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If you take a pregnancy test between periods could the test be wrong?


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Yes that could be too soon, you should probably wait and see if you miss your period, and if you do get your period and it seems light or eratic you could still be pregnant. If you really feel you could be, take it seriously


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Yes, it is possible... If there were periods after the test, it proves there is no pregnancy. Also, if the test is based on chemicals (like it usually is) there are chances of it being wrong. If the test is a scan of the abdomen and the doc found a fetus - Its confirmed.

Hormonal imbalance or irregular period or it may be pregnancy related if the periods were light.

a negative pregnancy test can be wrong because it could have misditected, a positive pregnany can't be wrong though.

the baby could have a birth deffect!

yes it could happen because of a bunch of things medication or change in your lifesyle you could still be pregnant to if the test was wrong

You would be better off going to the doctors for this one. If you are pregnant some women experience morning sickness. Some women also get their periods when they are pregnant but this is very rare.

Yes you could be, possibly. however it depends on the pregnancy tests you are useing; it is unlikley for two of them to both come to the wrong conclusion. hope this helps x

if you have done 5 home pregnancy tests and they all result in a negative reading then is is not likely that you have become pregnant. If you have had late or absent periods there could be other contributing factors, such as sudden weight change or recent stress. My advice would be get yourself to the doctors are get a pregnancy test from them. It may be the stress of worrying about being pregnant that's causing youre absent periods!

Breastfeeding could be throwing off your hormones, causing you to spot. Pregnancy test results are usually accurate. Wait another week and then test again if you're not sure.

It's not possible to have a period during a pregnancy. If you see blood it does not necessarily mean something is wrong. There are many reasons for it and you should ask a doctor to find out why

Could be one of several things. Pregnancy is one of them.

nothings wrong it could be Implantation bleeding which is a pregnancy sign

Pregnancy starts with a period, so if you take a pregnancy test that's positive, work out when you had your last period. If it was 6 weeks ago, for example, then you are 6 weeks pregnant. You will typically not have any more periods after that one. If you do experience bleeding during pregnancy, it is a sign that something may be wrong, not a period, so see your healthcare provider straight away. My grandmother and I have had the misfortune of continously having periods throughout our pregnancy, and we didn't lose any of our babies.

No its not wrong as pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy as early as 4 days before a missed period yes it can b

Irregular periodsMany women have irregular menstrual cycles. Periods that vary by a few days are normal. But women who frequently "miss" or "skip" their periods should see a doctor to determine the underlying cause. There could be serious gynecological or endocrinological problems. Hope this helpsDepends on if you went to a doctor or not. Sometimes home pregnancy tests can be wrong. I've had two friends take home pregnancy tests and they were wrong and one of my friends took multiple home pregnancy tests before she went to the doctor. By the way, the home pregnancy tests they took said it was negative. If you went to a doctor then it could possibly have been too early to detect it. Also, you can have periods and spotting while pregnant, or worse it could be a miscarriage, but you would feel pain with that. I would recommend going to your doctor or health department and getting a pregnancy test.

well some pregnancy tests can be wrong you could be pregnant and not know it. see i had twins and i had that same thing so yeah u could be pregnant

Yes, all pregnancy tests can be wrong

Sometimes women get pregnant even if they have had their tubes have been tied. Be sure to do a pregnancy test just in case.

It is definitely possible for an at home pregnancy test to be wrong. It can depend on the type of test or you could have taken it too early. Wait a little longer and go to the doctor.

The pregnancy test is valid 10 days after intercourse. Stress could delay your cycle. relax.

Yes, of course it could be wrong. However, "feeling sick" could be due to the flu, a hangover or any other illness. Most pregnancy tests are pretty accurate. Good luck!

Hormones or stress can cause this. If it re-occurs readdress this issue with your physician.

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