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When you shine a flashlight at a mirror it proves that you are able to turn the flashlight on. The reflection of that light can be used to demonstrate some basic principles of optics, such as that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection. It proves that the flashlight is in working order, that you are able to direct the light toward the mirror, that the light is reflected by the material at the back of the mirror, that the mirror itself is opaque, and that you have access to a mirror and a flashlight.

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Q: If you shine a flashlight at a mirror what does it prove?
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When you shine a flashlight at a mirror does it come back at you?

Yes, it does.

When you shine a flashlight at a mirror the ray of light that shines back at you is the ray of incidence?

This is FALSE. The incident wave "happens" when you shine the light AT the mirror. THe light that comes back is called the reflected wave.

How does light bend right now?

I can only use an EX: if you have a flashlight and shine it at a mirror, it will then be projected at an angle, like on the celling. that is the bending of light.

What happens to the beam of a flashlight when it hits a mirror?

When the beam of a flashlight hits a mirror, it is reflected.

Do you need friction to shine a flashlight?


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What happens when you shine a mirror to a mirror?

the mirror that you are holding will keep going in...............

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Why does a flashlight shine brighter on objects to which it is closer?

The close object reflects light to eyes when a flashlight shines on the object.

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ya know i meant shine the light through the skin on my stomach

When you shine a flashlihgt in the mirror the light rays are going to?

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Does a flashlight use a concave mirror or convex mirror?

It uses a concave mirror in order for the light to be concentrated to point forward.