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The Corolla is a series of compact/subcompact cars produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation since 1966. In 2007, the Corolla became the world’s best-selling model, with more than 35 million cars sold.

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How do you remove 1996 corolla ignition cylinder?

Just trying to help my sister Terri with her Corolla.Moe

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How do you reset the Check Engine Light on a 1992 Toyota Corolla?

One user's answer

There are three ways to shut off the "Check Engine Light" discount battery (not recommended): use a scan tool and delete code, or wait 40-80 key cycles, depending what the code was set for.

Now, if you discount the battery for around 5 minutes, the Check Engine Light will come off, BUT all memory will be lost. Therefore, the vehicle would have to "relearn" new criteria/values.

It will come back on as soon as the symptoms are seen again and you won't pass emissions. A scan tool is a decent way (only if vehicle was fixed), BUT when you delete a code, you erase freeze frame data (and, of course, the code itself) making it harder for the next tech to fix the problem.

Finally, the best way is key cycles - AKA warm-up cycles. If the car is properly repaired after 40 (type B misfire) or 80 (type A misfire), if the PCM doesn't see the problem occur, it will automatically erase the code.

Another answer

The easiest and fastest way to reset an engine light on any OBD Toyota (OBD1=95 and older / OBD2=96 and newer), is simply this: Pop your hood, and look for the under-the-hood fuse box. Now look on the fuse cover for a fuse labeled "EFI" and pull that fuse out. Now turn the key to "On," but don't start the engine.

Every computer-controlled Toyota has a memory cell in the computer; by pulling the fuse, you are cutting the power supply to the computer. Turning the key on drains the memory cell, so after the key has been on for a minute or two, turn the key off, replace the fuse, and - drum roll!! - the light is out. Be aware, though, if it was more than a hiccup in the system and you haven't corrected the cause of the problem, your light will come back to visit.

All true and accurate. OBDII became mandatory on all vehicles sold on or after 01Jan1996 in the United States, the OBDII Port must be within three feet of the driver and require no tools to access. But Toyota was a bit ahead and had it as early as 1993, in 1994 model~year cars, the Camry, Lexus, for example and others

Toyota Corolla
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What engine oil best for Toyota Corolla?

Shell or GTX 5W-30

but if your corolla is 10 years old than you should go for 10W-30

Toyota Corolla
Auto Loans and Financing

Can a repo man drive over your property to repossess a car?

That is a case of damage to your property by them and you would have to make that claim against them. Obviously they can go on your property to get the vehicle, however they are not allowed to damage your property in the process. The bad part is considering the value of the trees/damage done, is it worth a law suit and the cost of a lawyer?

Negative. They cannot damage any property while trying to get to a vehicle.If they do any damage, I would pursue it in court.First, you call the police and sign complaints for "Property Damage" and "Criminal Tresspass". Get copies of those police reports and call your homeowner's for an appraisal of the damage. Then file in Small Claims.Check your court for limitations on the amount that you may sue for. Most states the limit is $5,000.00 Also, you may sue the tow companys insurance.

Press charges even if they leave ruts in the ground. That is damage and you can make them pay.The rights are with the property owner, not the scum bag repo man!I say that only because someone (repoman) is trying to benefit from another human being's hardship. And even though some people just don't want to pay, many people at the time of aquiring a vehicle can afford it. But if illness strikes, and jobs are lost, those people are not the bad guy. Circumstances went beyond their control. Of course, banks don't want to hear that.I would, in no way, do that kind of a job. Even cops don't like the repo man.Get a clue and get a heart!

tell him to get off your property, I would buy the biggest dog and leave it to run loose on my property. Just get an invisible fence!!! :)

Repo people can drive on to your property. You made that agreement with the bank when you got a loan. It may have been a part of the "fine print", but you signed it. If there is a good reason that someone cannot pay their loan, they need to work that out with the bank. We all end up paying for their chargeoffs in the long run in the forms of higher interest rates, fees, etc. By the way, we repo in three cities, and the police and sherriff offices that we work with are great. They are more that willing to go on a job with us if we feel that there is any danger in the situation. Also, most of the cars we repo belong to people who have made very little or no effort to make any payments at all, not the few who fall onto hard times. There are a lot of dishonest, desperate people out there. Why should we all pay their actions?

ANSWER from the dog:

No they cannot drive OVER your property. For those who do not understand what they read, no driving over the lawn. As far as the contract, you agreed to let them back into your driveway, which is your "property". No one has permission or the right to damage any of your property to get to a vehicle. Does the contract state we can damage your property to pick up the car? Don't think so......Get a clue!!!On another point about the contract, a person also agreed to make the payments. Contract was broken. The lender will have to enforce by getting a court order.

A Repo can come on your property but he may not damage it. You should sue the Bank for damages do not waste time with the repo agent. You can sue in regular court and represent yourself not in just small claims.It does not matter what the"fine print" of the contract says the lender can and should be held responsible for any damages caused to your property during a repo.The police will not "ride along"on any repo it is not their job; stop trying to scare people with your lies;it is a civil matter not criminal,the police will not get involved in a repo unless there is a "breach of peace" which would stop a repo.If "all your customers" make little or no attempt to pay anything on their loans what doesthat say about the banks that gave them the loans?????

Scumbag repo guys even the cops hate them? Here's a thought, why not simply make the car payments you agreed to make when you bought the car and signed all the paper work? Then the repo guy wouldn't have to come and take your car and you wouldn't become another scumbag delinquent loser who thinks that not making your car payment is ok and is not stealing. Better yet, let's make repos against the law but instead pass a law that makes not paying your car payments illegal and charge the owner with grand theft auto.

Default on a loan is a CIVIL matter, not a CRIMINAL matter.Civil matters can only be pursued by the lender in obtaining a judgment against you. It's time and money, in which the lender will never recoup if the debtor files bankruptcy.

As A former Top Repossessor for very large firms it is not against the law to drive over your lawn but in the case that they do damage your property they are responseable... The answer to this question and more are to be answered and also how to tell the repossessor NO !! Legally Visit the following website this is a great Website to learn the tricks and trades of there ROUGE BIZ!!!

Please explain to me how you can drive over a lawn and not damage it????

If the lawn is muddy or you are driving a loaded cement truck, you'll certainly damage it, but I've backed a pickup full of furniture and appliances up to the front door several places without doing any damage. I'm pretty sure you could get a wrecker in without any noticeable damage, but don't know if you would get back out dragging a car.

That's my point night and the repo guy ain't going to be moving slowif you get my drift.

First off, seems everyone who comments on this general topic enjoys throwing names around... There's no reason to do so, except for self gratification. It is true that people come into hard times. It is true that some reposessors are rude and unprofessional. The bottom line, as has been stated many times, is that the debtor owes money under a signed contract that they either are unable or unwilling to pay for some reason. I could make this comment at least a page long on that specific subject, but it wouldn't match the question, so I won't. The answer is yes, they can 'drive over your property' provided you are referring to the ground you own, without damaging any personal objects on it (i.e. lawn sprinklers, etc.) In most cases you probably can't legally damage the property, like leaving tire ruts, etc. In reply to one of the comments above, who says that the reposessor is going to use a tow truck to remove the vehicle from the property? Usually, at least in bigger companies, keys are made to the vehicle to be reposessed, and if a tow truck is used, it's only after the vehicle has been removed from your property. Also, as an end note, if the ground is dry, assuming you've parked the vehicle on the lawn or behind a building somewhere, a tow truck won't do much more than flatten the grass provided it's driven carefully. But as I stated above, most times a truck isn't even used to initially remove the car. As far as the namecalling, c'mon guys, everyone has their opinions, and certainly we're all entitled to them, but it degrades the quality of this site when personal opinions such as 'scumbag, looser or dirtball' are used. Let's keep this site informative and helpful.

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How do you remove oxygen sensor from 1990 Toyota Celica ST?

First off use a spray lubricant very liberally on the threaded area of the sensor. (I recommend PB Blaster. It is a miracle in a can!) Secondly, cut the lead wire close to the sensor so you can use a socket on it. (preferably a 6 point to reduce the risk of rounding off the soft brass hex. Use 1/2" drive for leverage). when installing the new one use a crescent wrench. Do not over-tighten.


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How to repair code p0446 on Toyota Tacoma?

I ran a smoke test and found that the vapor canister had a leak at the seem. I put sealer on the seem and solved the problem no more po446 code!

Toyota Corolla

How much does it cost to replace struts on a 2001 Toyota Highlander?

There can be no general answer to this question. MUCH depends on the area of the country (or world) you are asking about - whether it will be done by a dealer or an independent shop - and the quality of the parts that will be used.

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What size winter wiper blades on 2009 Toyota Corolla?

Winter or all season wiper blades, the 2009 Toyota Corolla takes 26" drivers and 16" passenger side wiper blades. See sources and related links below for more information including info on winter wipers. Since there are over 22 different wiper arm attachments, do not buy wipers just by length only. Be sure to lookup exact wiper blade part numbers by vehicle make, model and year for the brand wiper you decide to purchase. This ensures correct length AND correct attachment.

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What are the signs of a blown harmonic balancer seal?

oil leaking from the front of the engine. harmonic balancer doesnt have a seal it does however have a rubber bushing in it this is to take out the virations caused by engine running,hence the name harmonic balancer . you may however have a bad front crankshaft seal that is bad this will leak oil at bottom front of engine so if you are talking bout rubber in harmonic balancer, you will get ruff vibrations from engine when running, also can throw the timing out


you will have a MAJOR oil leak.....

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Where is the tvv valve on a 1997 Toyota Corolla?

On my 1995 Corolla, it is on the back side of the EVAP unit, which is attached to the left (driver side) of the engine block.

Another way to locate it is by following the thin vacuum line from the charcoal cannister at the left rear of the engine compartment, this line enters the TVV (Thermal Vacuum Valve) that extends out of the EVAP unit.

Perhaps the 97 is setup the same way, but I'm not certain.

Toyota Corolla

How do you disable abs in corolla?

How do you disable the abs on 2008 yaris

Toyota Corolla

Is a used Toyota Corolla a 4 or 6 cylinder car?

It appears that Toyota does not offer a six cylinder Corolla. The corolla is a four cylinder vehicle. It is possible however, that Toyota has offered a six cylinder as special option in the Corolla.

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Modification of Old Electrical Work

I have halogen lights in the bathroom one day they kept flashing on and off and now dont come on at all if you try to switch them on the trip switch for all lights in the house goes off If you turn?

halogen lights get very hot. bath rooms are very damp places. there may be a thermal breaker built in to the light that when it gets too hot (ie- cause it was installed incorrectly,no breathing room above it, insulation stuffed too much around body of light) this may explain the off/on situation. you didnt state how they flashed on/off? quick flashing? off then 25 min later on again? very imporant!!!! ----call an electrician--- I dont care if it is a $900/hr guy or your brother-in-law. Get someone/anyone(qualified) to look at it. when the breaker at the main box kicks and wont stay on again its a sign that there is a problem. could be a bad switch,bad light fixture,bad breaker,or.......bad wire. How old is the wiring in the house? please dont screw around and blow this off. Im no big shot inspector or state code enforcement oficer but I am a son,grandson,brother,husband,& father. if the water leaks you can turn it off and dry off. if the paint drips you can clean it up later. there is no pause button on an electrical fire. call someone. didnt mean to rant so hard, but fire kills without malace. The flickering lights and then the tripping breaker mean that you probably have a short circuit someplace. Don't try to turn on the breaker again until you have an electrician fix the problem. Trying to turn on the breaker may cause a fire. The breaker is tripping because it is trying to protect your home from burning down. It's cheaper to get if fixed than to replace your home.

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How do you remove the ignition switch from a '97 Toyota Corolla?

hi, i recently was in the same situation and found an easier solution... removeing the switch is timely and costly(and a pain in the neck). simply go to the local auto junk yard and purchace a matching steering column and key set for that car for about 50 dollars and twenty minutes, compared to more than 150 for the ignition switch and another 150 for labor. hope this helped.

Some ignition switches are located in the dash board next to steering column. In this case the answer given is irrelevant. The instructions call for removing the access cover under the steering column (bottom of dash).Insert key, turn switch to acc. You need to locate and depress a button on the outside of the lock assembly, that releases the key cylinder. The inner part of the lock should come out with the key in it. I am going to replace mine today so I may have an update. BTW the button that needs to be depressed appears to be on the bottom of lock.

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Periodic Table

Names of all gases?

  • Helium

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • Oxygen

  • Nitrogen

Carbon Monoxide

water vapor (steam)







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How do you remove the stereo panel in a 2002 Toyota Corolla?

Replace the CD player. To pull the plastic baffle off the dashboard: Adjust the heating vents so they point downwards. Grab the plastic bar between the heating vents and the stereo. Pull.

Remove the screws from the front of the mounting brackets. Pull out the crappy stereo. Unplug the antenna and the wiring harnesses. Transfer the mounting brackets to your new stereo. Cut off the big wiring harness (unless you're lucky enough to have a replacement stereo that accepts the same kind). Connect the wires to the wires on your new stereo's harness.

For more info: check the website:

They do make a wiring plug for aftermarket systems sold at wal mart I replaced mine using this plug took about 10 minutes to install stereo with this plug

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How do you fix a tape player in your Toyota Corolla that keeps switching the play mode to one side only?

Take a piece of paper and folded it and wedge it above the button that change the tape side once it on the side you want to play.

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How do you install a tachometer on a 1995 Toyota Corolla DX 1.8 automatic?

assuming you already have the tach you would: 1. locate a spot to attach it where you can see it easily without having to look to far or have it impare your view of the road. 2. locate the best place in the firewall to drill a hole for the wires. 3. locate your ignition coil. 4. locate one of your dash light power leads. 5. locate a secure, metal,paint free area to attach your ground wire to. 6. mount your tach in the desired location (may have to drill holes first.) 7. if nescessary, drill the hole in your firewall for the wires. 8. cut the tach wires a few inches longer than the routed distance between your mounting location and their respective destinations (commonly red = coil, black = ground, green = lights.) 9. route and attach wires (coil wire goes to possitive.) 10. set your tach's redline to match your car's redline. 11. learn to rip off redline shifts in sets of 5.

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How do you replace a 2003 Toyota Corolla driver's side mirror?

You remove the black cover from the inside of the driver door and unbolt the old mirror then bolt up the new one and replace the cover.

There are 3 types of mirrors depending on model and options

1. a manual mirror that you have to reach out the window and move the mirror. 2. a manual mirror with an inside adjustment stick. 3. a power operated mirror.

The first two are easy, carefully pry of the black cover inside the car where the mirror is located, then remove the three screws and pull the unit off from the outside. Use care NOT to drop the screws down in the door. I have nevr replaced a power operated mirror so I am not sure how that part connects.

Many junkyard have mirrors. If you go to the junkyard they charge about $5-$8 for one. If you take this rout, be sure to take your current broken mirror with you as the mounting screw location are different on different years. Most VE and CE models use black mirrors, while the LE models have color matched mirrors.

If you need to buy a new mirror, Toyot charges about $120 for one but I bought one from for $65 plus s/h. Pefect fit.

Easy job. VBD

With a power mirror, you will have to remove the inside door trim. The power connection is about 4 inches below where the mirror's wires go behind the trim panel.

First, remove the inside trim panel at the mirror. Pry up the bottom of the panel, then swing it out and away. Don't remove the mirror's mounting nuts yet.

Second, remove the armrest by gently prying it up with a flathead screwdriver. Pry up the front of the panel with the door lock switch (and power window switch). Once you have the front up, slide it forward to remove or else you will break off a tab at the back (nearest the armrest). Disconnect the power door lock and power window buttons. Remove the two screws you have now exposed, and the third screw above the door handle.

Third, pry up the trim tabs on the door jamb side. Once these two or three are popped out you can usually pry out the bottom and hinge sides by hand. Lift the door trim panel up and out.

Fourth, carefully lift up only the corner you need of the weather cover and disconnect the power mirror socket. Now remove the mirror's mounting nuts and pull the mirror away from the car, threading the power wires out the hole.

Reassemble in reverse order.

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How do you reset the maintenance required light on a 2005 Corolla since the owners manual doesn't say how to do it?

Turn ignition key to 'ON' and press the odometer button until the display reads actual mileage... not Trip A or B.

Turn ignition key to OFF.

Hold in the same button you used in step 1.

While holding the button in, turn ignition key to 'ON'.

ODOMETER will change to

5 dashes - - - - -

Then 4 dashes - - - -

Then 3 dashes - - -

Then 2 dashes - -

Then 1 dash -

THEN all zeros 0 0 0 0 0

Then back to the correct mileage

The 'Maint Reqd' light should blink and go out.

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How do you replace an instrument light in a 2001 Toyota Corolla?

You need to take any plastic switches or buttons out of the way and then using a screwdriver, take every screw out that is holding the dashboard in sure to remember where everything goes so when you put it back you won't forget anything. Once you take the instrument display off (screws hold into the bezel) there are little light bulbs that simply pull out..locate the burned out bulb and replace it...

  • Note

Check all fuses before you take anything apart because it also could be a burned out fuse

Does this process work as well with a 1997 Corolla?

I found 4 screws on my 1997 (2 in the top of the instrument console) and 2 near the bottom of the center instrument panel, but that didn't seem to get me anywhere.

I still couldn't remove the panel and replace the bulb.

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How do you replace the light on the automatic gear shift of a 2004 Toyota Corolla?

This was on my 1998 Corolla, but the procedure should be the same. You must remove the center console to get at the burned out bulb. This can be tricky because Toyota doesn't make it easy to access this area. First, open up the stoage compartment in the console. Remove the little square of carpet and you will find two bolts. Removing them. Next, there is one screw on each side of the console, near the base. Remove these. Carefully remove the console. Pull rearward and lift the back up and ease it over the emergency brake handle. Once the console is removed, you will be able to see the back of the shifter housing. YOu will see a wire running up to the underside of the shifter console. Follow this wire until you find the black socket holding the bulb. By turning this a quarter to a half turn counter-clockwise, the socket should pull down and the bulb can be pulled out. The bulb is "bayonet-style"---it just plugs in and pulls out. If you have trouble reaching in with your fingers, try using a small wrench to turn the socket. Alternatively, you can very carefully use a pair of needlenose pliers to turn the bulb socket. The hardest part is trying to get the bulb socket to seat back into the shifter console. If this doesn't work, let me know and I will try to guide you through another process.

I just replaced the light bulb on the automatic gear shift of my 1997 Toyoto Corolla. I believe 1993-1997 Corollas are very similar.

1. Lift the little carpet in the console rear to the automatic gear shift. Pry with a small flat screwdriver will do the job.

2. Remove the three Philips head screws.

3. Remove one Philips head screws on each side of the rear console, they are located at the bottom front of the rear console panel. You may have to move the driver and passenger seat back to see the screws.

4. Grab the back of the rear console and gently wiggle, pull backward and lift upward. Pull the hand brake so it is easier to remove the loosened rear console panel.

5. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry the rectangular 'cushion' around the automatic gear shift. Gently pry at various spot and the rectangular 'cushion' will come off easily.

6. Now you are just one more plastic cover away from the burned bulb. The plastic cover that has those 'P'ark, 'R'everse, 'D'rive letters is held in place by four snap on latches. Use a small flat head screwdriver and gently push the black latches inward in a downward motion, once the screwdriver head gets inside the grey latch holder it will free the black latch. Work on each of the four latches in turn.

7. Wiggle the plastic cover until it is completely loosened from the four latches. Gently lift the plastic cover up. The automatic gear shift will stop the plastic from being lifted out completely. You still have enough room to work with. You will see the little burned bulb directly below those 'P'ark, 'R'everse, 'D'rive letters. Gently pull the bulb out. I got my replacement bulb at Canadian Tire, Motomaster instrument replacement bulb 194LL (clear, long lasting, 2 bulbs for $2.99Cdn). It is a push-on bulb.

8. Test the bulb by starting your car and dash lights.

9. Snap back the plastic 'P'ark, 'D'rive cover. Put back the rear console panel and finally the rectangular 'cushion' around the automatic gear shift.

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What kind of power steering fluid is used in a 1990 Toyota Camry?

Answer- OK, I have the same car and went through the same confusion. Use Dextron 2 or 3 as Toyota recommends. Don't use power steering fluid and don't think about brake fluid. The steering pumps in these cars are weak and love being replaced. It's not an easy job to change these out so you better use the Dextron 3 and keep up on the maintenance of your 17 yo car and it will take great care of you! Answer Dot 3 Answer My 94 Camry has a note about the correct fluid right on the cap, it says "Dexron II". I am pretty certain that yours uses either Dexron or power steering fluid, but almost certainly not dot3 brake fluid. Answer DO NOT ADD DOT3 BRAKE FLUID TO YOUR POWER STEERING!!! dex II is correct Answer Dextron 3 is okay --Never Dot 3 Brake Fluid

I have a 1990 Toyota Camry DX. The Manufacture specs call for Dexron III. Its trany fluid. the same fluid used for the trany in the car.

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How do you replace the water pump on a 1985 Toyota Corolla FWD 1.6L?

this is actually far a 1986 corolla with 1.6 lt engine and FWD

1.drain radiator,(open radiator plug), remove aircleaner unit and disconnect all vacuum hoses that go with it (remember where they came from).

2. remove the top radiator hose.(loosen the 4 water pump pulley bolts do not remove them just yet as it is easier to do this with the belts still on)

3. loosen alternator and remove belt, loosen power stearing unit and remove belt also you will have to remove the bracket above the water pump that is the power stearing unit belt tensioning bracket.

4. prop up the right side of the engine on the oilpan lip (use soft wood)with a jack under it (oil pan lip is where the pan bolts onto the block from under neath).

5.remove the right hand engine mounting bolt and jack up the engine on the right side by approx 4 inches.

6.remove the 4 bolts that hold the water pump pulley and loosen the pulley off (you need do this to be able to remove the timing belt cover).

7 the timing belt cover on this model is split in half you only need to remove the rear half there are about 5 bolts you will need a 10mm socket for this.follow the timing belt cover and remove the necessary bolts.

8 remove the timing bbelt cover.. now you can see all the bolts for the water pump removal.. there should be 2x 10mm bolts and 1x12mm bolt behind the belt, and 3x10mm bolt and 2x12mm bolts around the rest of the pump. as you have already jacked the engine the pump should be easy to remove.

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Engine diagram for 1991 Toyota Corolla?

I would like to see Corolla 2000 engine diagrammatically, possibly in different angels; break-downs.


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