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The lender, and the borrower is responsible for any remaining discrepancy amount and the applicable fees.

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Q: If you surrendered a vehicle in chapter 7 and it was not recovered by the lending agent and was later totaled who gets the insurance money?
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What are some the banks or lending institutions for chapter 13?


What has the author Raymond Joseph Saulnier written?

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Can you open a savings account after filing chapter 7?

That's up to the lending institution that you apply to.

Do insurance companies frown upon lending vehicles to friends?

Only if the friend gets into an "at fault" accident.

When filing Chapter 7 is a car loan department discharged by your credit union?

An automobile loan is secured by the vehicle title, meaning that the lending institution has filed legal notice of interest in the vehicle. Even if you file chapter 7 bankrupcy, the lending institution can repo the car if you don't make payments.

Where can I find a loan insurance calculator?

If you are in the process of buying a new home and would like to know how much your private mortgage insurance will be you can go to or lending

Can a bank add insurance to a loan?

Yes. If you do not have insurance on a car or house that is used as collateral for a loan the lending institution can take out insurance and charge you for it. The insurance THEY use will be far more expensive than what you can purchase privately, and will not protect YOUR interests, only theirs.

Who draws up reports for fair lending from financial institutions?

The main company that writes reports on fair lending from banks are the FDIC. Also known as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. They are extremely credible and trusted.

Is the cosigner the only one responsible on the loan?

The primary borrower is responsible for making the payments and adhering to the terms of the lending contract. The cosigner is legally obligated only if the primary borrower defaults on the lending agreement or files bankruptcy (chapter 7).

What are the non-banking institution in the Philippines?

pawnshops., government non-bank financial institutions., lending companies., insurance., ventures..:)

What has the author R J Saulnier written?

R J. Saulnier has written: 'Urban mortgage lending by life insurance companies'

The Emerson first national bank is lending you money tobuy a new car the loan agreement will probably state that you must carry what insurance?

it would be collision insurance. Good Luck MT from BK

What is business lending?

what is lending business?

What are the current fha loan requirements?

The first one is FHA mortgage insurance. There are lending limits depending on the housing and the state that you are in.You have to have a credit check.

If you take out a loan and then you die who pays for it?

Either insurance or the estate. Some lending institutions provide "credit life insurance" which pays off the loan. If that is not part of the loan, the estate will be required to sell assets to cover the loan.

Do you need life insurance for a sba loan?

Yes. In case anything happens to us, the lending organization would claim the money from the insurance policy instead of troubling our dependent family members to pay off the loan.

Statutory lending ratio?

There is no statutory lending ratio.

Do you have to have insurance on your home after you pay the loan off?

In the United States, there is no requirement to have house insurance. However, most banks and lending institutions require you to have insurance while there is an outstanding mortgage on the house. Once you have finished paying off the house, you don't have to maintain the insurance. However, it is a good idea to continue the insurance plan if you can afford it. Without insurance, if your house burns to the ground, you are left with no place to live and no money to purchase or rebuild.

What is Lending Club's population?

The population of Lending Club is 79.

How do you find someone that will refinance after chapter 7 without waiting 2 years?

Refinancing is a very tricky and risky deal for any bank. There are lending companies that may do it but you are going to pay very high interest. Remember, you filed bankruptcy and screwed everyone you owed money to in the process. Banks and lending institutions do not like that. THe only way to find out isd to call banks and lending companies to find out.

Can a lending agency place insurance on a ATV after two years into loan requesting back pay?

Yes, If you have failed to provide the insurance required in your finance agreement that you signed, Then they have the right to protect their interest and you can be required to pay the bill. it's all in your contract.

What is inter bank lending?

Banks lending money to other banks.

What is term lending by insurance companies?

insurance companies are important sources of term loans. The premiums generated constitute advances to the insurance companies for periods varying from six months to five more years.This gives to rise to funds held for policy holders by the insurer, funds that must be invested in some manner.

If you cosigned on a car loan and the other person filed chapter 13 but is paying on the loan how should it be reported on your credit?

Just keep in touch with the lending institution to make sure nothing negative rubs off on your credit. A good relationship with the lending institution will be quite helpful in the long run. Recognize that if the primary borrower files bankruptcy, some lending contracts can be called in requiring that the entire amount be paid in full. If that occurs, make sure you keep in touch with the lending institution and let them know that you'll either pay it off or refinance.

What is life insurance premium financing used for?

Premium financing involves the lending of funds to a person or company to cover the cost of an insurance premium. Premium finance loans are often provided by third party finance entity known as a Premium Financing Company.