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No sir-eyy

2007-10-30 22:22:09
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If I smoke weed a couple days will weed show up in your blood test two weeks later?

It matters on how much you smoked. If you smoked just for a couple days than the question I would have is How Much? If you smoked for those entire two days and they were right in a row then you would be pushing it taking a test two weeks later. However I bet you would be clean. If you smoked moderately or just a little bit in those two days then you will be clean for sure within two weeks.

Can you clean out your system in two days?

No you can not clean out your system in 2 days , if smoked in the last week or soo, it would take a month to clean out

You smoked for 6 months have not smoked for 40 days are you clean?

yes you are clean,trust me.

If I smoked weed everyday for 17 days and then quit for 17 days will i be clean?

NO - You would be STUPID - Keep yourself CLEAN ALL THE TIME

Will you be clean if you haven't smoked meth for four days?

No! You would have had to go for months without smoking to be completely clean

You have not smoked weed in 26 days are you clean or dirty?

dirty it takes 40 + days to be clean

You weigh 235 pounds and you smoked for a month can you get clean in 2 days?

If you smoked marijuana for a month - then no, you cannot test clean in two days no matter what you try to do.

How long will it take to get clean if you only smoked 3 days but was clean 2 months before you smoked?

1 month

You smoked marijuana 25 days ago for two days are you clean?

yes unless you smoked a bunch before that. depends how much fat you have.

If you smoked weed 2 days ago how do you get it out my system?

if it was the first time you smoked then it will be another 4-5 days til you pass a urine, blood, and hair test. if you've smoked more than that go to this website this will give you an estimate of when you'll be clean

If you smoked marijuana four days ago but you sweat a lot and drink energy drinks will you be clean for a drug test?

No you will not be. Marijuana will stay in the blood stream for about a week to 5 days then it will fade away

If you Smoked 2 hits of some good weed will you be clean after 9 days?


Would your blood be clean if you have not had marijuana in 60 days?

It normally is flushed all out within 40 days.

Can you pass a urine test if you smoked 3 days before the test?

It's really hard you have to drink so much water for a urine test to be clean but if it were a blood test no

You are totally clean but you smoked a jount todayhow long before you test clean?

If you were really clean, it could be as little as 5 days. I would give it 7-9 to be safe. I smoked it 2-3 time within a ten year period so I know that if you are not a regular users it goes away really fast.

If you smoked for 2 days and you were clean will you pass a drug test in twenty-five days?

yes drink lots of water

You smoked every day for very long you weight 104 lbs and have not smoked in 45 days is there a chance you will have a clean drug test?

You should be clean. THC stays in the system about 30 days average - and it only goes down with ppl who have less body fat.

You smoked weed 104 days ago is it still in your system you have smoked about 5 or 6 times in your entire life?

hell no its not i smoked like for 2 3 years like every day and in 20 30 days i was clean so dont worry about it

You weigh 240 pounds and haven't smoked weed for 45 days are you clean?

Almost certainly yes.

If you weigh 99lbs and smoked weed 3 days ago when will you be clean again?

2 weeks or more

How long will marijuana stay in you system if you were clean then smoked for two days?

thirty days if you drink water or any type of liquid on average

If you smoked marijuana for one day how many days would it take to be clean?

Depends. If you choose to drink alot of water and exercise everyday, it will take about a week or less.

If you smoked every day at least 3 times a day and stopped will you be clean in 30 days?

If you ever smoke your lungs will never clean. So no.

Have not smoked weed for days will it show up in a blood test?

Most probably because the drug is in your blood system. It takes more then a few days for your body to recover.

Can A person live with out a Kidney?

The kidney is used to 'clean' the blood. You could get on ok without one for a few days but then your health would go downhill as the toxins in your blood build up. It's possible, but you would have to go through a process of dialysis every few days for the rest of your life, where a machine has to clean the blood for you.