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Formed in 1992 under the name of Groundswell, Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band. In 2003, they released the full album, Three Days Grace. In 2006, the band released their new single, Animal I Have Become, and their second album, One X. In 2009, the band released their newest album, Life Starts Now.

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Three Days Grace

What album is riot on by three days grace on?

one x

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Three Days Grace

How do you get hair like Adam Gontier?

you need to dye your hair black. and cut it to a sort of shoulder length.

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Is Adam Brody single?

he was dating Rachel Bilson but they split up so yes he is currently single
Three Days Grace

How old is Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace?

Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace is thirty-two years old (born May 21, 1978).

Three Days Grace

Is three days grace still together?

No not anymore, Adam is going solo and the rest of the band is going further together.

Three Days Grace

What is all the bands name that Adam Gontier been in?

He was in a band called "Groundswell" before Three Days Grace. He was also involved in a side project called "Big Dirty Band".

Three Days Grace

What PRS guitar does Adam Gontier play?

All Adam's PRS guitars are customs.

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What day comes three days before the day that comes two days after the day that comes two days after the day that comes three days before Wednesday?


Three Days Grace

Can Adam Gontier speak French?

He most likely can to some degree. Whether fluently or not is unknown, but more than likely yes. To obtain citizenship in Canada you have to be able to speak French and English, and him being a natural born Canadian, I'd say it's safe to assume so.



Three Days Grace

Which Three Days Grace album has Pain on it?

Pain is on Three Days Grace's second album One-X as the second track.

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What is the significance of Saul lying naked prophesying?

Though rejected by God as king over Israel, Saul appeared to be trying to gain HIS good graces. It seemed he wound up in soome sort of religious fervor, much as one sees in some charismatic churchs today.

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Can one write 60 pages in three days?

It is a rather simple matter for the average person to write 60 pages of words on paper, and it can be done in a few hours. The degree to which these words will make sense however, contain cohesive thoughts, communicate valuable or interesting information, or in any other other way, shape or form contain value of any kind, can vary greatly, and will depend entirely of the degree of desire, patience, skill, talent, education and inspiration the person has. It helps to be really calm and focused though. === === This question is now under academic writing. It is just about possible to write 60 pages of academic work in three days, provided that one has worked out what one is going to say and has the relevant information, quotations and references ready to hand. In other words, it is possible if one has already done the work (research) and is well organized. One also needs to be a fluent writer with a good grasp of the language.

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How do you look like Adam Gontier?

Wear black, dye your hair black if your hair isn't already, and get tattoos.

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How do you regain a guy's interest in you even if he claims it's too late?

If he has told you it's too late, then it probably is. Some relationships just don't work out and if you have hurt this man in any way there probably has been too much water under the bridge and he wants to move on. Everyone has a different level of patience and it sounds as if he's ready to move on. I know this is difficult for you, but it is also a learning tool. When you meet that special someone down the road you will have learned what to do and what not to do. Good luck Marcy I would have to say to just give it some time. Be sure to let him know your true feelings and what it is you do appreciate about him and then let it go for a while. It's best to simply keep the contact at a minimum. When the two of you do come in contact (via a text message, or crossing paths) keep the conversation on a very pleasant level. Don't mention the past, but enquire about his well-being and keep it moving. You can't rush men and their feelings. Since men don't think as strongly as women, you can simply give the man enough time to process his emotions and understand what he wants out of your connection. If he concludes that it's still not worth, you have bow out of the situation gracefully. Everything will work out in the end. Jazzmyn

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Three Days Grace

What is Brad Walst from Three Day Grace's biography?

His complete name is Bradley Jason Walst. He was born in Norwood, Ontario, on February 16, 1977. Brad has a big brother, Matt Walst, who is the leader of My Darkest Days but rejoined Three Days Grace as vocalist in 2013. He's married to Rhonda and they have three sons: James, Grayden, and Zach.

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How long has Adam Gontier been married?

Adam Gontier has been married to Noami Gontier since 2004, so he has been married to her for six years.

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Does Adam Gontier have a music career?

since 1995 he started in a band called groundswell then Joshua i forgot his last name but he left then came a new guitarist then they became three days grace

Three Days Grace

What album was day tripper on?

Yesterday and Today

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If you haven't heard from your exclusive boyfriend in three days how long should you wait before moving on if you have been together two months?

you're joking, right? you havent heard from him in how long? If you've called him, left messages, no return calls, called his work/place of business, you're sure he isn't out of town or in jail,and he has a phone or a friend with a phone, and he gets a break, he has moved on. He just doesn't want to face you or be the one who does the breaking up. He would much rather you do it.

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To clarify...I have not heard from boy friend in 3 days, my question was how many days of no contact from him constitute that he is no longer interested ? He is working 12 hr. days all this week thru Sunday,here in town, but I don't consider that as an excuse for not calling me.

3, maybe 4 days tops. If you have tried contacting him several time in 3 days its pretty safe to assume its over. With current technology it is hard to go that long without talking to somebody. Even a quick text "Hey, sorry I've been busy, but I will call you Thursday. Can't wait to see you!" is pretty easy to do and lets you know what is going on.

Three Days Grace

Did the band Three Days Grace come from Canada?

Toronto, Ontario. Definately Canadian.

Three Days Grace
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What is Adam Gontier's of Three Days Grace cell phone number?

WikiAnswers does not give out personal info of celebrities, which includes cell phone numbers.

Three Days Grace

What influenced Three Days Grace?

Three Days Grace had a lot of influences. Most of them being older rock bands. Bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Neil Young, and Metallica.

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Is Martha MacCallum married or divorced?

Martha MacCallum is married.

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How do you dress like Adam Gontier?

Well i look like him alot

What you need is to grow your hair

long and wear nice black pant

and a simple black shirt

wear a belt with a nice belt buckle

and have fun

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Three Days Grace

Is dino ciccarelli married or divorced?

He is divorced and has been divorced for 3 years and separated from his wife for about 4 1/2 years and has been dating a girl seriously for quite some time now. Rumor has it, he has bought a nice engagement ring for her!


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