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If you smoke marijuana everyday then you really shouldn't be getting the munchies but if you are and can't quit you just gotta not eat during your munchies. That trimspa Ultra crap won't help you lose weight, just toughen up and work out in the day and smoke at night. Tons of people do it you just have to pick and choose carefully when you'll fulfill your munchies cause if you do it every day you'll look like Chris Farley.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-08 21:29:21
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Q: If you smoke marijuana then eating will you lose weight taking Trimspa Ultra three times a day?
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What services are offered by the Trim Spa?

TrimSpa offers weight loss pills. You can learn more about the TrimSpa at the TrimSpa website or from the Wikipedia. Once on the website, type "TrimSpa" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

Can you lose weight while eating carbs from fruits and vegetables?

Yes You can lose weight eating anything as long as you are burning more calories than you are taking in.

How do you weight marijuana?

With a scale.

How do you looes weight?

You can lose weight by taking exercise every day, eating less, avoiding fat, white flour, sugar and alcohol.

How to lose weight with Divalproex sodium ER tablets?

Although some people gain weight on Depakote, eating small frequent meals and not eating three hours before sleep has helped many individuals taking Depakote to lose weight.

How do people lose weight without taking medicines or tablets?

They eat less. Taking more excercise may help, but eating less is necessary, and should be sufficient.

Is it okay to smoke marijuana while taking morphine?

Marijuana has never been linked to any negative effects other than decreased lung function and weight gain alone or in conjunction with any other drug.

How much weight is a dub of marijuana?


Does smoking weed affect your eating habits?

"Yes, smoking Marijuana represses your appetite, meaning you don't want eat as much. This is why many Marijuana smokers are underweight for their height, as they don't have an appetite." This is wrong all the way around. Most marijuana smokers are at average weight or are overweight. Marijuana stimulates the hypothalamus, increasing appetite. Less scientifically, if you ask anyone about a time that they smoked marijuana, nine times out of ten you will hear some variation of the phrase "got the munchies so bad." Marijuana definitely affects eating habits by increasing the users appetite.

You are eating 10eggs a day amd going to gim and your weight is not increasing?

You probably don't want to be eating 700%+ of the recommended cholesterol per day, in general. If your weight isn't increasing, it means you're burning as many calories as you're taking in. Increase how much you're eating then.

Is the answer to eating to much and putting on weight eating less and losing weight or not eating too much in the first place?


Im 15 and you weigh 133 pounds how can you lose weight without taking pills and not eating?

u wanna lose weight? I think you dont have to. for your age i think its average..

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