If you run with scissors you'l?

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you will be perfectly fine. as long as you run with the blade pointing away from you.
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Who invented scissors?

Modern cross blade scissors were invented in ancient Rome around 100 AD, and were used by clothes makers and barbers. The invention of scissors that can be traced back to the earliest use of the lever was first described by Archimedes around 260 BC. Scissors made of one piece of metal were most l ( Full Answer )

When were scissors invented?

The earliest record of scissors were in 1500 B.C in ancient Egypt. The earliest known scissors appeared in Mesopotamia 3000 to 4000 years ago.

What are dissecting scissors?

Dissecting scissors are used for opening or cutting open the body of your specimen when being dissected.

What are scissors used for?

scissors are used for cutting objects, or materials. scissors are not for heavy duty tools, but are usually used everyday for cutting fabric or paper.

How do scissors work?

Two pivoted metal blades connected through a joint in such a way that the sharpened edges slide against each other and cut the material.

What is the meaning of Runs with Scissors?

"Running with scissors" is one of these really stupid things thatyour mom told you to not do. If a person is described as "runs withscissors", that means that they are intentionally stupid and eitherdangerous or suicidal.

What is scissoring?

Scissoring is a popular abusage of the word scissor. To scissor is to cut with a shearing action (or cut with scissors). Scissor is used to describe a scissor like action, usually performed with the legs, in athletic or gymnastic events as in scissor kick or scissor hold. It is also used to describ ( Full Answer )

What are scissors?

Two knives stuck together with a rotating joint. Also a fierce weapon in the hands of a ninja.

What are lister scissors?

To the best of my knowledge: "Lister" scissors are Lister Bandage Scissors. They are like regular scissor except they are bent at the point where they are joined. This allows one arm of the scissor to lay flat against the skin and still have the two arms that your fingers go into up away from the ( Full Answer )

How do girls scissor?

Pretty simple actually, One person lies on their back, the other lays on top facing the other, 1 leg between the bottom persons leg and one on either side. Now as you sit up on the person who is on the bottom, keep your groins pressed together while your legs are like scissors. You will get it when ( Full Answer )

How were the scissors invented?

No one knows exactly why scissors were invented. The earliest knownscissors appeared in Mesopotamia 3000 to 4000 years ago.

Who are the Scissor Sisters?

The Scissor Sisters are a gay music band comprised of five members, nicknamed Jake Shears, Babydaddy, Ana Matronic, Del Marquis, and Paddy Boom, christened Jason Sellards, Scott Hoffman, Ana Lynch, Derek Gruen, and Patrick Seacor.

Where is the fulcrum in scissors?

there is the folcrum and two wedges which are the blades the folcrom is in the middle of the scissor connectin the two blades

Why are scissors a lever?

Scissors are levers because, the fulcrum is between the applied force and the load. The load are the blades. Your hands are applying the force. Scissors are the first class levers. So blah blah blah! That is so not true!They are also part wedge! It is true.The question is why are scissors ( Full Answer )

How do you do scissoring?

In the scissors, the woman lays on her back, the man lets her place one leg between his. He lays on his side facing her. He enters her in a scissors fashion with her other leg lying over the man's midriff. Sexual Intercourse can be maintained for a long period of time with this one. You can also fal ( Full Answer )

Is scissors plural?

The noun scissors is both the plural and singular form. The noun scissors belongs to a group of nouns that are words for things that require two parts to make the whole. The noun scissors is a shortened for for a 'pair of scissors'. The plural form is 'pairs of scissors.

What scissors for a paramedic?

Most Paramedics have a pair of scissors called TufCuts - they are very strong scissors ideal for cutting through clothes/seat belts etc.

What is the plural of scissors?

The noun scissors is both the plural and singular form. The noun scissors belongs to a group of nouns that are words for things that require two parts to make the whole. The noun scissors is a shortened for for a 'pair of scissors'. The plural form is 'pairs of scissors.

What is a good name for a band spider monkeys or the perimeter or no definition or running with scissors or skinless bones?

Well, Running With Scissors is Already an established band... though it is quite a cool name as long as your mates don't mind. Skinless bones is a bit graphic; it would go good with a heavy metal, emo-punk or goth type of music. Spider Monkeys has potential. Again, though, already another band ( Full Answer )

What are scissor crunches?

an exercise to tone the midsection. While doing traditional crunches (little mini sit-ups), raise legs and move them in a scissor-like fashion

Are the scissors blue?

No. scissors are never blue, even though there is a blue pair of scissors next to me that doesnt mean that scissors are blue. oh listen to me rambling on about scissors. well that wraps it up scissors are not blue. peace. xx BITTTY!

Who uses scissors?

Humans are the only animal on the Earth that use scissors. This isbecause these animals are the only ones who know how to use them.

What are buttonhole scissors?

Buttonhole scissors only have a partial blade on each side. Thecutting ends are down near the tips, and there is a gap higher upso it only cuts a buttonhole instead of an entire slice.

What is scissors exercise?

The scissors exercise is an ab exercise. To do scissors lie on your back with your arms at your sides and your legs together. Bracing your abs, lift your heels about six inches off the ground. This is the starting position. To begin the exercise, move your feet outward toward, keeping your heels six ( Full Answer )

Where can you get circumcision scissors?

I'm gonna say that if you have to ask then you probably shouldn't be getting them. I would humbly suggest that you talk to your doctor or someone else you trust about the concern or issues that motivated the question. Just to be clear here, it's a really bad idea if you are considering doing your ( Full Answer )

How do you use a scissor?

You use your right hand to start off with. Then you place your thumb in one hole, and your index and middle fingers in the other. You then open them and close them in a smooth movement to make the scissors cut.

What you the plural of scissor?

Scissor is a verb meaning to cut with scissors; to move in a way resembling the action of scissors. It has no plural form The noun is scissors. Scissors is both the plural and singular form. The noun scissors belongs to a group of nouns that are words for things that require two parts to ma ( Full Answer )

How was the book running with scissors?

Running With Scissors, in my opinion, was a great book (as are many of Augusten Burroughs memoirs). Burroughs has a great writing style: simple enough that you do not get caught up with all of the fancy diction and syntax, but full of intellect! I think one of the reasons why I most like Running wit ( Full Answer )

What did you think of the book running with scissors?

Overall, I thought the book was imensley interesting. I found it very hard to believe that this was actually a true story, but like Jeanette Wall's memoir, The Glass Castle, it is. At times the book was heart wrenching, like whenever something bad happened to Augusten (or his mother), and disturbing ( Full Answer )

What are components in a scissor?

\nbasically 2 knife blades with handles that are pinned or hinge together side by side. Closed they appear as one. When opened they appear as an X with the handles on one side and the blades opposite. As the x form is closed the 2 blades pass each other until they are closed. In this passing tran ( Full Answer )

What are the sharpest scissors?

The ones that are not used. Some brands of scissors are "self-sharpening": that is, they sharpen themselves each time they are used.

Where is the scissors on panfu?

To find the pair of scissors for the Save the Pokopets! quest, you go to the Beauty Salon located in San Franpanfu. When you're in the Beauty Salon, go to the lady panda with black hair, her name is Lili, and she will give them to you.

What are scissors use for?

Scissors are used to cut things. They are commonly used to open boxes, cut paper, and all sorts of other things. You can also use scissors as a knife if you do not have one.

On panfu.com how do you get scissors?

you got to the beauty salon and the man next to the game click on him and he'll give you his scissors (p.s) make sure you give them back okay let's get rolling

What is scissoring and tribadism?

It is a sexual activity performed between girl-on-girl, where the clitoris rub's together with another.

Why are scissors a conductor?

Because electricity will travel through almost everything but wood, rubber, and a few more. Scissors have metal in them, and that is the thing that electricity loves to travel through.

What is a scissors biopsy?

Scissors biopsy. Scissors are used to snip off surface (superficial) skin growths and lesions that grow from a stem or column of tissue. Such growths are sometimes seen on the eyelids or neck.

What does scissors symbolises?

The scissor symbolises the cut option in Microsoft Word. Other ways, it is a combination of two knives attached together. It is also the symbol of unity. That is the two knives that exist together without cutting or harming each other.

Is running with the scissors bad?

Yes cause you could trip over a ball and the scissors could cut some string and a piano falls on you!!! only joking But yes, you could drop them on something or someone or trip and the scissors could impale you. Which is bad.

What are the uses of scissor?

Scissors are used to cut things. They are commonly used to open boxes, cut paper, and all sorts of other things. You can also use scissors as a knife if you do not have one.

What is the book Running With Scissors about?

The book 'Running with scissors' is about the odd childhood of the author. His mother is deeply disturbed and sends him to live with her psychiatrist, who has an even more dysfunctional family.

What actors and actresses appeared in Running with Scissors - 2000?

The cast of Running with Scissors - 2000 includes: Alan Baltes as Insomniac Husband Karen Bankhead as Various Elizabeth Beckwith as Various David Jahn as Various Emmy Laybourne as Various Frank Payne Diesel Pfingsten as Date from Hell Kevin Ruf as Various

What actors and actresses appeared in Running with Scissors - 2006?

The cast of Running with Scissors - 2006 includes: Omid Abtahi as Restaurant Manager Anthony Aria as Audience Alec Baldwin as Norman Burroughs Annette Bening as Deirdre Burroughs Augusten Burroughs as himself Colleen Camp as Joan Will Carter as Officer Button Nancy Cassaro as Christy - 1978 Poetry C ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Running with Scissors - 2010?

The cast of Running with Scissors - 2010 includes: Tony Forsmark as Gerard Woodnit Briyanna Maatuk as Woman in Group Michael Manuel Sanders as Token Gay Guy Angela Padilla as Mrs. Woodnit Denise Pazienti as Woman in Group Lauren Sandoval as Woman in Group