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Q: If you stay out of the sun will you get lighter?
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How can you make your hair lighter?

If the sun is shining, stay out because the sun can turn your hair lighter

How do you get natural highlights?

Well, the sun will get your hair a little lighter then it usually is. But it won't go 123! If you want your hair to get way lighter, you have to stay in the sun alot!

What happened to the lighter gasses once the sun formed?

Due to the Sun's strong gravity, the lighter gases would mostly stay in the Sun. The same happens - to a great extent - in the case of the larger planets.

Why do some Japanese women use parasols when it is sunny?

The lighter women are considered more beautiful, so the women try to stay out of the sun to stay light

Would an object be heavier or lighter on the Sun?

The object is actually lighter on the Sun

How do you make your skin tone lighter?

Stay out of the sun. Just that simple. Wear hats, sun screens, swim at night, and wear long sleeves.

Do darker or lighter colors fade more in the sun?


Why does hair get lighter when you are in the sun?

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When you go in the sun will the hair on your arms get lighter?

It can. If you use lemon juice or sun in it will get lighter the first time you get outside.

How does the sun stay still?

WHY does th sun stay still? WHY does th sun stay still?

How can i lighten my skin naturally Please do not say lemon and honey I mean all of my skin my skintone not like just my face or something?

There is a few ways you can make your skin lighter. You can stay out of the sun or you can buy spray that makes the skin lighter.

Can you make your skin lighter with an orange?

No. Nothing will make your skin lighter but staying out of the sun.