Used Car Buying

A lot of money can be saved when buying a used car. However, there are several factors that should be considered when planning to buy one, such as the history record of the car.

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How do you know if the car you just bought is stolen or not?

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Certainly! Stolen car check is used to find whether the vehicle is stolen or not. Here are some steps you can take to determine if the car you just bought is stolen:

Check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): The VIN is a unique 17-character code that is typically located on the dashboard near the windshield or on the driver's side door frame. You can use online resources or official databases to verify if the VIN matches the vehicle's make, model, and history.

Run a VIN Check: Utilize online services that offer VIN checks. These services can provide you with a comprehensive report on the vehicle's history, including whether it has been reported as stolen, been in accidents, or had any major repairs.

Verify the Title and Registration: Ensure that the name on the title and registration matches the seller's information. If there are any discrepancies, it could be a red flag.

Check for Altered VINs: Examine the VIN on the dashboard and compare it to the VIN found on other parts of the vehicle, such as the door frame or engine block. If there are discrepancies, it may indicate tampering.

Request Documentation: Ask the seller for any maintenance or repair records, as well as the original purchase documents. Legitimate sellers should be able to provide these documents.

Contact Law Enforcement: If you have strong suspicions that the vehicle might be stolen, contact your local law enforcement agency and provide them with the VIN. They can run it through their databases to verify its status.

Trust Your Instincts: If something feels off about the transaction or the seller, it's important to trust your instincts. Be cautious and consider seeking legal advice if you're unsure.

Meet in a Public Place: When meeting with a seller to finalize the purchase, choose a well-populated, public location. This provides an added layer of safety.

Remember, it's crucial to perform due diligence before finalizing any vehicle purchase, especially if you have concerns about its legitimacy. Taking these steps can help protect you from unwittingly buying a stolen vehicle.

How do you get a used car dealers license in South Carolina?

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The Motor Vehicle Commission Business Licensing Services Bureau Dealer Licensing Unit gives the car dealers licenses in New Jersey. The car dealers have to fulfill all the conditions stipulated for them to be offered with a dealers license.

How do you sue a corporation?

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In order to sue a corporation, you would need to have all details in place. Get the name of the company and highlight the reason for the suit which you will file with the court's registry. You can also choose to use an advocate for this purpose.

Can you purchase a used car from a dealer without a drivers license?

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from what i understand no you can not purchase a car from a dealership with out a license. you could buy a car from a owner/seller. but will not be able to get it legal. ins and tabs ==

even if they could sell it to you without a license, theyre not going to let you test drive it without one. and who buys a car without test driving it?

How much do golf lessons cost?

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Golf lessons from the company GolfTEC are usually charged per lesson. The prices range typically between $49-$73 per lesson, depending on your skill. They sometimes offer promotions and discounts as well.

Does a used car purchase from a Texas used car dealer have to pass inspection?

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Asked by Christopherhernandez1401933

Yes that used car should pass smog inspection.

Is there a right of recission when purchasing a used vehicle in New Jersey?

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there is no right to recision in regard to the sale of a new or used motor vehicle in the state of Georgia

Parts of a car that start with r?

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Rack end (steering)

Radial tires



Radiator hose

Rear sensor

Reinforced hoses


Remote door locks


Resonator (part of exhaust system)

Reverse gear


Rocker arms (what opens the valves in the engine)

Rocker cover

Rocker panel (body below base of door)

Roller bearings

Roof rack

Rotors (brake rotors)

Rubber parts


Rust (if applicable)

What are the laws for repairs on a used vehicle from the dealer?

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it all depends on what kind of warranty or agreement you had from the dealer when you bought the vehicle. in some states there is a lemon law for the first 30 days or however long it is in different states

Cars that start with R?

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AMC Rebel

Buick Riviera

Buick Roadmaster

Buick Regal

Buick Rendezvous

Chevrolet RS

Chevrolet R-30

Chevrolet Rezzo

Chrysler Royal

Chrysler Regal

Dodge Ram

Dodge Ramcharger

Dodge Rampage

Dodge Raider

Edsel Ranger

Edsel Roundup

Ford Ranger

Ford Ranchero

Ford Raptor

Ford Roadster

Ford Focus 'RS'

Jeep Renegade

Jeep Rock Crawler

Jeep Rubicon

Mercedes R class (several)

Mercedes Roadster

Nash Rambler

Nash Roadster

Nissan Rogue

Nissan R class (several)

Range Rover

Rolls Royce

REO (old car)

Reliant Robin (British car)


Volkswagen Rabbit

Volkswagen Routan

Volkswagen Rocktan

Volkswagen R32

Volkswagen 'Winnebago' Rialta

How can you get a dealer license for used cars?

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From anywhere in Texas, contact the Texas Department of Transportation or go to their Web site. If you plan on doing any financing or arranging financing you also need a license from the Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner. For a retail used car dealer, you must pay a $500 fee plus $45.30 per metal dealer plate desired (most small dealers only need a couple of these), obtain a $25,000 surety bond or have an irrevocable bank letter of credit for $25,000, and you must own or lease property with an office (seperate from and with no access to any residential living quarters on the property), at least 5 paved parking spaces, and a sign with six-inch letters. You must also have a working land line phone installed in the office, have a desk and at least two chairs, and there are other provisions to get your license application approved. For a wholesale license, you must have an office, but need not have specific parking spaces for the sale of vehicles on-site. But with that license you can only sell to other wholesalers or dealers. I think it may also be permissible to sell to out-of-state retail buyers, other states do this, but you may wish to check with DPS before trying that.

What phase of water is most dense?

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The liquid phase, with 0,9998 g/cm3 at 0 0C.

What is mean by sister concern company?

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When two companies are run by the same top management or person, they are called as sister companies

Is there a buyers remorse law in Florida?

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Can you get your down payment back after one day for a motorcycle in Florida

Do you have to sign a contract?

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yes because when u are signing papers they will ask for a signature

If you bought a car which has no title from the original owner's estate what will have to be done to get a title?

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You have to get a bill of sale from the original title holder stating that you are now the legal owner of the vehicle. You also have to file a report with the state stating when and how the title was lost. Then you have to go through the title application process to get a new one. See your local city hall or DMV for more information.

Does Oregon have a lemon law?

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Yes. I have a friend that utilized the lemon law several years ago for a Chevrolet Astro van. See an attorney.

Where do you pay car sale tax?

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Probably the total price you paid for the vehicle - less the value of any trade multiplied by the tax percentage of your state: Example $20,000 vehicle minus $5,000 trade value = $15,000 X 5% = $750.00 tax

Do you need a license in Texas to be a tax preparer?

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you pay someone to prepare your tax return, choose that preparer wisely. Taxpayers are legally responsible for what's on their own tax returns even if prepared by someone else. So, it is important to choose carefully when hiring an individual or firm to prepare personal returns. Most return preparers are professional, honest and provide excellent service to their clients. Here are a few points to keep in mind when someone else prepares your return: * A Paid Preparer is required by law to sign the return and fill in the preparer areas of the form. The preparer should also include their appropriate identifying number on the return. Although the Preparer signs the return, you are responsible for the accuracy of every item on your return. In addition, the preparer must give you a copy of the return. * Review the completed return to ensure all tax information, your name, address and Social Security number(s) are correct. Make sure that none of these spaces is left blank. * Review and ensure you understand the entries and are comfortable with the accuracy of the return before you sign. * Never sign a blank return, and never sign in pencil. * If you have provided specific authorization in a power of attorney filed with the IRS, you may have copies of notices or refund checks mailed to your preparer or representative; but only you can sign and cash your refund check. For further information on Powers of Attorney, refer to Topic 311. * A Third Party Authorization Check Box on Form 1040 allows you to designate your Paid Preparer to speak to the IRS concerning how your return was prepared, payment and refund issues and mathematical errors. It's important for taxpayers to find qualified tax professionals if they need help preparing and filing their tax returns. Unqualified tax preparers may overlook legitimate deductions or credits that could cause clients to pay more tax than they should. Unqualified preparers may also make costly mistakes causing their clients to incur assessed deficiencies, penalties, and interest. Here are some suggestions to consider when hiring a tax professional: * A paid preparer must sign the return as required by law. * Avoid preparers who claim they can obtain larger refunds than other preparers. If your returns are prepared correctly, every preparer should derive substantially similar numbers. * Beware of a preparer who guarantees results or who bases fees on a percentage of the amount of the refund. A practitioner may not charge a contingent fee (percentage of your refund) for preparing an original tax return. * Understand that the most reputable preparers will request to see your receipts and will ask you multiple questions to determine your qualifications for expenses, deductions and other items. By doing so they have your best interest in mind and are trying to help you avoid penalties, interest or additional taxes that could result from an IRS examination. * Choose a preparer you will be able to contact and one who will be responsive to your needs. Ask who will actually prepare the return before engaging services. Avoid firms where your work may be delegated down to someone with less training or some unknown worker. You should know exactly who works with your tax matters at all times and how to contact him or her; after all, you are paying for it. Determine if the preparer is exporting your return to a foreign country for preparation. Foreign countries do not have the same security and privacy laws as the United States nor is there any recourse should your information be compromised as a result of lax or nonexistent privacy procedures. * Investigate whether the preparer has any questionable history with the Better Business Bureau, the state's board of accountancy for CPAs, the state's bar association for attorneys or the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) for enrolled agents or the oversight agency in states that license or register tax preparers. * Determine if the preparer's credentials meet your needs or if your state mandates licensing or registration requirements for paid preparers. As of 2008, California and Oregon are the only two states that regulate paid tax preparers. Is he or she an Enrolled Agent, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Tax Attorney? Only attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents can represent taxpayers before the IRS in all matters including audits, collection actions and appeals. Other return preparers may represent taxpayers only in audits regarding a return that they signed as a preparer. * Find out if the preparer is affiliated with a professional organization that provides or requires its members to pursue continuing education and holds them accountable to a code of ethics.

Can a car dealership rescind a contract?

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Probably not, but there may be issues down the road if you try to enforce some portion of the agreement that is in dispute. At some point, the party with the most to lose could file a motion to amend the contract.

Does a used car dealership have to disclose any recalls on vehicles?

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something else they don't have to tell you,-they will give you an interest rate for your car loan and it may not be the best rate available because they can get a kick-back from some financial institutions for sending business their way-how do you combat this unethical practice? shop around and find your own financing and ask them to match it

If you buy a car in MA and live in NH do you pay tax?

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Yes, regardless of where you live, if you purchase a car in MA you must pay the 6.25 percent sales tax in MA within 10 days if you're going to register in MA or within 20 days if you're going to register it anywhere else. Use MA DOR Form ST-7R Motor Vehicle Certificate of Payment of Sales or Use Tax.

Others have said:

I have purchased cars in other states and registered them to my "home" state thus avoiding taxes. It all depends where the car is being registered for the amount of taxes paid.

However, this procedure would be completely illegal for anyone purchasing a car in MA, unless it was purchased from a family member and thus exempt from the MA tax.