title mean?

A reconstructed titled car is a car that was severely Damaged/Totaled and then a repair person or shop builds the car back up well enough to pass inspection. One should be very carefull if buying a vehicle like this because seller might not take it back or give refund. Vehicle might look fine at first but fit and driving ability may be weak or altered and when you get ready to sell the car yourself, it may be difficult or you may have to take a huge loss.


A reconstructed title is a salvage car that has been repaired to be roadworthy. They are not always severely damaged, it just depends on the value of the car at the time of damage. It doesn't take much to total an older car, it takes a lot to total a new one. Personally, I would only buy a reconstructed vehicle that was at least 8 yrs old and I'd get it inspected by a pro prior to purchase. Sometimes a small fender bender will total an otherwise decent car. Keep this in mind though: a reconstructed car is worth about 60% of the value of a comparable clean titled car.

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What does it mean to process the bill of sale?

A bill of sale is a document usually written by the original owner of something (usually a vehicle), and signed by them. It states that they sold the "something" to you, and usually includes information about the object, such as a vin number, and the amount it was sold for.

Bills of sale are usually used as a secondary means of proof that you own the vehicle, a title being the first.

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Can a lending company of a repossessed vehicle put a lien against a vehicle in another state?

Repossessionalthough it is unlikely they would know about it (unless they called her and she told them) the only way to be completely safe is keep it in your name. They can't lien other property of hers without a judgment and they would have to take her to court to get that. you could draw up a promisary note between you and her so that it is not an Asset to her - meaning she owes what the car is worth - preferably more than it's worth to you.
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What has to be done to transfer the title and registration to another person?

You can't transfer a registration. If you are selling a vehicle, all you have to do is sign the back of the title. The buyer will need to pay the property taxes on it and take that receipt and the title to their local dmv, fill out a form and pay the registration and title fee and they will get a registration and title in their name. If the seller has recently paid the property taxes on that vehicle, they can get a copy of the title after it is signed over to the buyer and take it to the auditors office and can get a refund on the taxes thay have paid. Pro-rated of course.

Asigned release of liability needs the odometer reading on it prior to buyer leaving with car, seller sends this to DMV with sale price and both parties info. You also need a bill of sale or a power of attorney form in California with the sellers drivers licence number, address, and the buyer needs to take the title and bill of sale to DMV (California)

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If you know that there is no lien on the car and you have the title with no other name on it but yours can you do whatever you want with it?

Yes that's usually how it works unless some type of a specific hold has been placed on it.

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What is the value of a totaled vehicle?

The value of a totalled vehicle is an assessment of what that vehicle's actual cash value was prior to the loss. States vary in how carrier's assess a total loss evaluation. For instance, in NY a carrier has the option of using the "book" value such as Kelly Blue Book or NADA, doing a "market value survey" which is essentially reviewing the "market value" of similar vehicles for sale in the same area (such as the classifieds in the newspaper), or they may use an average of the two. In any case, it is not the actual price you paid for the vehicle brand new as the vehicle would have been subject to depreciation.

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If there is no lienholder on the title just your name as the owner does that mean the car is yours and you can do anything you want with it?

If you KNOW there i a lien and you are/should be paying paynents on the car, NO, you cant do anything with it until you pay for it. Good try, but no candy.

as long as the car is legal to drive on the road, (if you plan to do so) yes you can do what ever you want with it

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If you buy a new car and then decide you do not like it a few days later can you return it or trade it in?

If you live in California and you sign any contract, you will be unable to return the vehicle. In a rare case, I practically begged the manager of a used car lot to unwind the deal. I told him that my wife purchased a car for me prior to my purchase of their car, but I was completely unaware of it. They finally let me out, but withheld a $40.00 documentation fee and a 2.9% credit card surcharge. $178.00 is better than a $6000 used car that I decided that I didn't want. Also, when I purchased the car, I left it at the car lot and told them that I'll pick it up in a matter of days. I guess the unwinding of the deal helped for the simple fact that the car never left the lot and I came back the next morning. It only took me one night to think about the deal and realize that I wanted out. The most important thing is to not let the sales person pressure you into signing anything. Don't listen to 'this car may be gone tomorrow,' 'this is as low as I can go,' 'you will not find a deal better,' etc. It's all bull. It will get you in trouble if you sign the contracts, but you later want out. THERE IS NO WAY OUT AND THERE IS NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Everything is monitored and recorded from the minute you step on the car lot until you go to the back office to sign the 'nail in the coffin' contracts. Before you sign anything, go home and think about it. It will save you a lot of headaches. DON'T SIGN ANY CONTRACTS UNTIL YOU ARE COMPLETELY HAPPY WITH THE CAR! If you already have and you want out, the best advice that I can give is make up any good believable heartbreaking lie such as: Someone passed in my family and I need the money to help fund the burial expenses, etc. Go in the office crying if you have to. It may work, but it may not. YOU WILL BE CRYING FOR REAL IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO UNWIND THE DEAL. The best time to put on an act is when a sales person is with a potential car buyer. The car lot or dealership people most likely won't show their true colors in front of potential car buyers. They'll put on an act and most likely, unwind the deal. But again, this is rare, like in my case. DON'T SIGN ANY CONTRACTS UNTIL YOU ARE COMPLETELY HAPPY WITH THE CAR!

(I think that you can try out the car before you have to buy it. Make sure you like it then.)

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If you bought a car and the seller lost the title and you can't contact the seller how can you get the title to your car?

Yo do not own the car if you no not have a title. Who ever is on the title owns the car. You will have to go to court file a small claim . I hope you have a bill of sale and a reciept for you payment.

Otherwise you are screwed.

also file a theft by deception case with the county courthouse. if you have proof you purchased said car he will be sitting in lockup until you get your title or refund

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How do you replace a lost vehicle ownership in Ontario?

If you have lost your ownership, you can obtain one from your local Ministry of Transportation office. Just copy the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) from your vehicle and bring it with you to the M.T.O. office, and they will provide you with the paperwork necessary to obtain a replacement ownership.

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How long will Title Max wait to repossess a vehicle?

Title loan companies are notoriously low in patience. Title Max is one of the least patient. The Title Max paper I ran in the past was as new as one week past due. Sadly, in most states, title loans are rarely larger than a couple thousand dollars, and the vehicle can only be sold no more than the ballance owed. Good for car buyers, bad for those who secure title loans.

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If a seller failed to tell you that a car has a salvaged title do you have any legal consumer rights in California?

negligence and incompetence act. how much did you spend on it? see if you can take it to small claims court. did you have a witness with you concerning the sale of car? if not, it could be your word against thiers. must establish proof.

California law requires you be told that it is a salvaged title and the branded title will have it in writing. They can't sidestep the situation because at some point before they sell it, a insurance deemed it over 75 percent damaged. Run a car fax on the vin and you have your proof.

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Can a salvaged title car be financed?



I have a car that is financed through a bank. I recently found out that it has a salvaged title and I am having problems with getting full coverage insurance. the bank along with me didn't know it was a salvaged title at the time so what can I do.

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Is there any way to get the title to a car that was charged off to sell it or can you legally sell it without the title?

best way to sell is FOR PARTS. There are ways for other folks to get a depends on what year the vehicle is. You cant even sell it for parts without a title unless it is 10 years old or older.The Modified Notary Certificate of Default Method: is a VERY EFFECTIVE legal tool to affect the involuntary transfer of a motor vehicle!
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How do you find a car you once owned when you have all the information for it?

do a current title search, or as lost title search. some web sites can locate any car, if they've been wrecked or repaired. good luck.

Have you lost it? if so give a police complante.

If you have the vin number from the car you can go to the dmv and they should be able to run a search and find the car by the vin number


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