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No but you can lose your brain cells, brain cells are memories and things that you know! That can aslo happen with markers.

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Q: If you sniff hand sanitizer really hard will you get brain damage?
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Does glue sniffing affect the brain?

yes, it does. It can give you brain damage and it is addictive SO WHAT EVER YOU DO DO NOT SNIFF GLUE

What happens if you continue to sniff rubbing alcohol?

youu are killing brain cells and can cause permanent damage or death

If something smells really bad do you lose brain cells?

No, but you can if u DIRECTLY sniff hand sanitizer.

Why do some teenagers sniff glue?

Some teenagers will do anything. Trying to get high, but this is an extremely dangerous practice and can kill you or cause brain damage.

What are some ways that you can misuse hand sanitizer?

There are many ways to misuse hand sanitizer. These are not recommended, but they exist. You can eat it, you can sniff it, and you can shoot it at other kids. You can stain people's clothes, also.

Why do you lose brain cells?

sniff gasoline

What will happen to you if you sniff toxins?

Destroy brain cells that may no longer regenerate. Damage nasal passage ways and other parts of your respiratory and nervous system.

Why is sniffing glue so addictive?

Sniffing glue and paint is extremely dangerous, it can cause brain damage and is addictive, never sniff glue especially pritt sticks.

In what ways does solvent abuse affect your body?

Solvent abuse destroys nerve cells which in turn causes brain damage. After brain damage the muscles begin to have false and missing signals which cause atrophy. Atrophy of the muscles cause organ damage which changes life expectancy.

What happens when you sniff a sharpie?

You can get high.

Would you lose brain cells if you sniff the glue a little?


What happens to the brain neurons when you sniff up petrol?

You end up like a boong