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Why is a rich mans money worth more than a pore mans money?

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From a purely economic perspective, money itself has the same face value regardless of who possesses it. For example, a $100 bill is worth $100 whether it's in the hands of a wealthy person or someone with fewer financial resources. In this sense, the value of money remains constant.

However, the perception that a rich person's money is worth more may come from a different perspective:

  1. **Purchasing Power:** A wealthy individual can afford to buy more with their money because they have a larger amount of it. They have greater purchasing power, which means they can acquire more goods and services, invest in opportunities, or make significant contributions to causes they care about.

  2. **Access to Opportunities:** Wealth often grants access to exclusive opportunities, such as investments, education, and experiences, which can lead to the accumulation of even more wealth. In this sense, money can be seen as having more potential when in the hands of someone with resources.

  3. **Influence:** Wealthy individuals can exert more influence on economic and political decisions, which can affect the value of their assets and money in the long term.

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How much does it cost to ship a car from UK to mauritius?

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how much does it cost to ship a car from UK to mauritius...,mazda6 2.0 litre turbo diesel

Which is the largest selling car in India?

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The Best is Alto as per the mileage and handling, but it looks are not up to the mark...And coming to Santro Xing its a real car with the dashing looks and magnificent performance, Santro is a tall boy - Excellent handling best road grip, best mileage..Even though Alto gives more mileage than santro finally every thing counts...And coming back to rest of the entry segnment cars in India like palio,spark,800,indica geta etc. Even though spark is much cheaper to that of santro, its an absolute waste option as its an facelift version of Daewoo Matiz. Nothing can compete with Matiz, but its it fate that its a flop model..Spark is of the same sort, it has cheap engine, cheap body, cheap plastic and entirely an utter waste model. Matiz is far far far better than spark. And next palio, gets, swift are costlier and gives optimum mileage. And indica zeta is also a best option to choose from, but diesel versions are much better. So, the bottomline is that, if you are talking about the cheap and best pertrol car in India, then it had to be the santro....Alto lacks the dashing looks but its an excelent car running on 800cc. Older 800 are much better than alto in its look. And Zens are even much better. But later on the new Zens after 2003 and now the Zen Estilo had ruled out the name and fame of Zen. Over all Santro is perfect in its looks, performance and maintaince. And next comes alto, Indiaca..

And if there is a point that, may be afew grand more but the best would be Swift.

Cars that start with R?

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AMC Rebel

Buick Riviera

Buick Roadmaster

Buick Regal

Buick Rendezvous

Chevrolet RS

Chevrolet R-30

Chevrolet Rezzo

Chrysler Royal

Chrysler Regal

Dodge Ram

Dodge Ramcharger

Dodge Rampage

Dodge Raider

Edsel Ranger

Edsel Roundup

Ford Ranger

Ford Ranchero

Ford Raptor

Ford Roadster

Ford Focus 'RS'

Jeep Renegade

Jeep Rock Crawler

Jeep Rubicon

Mercedes R class (several)

Mercedes Roadster

Nash Rambler

Nash Roadster

Nissan Rogue

Nissan R class (several)

Range Rover

Rolls Royce

REO (old car)

Reliant Robin (British car)


Volkswagen Rabbit

Volkswagen Routan

Volkswagen Rocktan

Volkswagen R32

Volkswagen 'Winnebago' Rialta

What cars start with the letter U?

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Cars that start with the letter U:

  • Uno (Fiat)
  • UAZ (manufactured by the Russian company Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod)
  • Uplander (Chevrolet)
  • Uz-Daewoo (built in Uzbekistan)
  • Ulysse (Fiat)
  • Ultima GTR (Ultima Sports LTD)
  • Ultimate Aero TT (SSC North America)

How much do car dealers make per car?

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I worked in a car lot detailing cars for a bit and a couple dealers told me that you can earn around 10% of the car value if you play your cards right, but the average is about 2%-5% from what I hear.

How many cars are sold in the UK every year?

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Usually a family own only one car. If they have two or more, it means that people are wealthy.

How can you get a dealer license for used cars?

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From anywhere in Texas, contact the Texas Department of Transportation or go to their Web site. If you plan on doing any financing or arranging financing you also need a license from the Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner. For a retail used car dealer, you must pay a $500 fee plus $45.30 per metal dealer plate desired (most small dealers only need a couple of these), obtain a $25,000 surety bond or have an irrevocable bank letter of credit for $25,000, and you must own or lease property with an office (seperate from and with no access to any residential living quarters on the property), at least 5 paved parking spaces, and a sign with six-inch letters. You must also have a working land line phone installed in the office, have a desk and at least two chairs, and there are other provisions to get your license application approved. For a wholesale license, you must have an office, but need not have specific parking spaces for the sale of vehicles on-site. But with that license you can only sell to other wholesalers or dealers. I think it may also be permissible to sell to out-of-state retail buyers, other states do this, but you may wish to check with DPS before trying that.

Does New Hampshire report Speeding Tickets to other states?

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Yes, all states report speeding tickets to all other states. This is how a warrant can be issued for your arrest if you have an unpaid speeding ticket in one state.

Is price elasticity of demand considered elastic or inelastic with the automotive industry?

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I'm assuming you're asking this in terms of economics.

In which case, yes the auto industry is demand elastic. This can be seen from a few views.

Firstly, within vehicles themselves, there are many brands and models available for purchase. None of which is exacly like the other. Therefore the consumer has the ability to easily switch products for another make/model of vehicle.

Secondly, the auto industry itself as a whole has viable alternatives. If the prices of the entire auto industry were to rise, then consumers have the ability to purchase other forms of transportation, including but no limited to: public transportation, bicycles, scooters, mopeds etc.

Examples of this may be seen in some lower income countries where vehicle purchases are low relative to other forms of transportation.

Hope i answered your question in detail. sorry if some of it doesnt make sense but i typed in a hurry

How many new automobiles sold in the us each year?

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5,635,000 new passenger vehicles were sold in the US in 2010.

Since 1990, the range has been 5.4mm to 9.3mm.

Also in 2010, total global production of passenger and commercial vehicles was 77,857,705 which is the top end of the range from 1997-2010, with the bottom being 52,987,000.

See related links for more information.

Do you need an indiana license to sell homemade candy?

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Some businesses may need a license and permit, a candy store is not one of them. Though, you will need a state retail business license and your local health department will need various inspections and certifications. Contact your local and state government to succeed in gaining possession of the needed licenses and permits.

How long after repossession of your vehicle does the lien-holder have to sell the vehicle?

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Forever Adding: I believe the questioner may actually mean to say - does the lien holder have to wait to sell it. Perhaps he doesn't understand that after repossession, it is then "their", that is the lenders, vehicle.

How much would it cost to clone a human?

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It is really expensive to clone a human. It can cost anywhere from $1.7 million to $2.0 million. Cloning is not available to the public as of now. Wait a few years and you never know.

Should you keep liability insurance on a car if you're going to sell it and the car will be drove only when test driven by a potential buyer?

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Yes, it is a good idea to keep liability insurance on a car even if you are planning to sell it, and it will be driven only during test drives by potential buyers.

If you are planning to sell the car, it is important to protect yourself from any potential liability in case of an accident during a test drive. A liability insurance policy will protect you from financial responsibility for any damages or injuries caused by the car during a test drive.

Also, having liability insurance on the car while it is being test driven can also help to protect the potential buyer, as they may not have liability insurance themselves.

Additionally, most states require that all vehicles on the road are insured, even if they are being used for the purpose of selling. Not having insurance on the car might be a violation of state laws.

It's important to check the laws and regulations of your state and also to contact your insurance company and ask about their policies on vehicles being sold.

What do you need to do to sell a vehicle with a lien on it?

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You (the person who still owes on the car) needs to get a payoff from your lienholder (company you are making payments to). The loan needs to be paid off (paid in full) before the lienholder will release the loan and title. If you are selling the vehicle for less than what you owe, you will need to come up with the difference. If you are selling it for more than what you owe, the lienholder will send the profit to you once the loan is paid in full. Your buyer(s) should make their payment out directly to your finance company for the full agreed dollar amount you are selling the vehicle for. The finance company will then release the title back to you (with any overage of payment) and you will need to sign off on it and present to the buyer(s). The buyer(s) then take that "clear" title to their Department of Motor Vehicles and get a title issued in their name. Be sure to get a bill of sale that both parties sign. Also, make copies of EVERYTHING just in case there is a discrepency between you (the seller) and the buyer(s). It is a slightly longer process when there is a lien involved, with with all the T's crossed and I's dotted, it can be done.

What are the duties of Head of Sales?

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Head of sales is responsible for the function of the management, overall coordination and sales activities of the business. Observing competitors and the market are also part of its job.

What is the price of weed?

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it depends on the type of weed, hedies will be about 20 a g and middies will be about ten a g

Has the buyer the right to charge the seller for fixing of the car 3 months later if he says it is the sellers fault even though the seller does not agree and the car is newely nct?

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First off I do not know what "nct" means. If you bought the car "As Is" the answer is more than likely NO. You will have toi sue the seller in small claims court. The vast majority of the time you will loose.

Can you export used cars to Vietnam?

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