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I assume what you are asking is "if you shoot a gun straight up in the air will the bullet come down at the point where it was shot from". The answer to that question is NO, the rotation of the earth will move the point of impact.

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How do you kill a lepricon?

Steal his gold. when he comes around bitching about it shoot him in the head with a large caliber bullet.

Is there a spot on a man's head where if you shoot it it will explode?

No, there is not a specific spot. The issue has more to do with the size of the bullet and how close it was when fired. Type of bullet and velocity.

Why is bullet head called bullet head on Steve Harvey?

because his hair and his head were shaped like a bullet

Can you neck down a bullet casing so it can hold a different size of bullet and still shoot it from the same gun the casing came from?

No, if you neck down a case to accept a new caliber bullet, or "wildcat" a round, you must re-barrel the firearm to the new caliber and have a new chamber made to ensure proper head spacing. If you neck a casing down and use the same barrel and chamber you are going to have hot pressurized gas escaping around the case and the bullet. This can be absolutely disastrous if not deadly!

What is the duration of Bullet in the Head?

The duration of Bullet in the Head is 2.27 hours.

What was the Production Budget for Bullet to the Head?

The Production Budget for Bullet to the Head was $55,000,000.

How do you shoot crack?

Place crack on the tip of a bullet, place gullett in gun, put gun to your head and pull the trigger!! Crack kills

How much money did Bullet to the Head gross worldwide?

Bullet to the Head grossed $13,561,515 worldwide.

How much money did Bullet to the Head gross domestically?

Bullet to the Head grossed $9,489,829 in the domestic market.

What was the cause of jfks death?

BULLET IN THIS HEAD! ( and neck).

Is there blood in splinter cell conviction PC version?

Yes, there is. Although, I haven't played the console versions, so I don't know what the blood is like there, I can tell you that when you shoot the enemies, a blood spray effect occurs, and if you shoot them in the head, it will leave a bullet hole where you shot them. I do not believe that shots to other parts of the body leave bullet holes.

What are the ratings and certificates for A Bullet in the Head - 1990?

A Bullet in the Head - 1990 is rated/received certificates of: Sweden:(Banned)

If you are hunting geese where do you shoot them?

you shoot them in the head or neck

What does it mean to say you shoot down the black Mariah when she lifts her head?

The Black Mariah was an aircraft used during the Vietnam War, so that likely means to shoot down the plane when it lifted off to fly.

What are the release dates for Bullet Head - 2013?

Bullet Head - 2013 was released on: USA: 4 March 2013 (internet)

Can you die from a 22 gunshot wound to the head?

Basically you will die instantly if the bullet hits you right in the head. If the bullet can reach your head at its normal speed, it will surely kill you.

Which level do you take down Castro on black ops?

the first level, operation 40 you. get an achievement if you shoot him in the head.

What happens to a bullet when fired in air?

When the bullet is shot in the air, it does not go into outer space. Once it gets to a certain point gravity pulls it down and eventually the bullet will go through someones head and kill them. Especially on 4th of July it is even illegal to do that.

What is a bullet head nail used for?

hi i don't completely know but i hope this helps Bullet head nails are a normal all-purpose type of nail. Bullet head nails have a small head so that you are able to punched below the timber surface and then after that filled. Bullet head nails are suitable and used for framing, planking and cabinetwork. When you are nailing bullet head nails into your timber drive it straight flush into the wood to avoid damaging and ruining your timber and also avoid brushing the timber.

If you shoot someone in the head will the head explode?

No, it won't.

How do you beat the first boss on drawn to life?

ok you RUN!!!! as fast as you can and try not to get hurt then when you can see his health shoot his head then when he goes down ground pound (jump a-down) on his head and it will heart him do this continuously and he will die

What caliber bullet goes through a person's head?

Any calibre bullet can go through a head. Whether it actual does will depend on distance from firing point, angle and where it hits the head.

Is Bowser Jr's mega hammer on world 3 on Super Mario Galaxy 2 impossible?

No. It's actually simple. shoot bullet bills at mega hammer's two blue spots on his stomach and the blue spot on his back (with warp star) until they break. Then, when Bowser Jr. comes out as the head wait until it opens and throw bullet bills at the head twice and a grand star will appear. get it with the warp star and you will be onto world 4, where the first level is the super massive galaxy.

Where is the best place to shoot yourself in the head?

Not that you should try it. But you supposedly want to shoot yourself in the back of the head. Specifically the area where your Spine and Skull meet. Your odds of severing your spinal cord are much higher. I also believe that the more important functions of the brain are in the back of the head.

How do you beat the boss in the tower of the godsin the legend of zelda the wind waker?

Shoot the eyes on the hands to make the eyes on the head open. Shoot the eyes on the head then when it's down, throw a bomb in its mouth. Just keep doing that until he's dead.

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