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Produced since 1997, the Toyota Prius was rated by the California Air Resources Board and the Environmental Protection Agency as one of the cleanest vehicles in the US based on toxic emission and smog forming.

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Toyota Prius
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What does lmp mean when describing a gas tank capacity?

Imp means Imperial..... as in Imperial gallons (52 US gallons = 40 Imperial gallons) Imp means Imperial..... as in Imperial gallons (52 US gallons = 40 Imperial gallons)

Toyota Prius
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Nihil in intelectu nisi Prius in sensus Is this Latin or Greek?


Dashboard Lights and Gauges
Toyota Prius

Maintenance light Toyota Prius reset?

Disclaimer: The light is reminding you to change your oil.

1. Press "Power" with the brake pedal applied in the same way you would normally start your car.

2. Press the "Odo/Trip" button such that the regular odometer reading is showing rather than one of the two trip odometers.

3. Press "Power" again to turn off the vehicle.

4. Hold down the "Odo/Trip" button, hold down the break pedal and then press "Power".

5. Keep holding the "Odo/Trip" button for three or so seconds and then release the button.

That's it! Just make sure to change your oil.

This doesn't work for a 2010 Prius. Here how to do it for a 2010 Prius:

1) With the power on, switch to the odometer/trip-meter to display "TRIPA".

2) Power OFF (push the "Power" button).

3) Power ON, while holding the button for toggling between "km/h" and "MPH"

4) You will get a screen showing the reset of the oil change data.

5) When the reset is complete, release the button.

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Toyota Prius

What company makes the main battery for the Honda Prius?

Honda does not make the Prius, it is a Toyota product.

"Toyota Prius" batteries are manufactured by Panasonic.

Car Batteries
Toyota Prius

If you park your Prius for two weeks will the battery die?

Maybe! Revised and complete answer... The 270 volt traction battery won't die. The 12 volt battery won't 'die' in two weeks in normal storage with the headlight switch turned off. The headlight auto on option and the computers do take some power. In 3-4 weeks, the 12 volt battery CAN lose all power because the computers are always on (standby). Vacation times of over 4 weeks requires a trickle charge on the 12 volt battery to avoid full discharge. Somebody could also drive it 10-15 miles every three weeks to maintain charge. If the 12 volt battery DOES die because of storage, the 270 volt battery can recharge the 12 volt battery to a start the car condition with the key turned to (check engine) 'run' position for 4-5 minutes. The inverter will charge the battery enough to start the car. Remember you must "start three times to reset the system" if the 12 volt battery ever becomes discharged like this. -__-

Spark Plugs and Wires
Toyota Prius

When to change plugs on Prius?

I believe the book calls for 100,000 miles. However I experienced a cylinder 3 spark plug mis-fire at about 96,000 and again about 1,000 miles later so I replaced all 4 at about 97,500. Although they looked great, that is a lot of miles and the longest lasting spark plugs I have ever seen. A mis-fire will bring on the feared RED TRIANGLE and disconcerting temporary loss of power (I don't remember the code but code erase was the cure for me). The originals are Iridium not Platinum. The Iridium's are a little more money but worth it in my opinion, be sure to use a little dab of anti-sieze 'cause that is really a long time for spark plugs to stay in the hole.

Mine is a '93 @ about 115,000 miles with rolling average on the screen of 44.4. About 42 in winter and 46 to 48 in summer, to get 48 and up miles per gallon I must drive at 45mph or slower. If you get 38 to 40mpg then you are driving too fast.

One set of plugs, 2 sets of wipers, on my 3rd set of tires. It's had maybe a dozen or so P3191 engine stall after cold start or cold air restart. I finally got my own scanner and just reset after P3191... Throttle Body cleaned recently by dealer on recall and no problem since... NO brake issues - at 104,000 miles I cleaned and rotated my brake pads (now that's a first) the only other maintenance issues were the 12 volt battery died, replaced it with lawn tractor battery - $40... (made new cover w/vent from silicone baking pan) - Toy' wanted about 300 dollars for small 12 volt, not for me. Now have about 1 year on tractor battery from H.D. with no problems, and the drivers door lock has worn out linkage pivots in the door so I must lock by hand - all else is good. Amazing car, love it. Oh, yeah. It's Paid for.

Toyota Prius

What is the towing capacity of the Toyota Prius?

Toyota does not recommend towing with the Prius, so the factory does not provide any engineering data or specifications for towing. That said, there are some light-duty hitches available through the aftermarket that will install on a Prius. They typically are not load-rated, as they were designed to carry add-on fixtures like a bicycle carrier. However, it may be possible to add a draw bar in the appropriate size that can accept a trailer ball. If you can obtain the correct wiring converter for trailer lights, then what's to stop you? If you've decided to pursue things this far, a good rule of thumb would be to not exceed the manufacturer's Gross Vehicle Weight rating, which is the combined weight of the car, fluids, passengers, luggage (and trailer). Don't even mention warranty's not gonna happen.

Toyota Prius

How big is a Toyota Prius's gas tank?

11.9 gallons

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Toyota Prius
Fuel Economy and Mileage

When you use mode B once the battery is fully recharged you hear a rumbling Is this the gas engine being used to slow the car?

Yes, using "B" (brake) mode makes the gas engine will turn quickly, without gas or spark, using compression in the cylinders to help slow the car.

Toyota Prius
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How macro environmental factors affected the sales of the Toyota Prius?


1- "How macroenvironmental factors affected the sales of the Toyota prius? how well has Toyota dealt with these factors"

2- outline the major macroenvironmental factor -demographic ,economic ,natural,technological,political and cultural- that affected the introduction and relaunch of the TOYOTA prius .how well has Toyota dealt with each of these factor ?

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Does putting the Prius shift in the B position recuperate more energy to the batteries than use of the brake to retard the car when going down a steep hill?

AnswerNo, it does not.

Regenerative braking occurs when pressing on the brake pedal gently, up until the hybrid battery is fully charged. Once the battery is full (all bars full up green), the Prius computer switches to using mechanical braking only. On very long down hills, this can cause the mechanical brakes to overheat and lose effectiveness.

The B position makes the hybrid system use engine compression to slow the car, which saves the brakes, just like on a regular car with an automatic transmission.

Only use the B position when the battery charge indicator is full up green. Using it during normal driving simply adds wear-and-tear to the engine and reduces gas mileage.

AnswerThe B position serves just like lower gears in a normal car, and it's really only there to slow the car when you will be descending a long enough hill that you would have to constantly apply the brakes. It doesn't recharge the batteries in the car any better than the normal brakes do, it's just there in the case of situations like long, mountain roads and the such to keep the car from gaining too much speed and keep you from using the brakes too much.
Toyota Prius

What are other Hybrid Cars besides the Toyota Prius?

Lexus RX500h, Ford Escape, Honda CR-Z, Toyota Camry, Honda Insight, the Toyota Highlander hybrid, Honda Civic hybrid, Chevrolet Silverado hybrid, GMC Yukon hybrid, and GMC Sierra hybrid. See the sources and related links below.

The Chevy Volt will soon be here. Should give the Prius a run for its money both in terms of max efficiency (MPGs) and also price (Around $30k after the big government credit). Finally a decent alternative to the Prius, since everyone knows the Honda Insight is mostly rubbish compared to the Prius (fit and finish, driving dynamics, efficiency, etc.)

Toyota Prius

Where is towrope on Toyota Prius?

There are no tow hooks on the Prius, but there is a "towing eyelet" in the toolbox with the spare tire. The eyelet goes into a plastic-covered hole on the driver's side of the front bumper, allowing the Prius to be towed slowly for a short distance.

Car Batteries
Toyota Prius

What is the average life for the hybrid batteries used in the Toyota Prius?

I own 2 of them, an 02 & an 04, both bought in there prior years. I have not had any trouble with either one. the 02 has about 45000 miles on it. I also have been on the Prius lists since 02 looking for this same question. What i have found out is that there have not been any battery failures, including a taxi in new york that has over 250000 miles on it. A battery pack consists of individual cells that can be purchased separately. If 1 cell does go bad, you don't have to replace the whole pack. I don't think the battery pack should be any cause for concern.

Life of a Hybrid BatteryI heard in the area of 10 years, and they are ungodly expensive.

They are warrantied for 7 years. <---This statement simply is not true, do some research and you will find out.

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Why does Toyota Prius speedometer display turn off when you turn the head lights on?

it must be a glitch on your car or... check that the dashboard light dial on your dash is not set too low.

Toyota Prius
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How old is the Weather Channel's Jen Carfagno?

I graduated with her in 1994 from Perkiomen Valley High School, she was actually in my homeroom. Glad she's doing as well as she is! She was always a really cool chick!

Toyota Paseo
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Did the 1991-1993 model Toyota Paseo come with airbags?

No, airbags did'nt start being included on the Paseo until, I believe, the 1994 or 1995 model year, about 2 to 3 years before the end of the Paseo's production run in 1997. I have a 1992 Paseo and it does NOT have airbags, neither driver or passenger.�

The 1993 Paseo does have a drivers side airbag.

I have a 93 paseo and it does have a drivers side airbag

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How many gallons of gas will Toyota purist hold?

12 gallons

Water Pumps
Toyota Prius
Ford E-150 Van
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Replace the thermostaton a 1987 Toyota LE Van?

Probably located at the engine end of the upper radiator hose in a removable housing Drain about 1 gallon of coolant from the radiator Remove housing at end of radiator hose Make note how thermostat is installed Clean both surfaces Replace thermostat and gasket Re-fill coolant slowly to prevent an "airlock" Start engine and look for leaks Run engine to normal operating temperature with heater on Re-check coolant level

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Does the Toyota Prius work well in hilly districts?

I drove through Arkansas on the Interstates, I had no problems climbing the hills. MPG dropped some, but still got over 43 MPG.

Toyota Prius
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How much is A Toyota Solara 2007?

from 22 grands

Toyota Prius

Does anyone have any recommendations for the heat settings to get maximum heat as well as maximum gas mileage with a 2005 Toyota Prius your understanding is the heat comes through the air conditioning?

Hot engine coolant is distributed into the heater core of your vehicle when the heater is on. You can make that coolant hotter by changing out the thermostat for one with a higher temperature setting. That should help out with the maximum heat request. As far as the maximum gas mileage request is concerned: on several vehicles there are heater settings that also run the air conditioning compressor. The idea is that sometimes you might want the air to be "dried" when it comes into the vehicle. Many auto manufacturers turn on the AC compressor when the defroster is on so that the air going across the window has less moisture in it. That way the moisture on the windshield will evaporate. If your vehicle has a push button to turn on the AC compressor, just don't push it. That's the part that takes a fair amount of energy to run. While both heat and AC share some of the same air ducting, AC does NOT have to be on while the heat is on. While the above comment is true, note that on the Prius, when you have the heater on and the temperature is lower in the car than the thermostat setting, it might cause the gas engine to run in order to heat the engine coolant which supplies the heat. That being said, there is no way to use the heater on a Toyota Prius and get the same mileage as you would without using the heater because it's going to cause the gas engine to run more than it would it you didn't need the heat. I live in North Carolina and we use the A/C far more than the heat. The a/c can run completely off electrical power without the gas engine and while having the a/c on will drain down the batteries faster than having it off, the gas engine will only come on when necessary to charge the batteries or when you need acceleration or when the car reaches 25 or so mph. But with heater, the gas engine must run pretty much constantly to keep the engine coolant hot enough to generate the heat needed in the cabin in very cold weather. If you live in a milder climate and just need a little heat, I would suggest only turning on the heater when you're already driving the car above 25 mph. The gas engine would be running then anyway. About 10 seconds before you are going to stop in traffic, shut off the heat. This will keep the gas engine from running while you're at stoplights. As I said, this works fine if you're not in a very cold environment, but if I lived up north and it was very cold outside, my gas mileage would just suffer because of the heater.

Toyota Prius

Can Toyota Prius traction control be turn off?

To disable traction control on the prius:

1) Turn the car to ignition by pressing START twice without pressing the brake.

2) Floor the gas pedal two times (two full top to bottom pressings)

3) Make sure the parking brake is on, and while pressing the brake pedal put the car into NEUTRAL

4) Again press the gas pedal two times

5) Push PARK and press the gas pedal two more times

6) Now put your foot on the BRAKE and press START one time while holding the brake down.

Added Note: Most Prius-specific sources that detail this procedure, also include a very clear disclaimer: WARNING: The shop manual apparently states in no uncertain terms that this procedure must NOT be used to drive the car as damage to the transmission could occur due to traction control being defeated. The mode is intended as a purely diagnostic function.


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