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sometimes it may come on time or it may take a month or more it depends on your body!

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Should my period start the first day after I am through the hormone pills in a birth control pack?

Hi, Your question is: Should my period start the first day after I am through the hormone pills in a birth control pack?Not necessarily no. Your period will arrive anytime during the 7 days when your on the placebo pills or not taking any pills.

Should you get your period the first day of the sugar pills?

Not exactly.. your period can occur as late as the 4th sugar pill

When should you expect your next period if you started your pills on the first day of your period and you've used 3 weeks of pills and are currently on the last day of your sugar pills?

You should expect your period to arrive on or before the last day of the sugar pills. But sometimes you can arrive the next week after your sugar pills. It takes a while for BCP to get used to your body. This could be why you havent gotten your period.

Should you start the next pack of birth control pills when your period starts?

You start the first pill the Sunday after the FIRST day of your period ideally, but can be any day of the week, but after the 1st day of your period. Your cycle is four weeks long, you take colored pills for 3, and take white pills for 1 and you will have your period that week, then start a new pack of pills.

Are you still protected if you don't take your first pill on your period?

You can start taking the pills at any time, but you should use other protection until you have begun your second package.

When should you start taking birth control pills in your period cycle?

Right on the first day. It will take a month before the pills will be effective.

While on birth control pills do you usually start your period by the time you take the sugar pills?

You start your period when on the sugar pills. Your period should start within three days of your first sugar pill - the exact time will differ from woman to woman.

How do you start your first pack of birth control pills ever?

There should be instructions in your pill packet. Or your doctor should have told you when they prescribed them to you.You should start your pack the first Sunday after you start your period even if your period is not over yet. Do not skip any pills and start a new pack as soon as you finish your 7 inactive pills at the end of your pack.

If you start your period on the first sugar pill and your period lasts 4 days do you finish the rest of the sugar pills or start taking the hormone pills again?

You should always finish your pack You should always finish your pack

When should you start your birth control pills the first Sunday after you start your period or the first Sunday after you finish?

Check the package for specific information, but generally the pill should be started on the first Sunday after you START your period.

Is it normal to not start your period on the first day of placebo pills?

Yes. Most people will see the withdrawal bleeding start between the second and fifth days of placebo pills.

If I stared my sugar pills and it's been 5 days and I still do not have my period does that mean I am pregnant?

Is this your first month on the pills? If so and you had sex, maybe. If this isn't your first month and you took your pills everyday you should be ok. Stress, and other factors will cause a delay in a period starting.

I started on the pill a month ago and I am on the reminder pills which means I should get my period but I haven't gotten it yet and I'm on the fourth reminder pill should I get my period?

You'll get it either at the very end of your reminder pills or on your first real pill

How long does it takes to have the first period after taking pills?

If you mean on the first packet of 21 pills, it depends, but it will start some time during the week with no pills and should settle on a certain day which is very useful to know exactly when you will get it.

If you start the pill on the first day of your period when you have finished that pack do you immediately start the next one?

If you have finished with the pills and the faux pills, had your period, then you start the new set of pills after the last day of your period.

I have had my period for a month and i went to the doctors and they gave me pills but they didn't work i still have my period what should i do?

you are not alone. i have my period 4 whole month and this is the first time i have i period. :S:S I'm confused

When can you except your period on your first pack of birth control pills?

While taking the inactive pills.

If skipping the sugar pills to skip a period should you take all of the active pills in the second packet of contraceptive pills or is it ok to stop taking them as soon as you want your period again?

You can use them either way as long as you never go more than seven days without taking an active pill.

HiI'm taking birth control pills Marvelon 28 andI'm on the second day of green pills but I still don't have my period.Is that ok I started taking them on sept10 and my last period was in late Aug?

You start taking them the first Sunday after you had your period I believe.

When do you get your period on the pill?

You should get your first period after beginning your birth control pills when you start taking the inactive pills (the green pills in some packs) or within taking a couple of the inactive pills. Since you are just starting out, you may be experiencing breakthrough bleeding, in which you have some vaginal bleeding at odd times that only lasts for less than a day and isn't necessarily all that heavy in comparison to your regular period. You will also experience breakthrough bleeding if you miss one too many pills in the pack. If you miss your period on your first set of inactive pills, it would be wise to seek a pregnancy test. If it is negative, and you miss your next period on your second set of inactive pills, you should seek the advice of the prescribing doctor. It's possible that you could have a condition, one being endometriosis. From experience, birth control pills had no effect on the regularity of my cycles whatsoever. But this isn't likely for you, just a possibility, and a point to showing how necessary it is to speak with your doctor.

If im on birth control should i start your period right when i take the first white sugar pills or will it take a few days after for me to start?

It varies. You may get a period within the first week or you will get your period 4 weeks later.

When missed pills cause an early period do you have your period when it is usually time even though it will be the second time in a month?

If you miss 3 or more pills it can cause you to have a period even thought its the 2nd period that month. This is because you missed pills. Missing pills puts you at high risk of pregnancy and problems in your cycle and how well the pill will prevent pregnancy.

Are the white pills taken when you have your periods?

no, take it before and you won't have your period the first three rows of pills have hormones in them that will regulate your period..the last row is actually only sugar pills and you are supposed to have your period on those pills. However, you can get pregnant on the pill if not taken exactly how you are supposed to.

Should i worry about not starting your period whenon the pink pills?

well it depends, if your pack is mostly pink pills then you should not have your period during this time.. however sometimes you may have some spotting, this is normal... if the pink pills are the lesser amount in your pack then those are you sugar pills.. if you just started taking the pills it may take 2-3 months until you are regular and get your period during them

What should I do if I don't get a period during the 7 day break of the pill but get it after starting a new pack in the first 5 days?

Just keep taking your pills as normal. This happened to me and as long as your taking your pills correctly, you should be fine! :)