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Manufactured and Mobile Homes

Does a mobile or modular home have a deed?


Homes are not transferred by deed, the real estate to which the home is attached is transferred by deed. A modular home is permanently attached to the real estate and therefore ownership would be acquired and transferred by deed.

Ownership of a mobile home is evidenced by a certificate of title. Once the mobile home is purchased it can be installed on a rented lot on another person's land. When the owner wants to sell, she must sign over the title to the new owner and a new certificate of title is obtained through the DMV in most states. However, state laws vary and the laws in your state should be checked.

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Manufactured and Mobile Homes

How many bags of concrete will you need for 30 ft 30ft 3in thick?

10 80# bags will fill about 6 cubic feet, so 375 bags should fill 225 cubic feet (30 x 30 x 0.25).

ANS 2 -

At least in my area, it would be much cheaper ordering this to be delivered by a concrete truck.

An 80 lb. bag of concrete is 2/3 of a cubic ft. of concrete. 3 bags is 2 cu. ft. So for 225 cu.ft. youll need 338 bags of concrete.

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

Why is there a foul smell under mobile home?

Most likely a dead animal. Call an exterminator to come and take a look.

Ans 2 - If it is indeed a dead animal then you should carefully check all the 'skirting' and seal wherever it may have got in. The only holes in your skirting should be 2-3 ventilators with narrow slots, so animals can't get in.

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

How much does it cost to live in a mobile home park?

It would depend on what place you look for. It actually costs less than half of what an apartment costs, but some actually provide the mobile home you live in.

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Manufactured and Mobile Homes

What is the law on a repossession of a home?

Laws vary from state to state. However, if you haven't made your mortgage payments for several months, the bank is likely to repossess your home. Generally the time period is up to the lender, but once the paperwork goes through--you will receive notices if your mailing address is up to date-- you should expect short notice that you are being evicted. Evading receipt of the paperwork does not change matters. Long story short, the best thing to do if you cannot make payments is to have a serious discussion with the right person at the lender--the servicing company is not necessarily the place for real help. See related link for definitions of terms.

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Manufactured and Mobile Homes

What are the pros and cons of voluntary repossession of your mobile home?

none. it will still show up as a repo. it will still go againt your credit unless you can refinance it for a lower amount so you can pay each month.if you can put it up for sale and let someone take over the notes, that would be better. but the person has to qualify through the place you bought if from. but there is no pros that i know of. if someone gives you the pay off amount then that may work. some places will work with you under hard ship cases, like a divorce, death, medical injury, temporary disability. but you have to pay somthing until you can get back on your feet. if there is no way out at all, it will be a mark against your credit for 8 years.

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Manufactured and Mobile Homes

Do the same rules apply to the voluntary repo of a mobile home?

Basically. YES. You decide you cant pay, you tell the lender you are moving, you move out, lender sells home(not as quik as a car), lender wants balance due on the loan.

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

What is the square footage on a 16x80 mobile home?


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Manufactured and Mobile Homes

Where is the vehicle identification number located on a mobile home?

SUGGESTIONS FOR LOCATING VINs ON MANUFACTURED HOMES 1 Remove any skirting or covering that hides the front of the frame. 2 The front frame is the metal cross member that the house rests on and the hitch is bolted onto. Begin in the center of the frame and look for the stamped VIN numbers. First look for the VIN to the left (as you stand in front of it), then to the right. The numbers are usually stamped in large numbers and can be stamped up and down, or left to right depending on the height of the frame. 3 If a mobile home is a double wide, you will probably have an "A" side and a "B" side. Many doublewides VINs are titled with the VIN ending in AB. Example; 1FTN14577G23D1234AB 4 Additional locations where the VIN can be found: on a piece of paper near the back door, under the kitchen sink (attached to one of the cabinet walls), and on the door or wall near the hot water heater. This piece of paper will have a complete listing of all the identifying number on all the appliances in the home, as well as a repeat of the VIN or Serial Number of the home. From the New Mexico State Tax and Revenue website - DW

Waste and Recycling
Manufactured and Mobile Homes

What is the best way to dispose of a Mobile Home in Michigan?

Found in

If your Mobile home community is a member of the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association...

"Recycling Program

The Michigan Manufactured Housing Association's (MMHA) recycling program has been in existence since 1999. The program was designed to provide an efficient and inexpensive way to discard old "mobile" homes that are a detriment to the image of the modern manufactured home industry. Since the beginning of the program, MMHA has retired hundreds of homes.

The association has a partnership with two recycling facilities. Ferrous Processing in Detroit will serve members on Michigan's east side. Padnos Iron & Metal Company of Grand Rapids will serve members on Michigan's west side. Having two prime locations in Michigan should help the industry upgrade its image and rid members of unsightly homes.

For additional information, please contact Debra Behrendt at 800.422.6478, extension 20."

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

Where can I donate my mobile home?

You can sign over the deed to me. We'll make a private deal.

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

Can a person with a mobile home mortgage buy a normal house mortgage without selling the mobile home?

If you have the money you can own as many homes as you like.

Ans 2 - Of course you can - that's entirely your right. But make sure you can manage both payments.

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

What is the length and width of a double wide mobile home?

double-wides are mostly 28' wide (although 24' and even 20') are out there. They vary in length from 40' to 76'

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

How long does it take for a mobile home to burn to the ground?

4 to 20 minutes, depending on conditions.

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

Should you make an addition to a mobile home that is only on a gravel pad?

no, probably not. The addition will have to be to code (which depends on your location) may or may not require a foundation. If there is any possibility of movement on the exisiting structure (there will be) will cause cracking drywall, stuck doors and windows, possibly even structural damage.

AnswerIf your home was properly installed in the first place and the blocks are set and your tie downs are in place, you can build an addition. In most places as long as it subject to HUD code the addition must be free standing.

The theory is that with frost heave your home will move. Well if your foundation,{blocking and gravel pad} doesnt freeze why would it move?

If your "skirting" were insulated well,and your Foundation were not to freeze,your addition, if built well and not subject to freezing, why should it move?

Many people build garages that appear to be attached to the manufactured home but actually is not.

I manage a large manufactured home community in the upper Midwest and many manufactured homes on a gravel pad have successful additions.

spend the money on a house.

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

What is the Value of 1978 chief mobile home?

That depends entirely on the condition and location of the mobile home just as it would to a regular house. - I have inspected dozens of mobile homes and seen many variations from the "book value'. Things like the plumbing and electrical wiring are often ignored by realty evaluators. - But if there's a new fridge, they'll surely note that.( -It's in their interest to get as much for the home as possible).Location is also a big item. -In the area where I live now you can see a mobile costing 49,000 in one park and asking 69,000 in a nicer park.

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Is there a list of zoning laws and codes that show how much land is needed for a mobile home?

The codes and zoning laws vary from community to community. You would have to go to the local web site and look them up for that community. Most now have their zoning rules available on line, along with full instructions on how to get permits and variances. There are other variables such as if there is public sewers or if there has to be a septic tank.

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

How do you reclassify a mobile home to a house?

Well I was hoping to find the answer myself. Looks like the only real method would be to watch it burn down. "Just kidding!"
It can be done, don't burn it down. At least the county where we live says it can.

Ans 2 -In British Columbia, Canada, you can not do this .

In my state a Manufactured home has to be on a permanent foundation. As I recall it also has to be located on it's own lot, not part of a manufactured subdivision. Financing is also an issue. Site built homes are financed by a mortgage company, while Manufactured homes are by "chattel" lending, meaning they are considered "real property." You need to check with a local lender and/or real estate agent in your town to see if if local laws permit this type of conversion in your area.

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

What is the value of a 1969 Elcona Mobile Home?

That depends very much on the condition and location of the mobile home just as it would to a regular house. - I have inspected dozens of mobile homes and seen many variations from the "book value'. Things like the plumbing and electrical wiring are often ignored by realty evaluators. ( -It's in their interest to get as much for the home as possible).Location is also a big item. -In the area where I live now you can see a mobile costing 49,000 in one park and asking 69,000 in a nicer park.

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

What is the SIC Code for Mobile Homes?

SIC 2451 applies to MOBILE HOMES.

Debt Collection
Manufactured and Mobile Homes

Can a mobile home finance company place liens and garnish wages after repossessing a mobile home or can you just leave it as a bad debt that will haunt you for 7-8 years and then go away?

After the mobile home is repossessed they will try to sell it. You will be liable for the difference of what you owed less what they got for it. They can sue you for that amount and if they win a judgment against you they can place liens on property or your person, sieze bank accounts and garnish wages. Wages cannot be garnished in TX, PA, NC, or SC. No debt EVER just 'goes away' and its presence or absence from your credit reports does not alter attempts to collect a debt.

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

What are some examples of shelters?

some examples of shelter are , homes and schools

Manufactured and Mobile Homes

What size is the Average mobile home?

- In the park where I live the average seems to be 14 x 68 (952 sq. ft.)

with 'doubles' at 28x48 (1344 sq. ft.)

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When did Clayton Homes Inc acquire Oakwood Homes Corporation?


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Why is it so hard to refinance your mobile home after 8 months discharge of a bankruptcy?

It is hard to refinance any home after 8 months out of bankruptcy. However it will still be based alot on your credit score. Check with if you can believe US Bank as to there guidelines. I have found them very forgiving. Also lenders like a lower loan to value LTV on a mobil home than a stick home.


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