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If you take a salt water bath will you lose weight?

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Any hot bath, salt or not, will make you lose weight through sweat if you soak in it for 10 minutes ~ because the humidity underwater is 100%.

salt does not improve the procedure, just speeds it up so that you don't spend as long in the tub.

It needs to be stressed that this is not something the average joe should be looking into, the weight lost is waterweight, not fat or muscle, so it is not a permanent loss and your body doesn't function properly when it is missing out on its water. Besides you regain most of the weight as soon as you feel dehydrated and guzzle down a ton of water or take a shower.

Bottom line, this is a method used by athletes who compete in sports with weight-classes to get rid of the last few pounds if they need it, they have professionals watching over them and learn quickly how it effects their performances. If someone who is just slightly overweight decides to start cutting water to feel better about themselves they will soon find themselves cramping up, lacking energy and looking like a dried up tomato.

2011-06-10 15:31:06
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Q: If you take a salt water bath will you lose weight?
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Will you lose weight by soaking in a epson salt bath?


Do you lose weight by drinking water and salt?

No, salt will not make you loose weight.

How do you lose water weight-?

lower your salt (sodium) intake

Does putting epsom salt in drinking water help you to lose weight?

No it will not.

Why is salt bad when trying to lose weight?

It makes you retain water.

How 2 lose 5pounds in two days?

Drink lots of water try soaking in an Epsom salt bath the excess water in your body will be sucked out by the salt...dont know if youll lose 5 pounds but u will lose some

Can a table salt bath cause weight loss?

Only if you drink it, Not recommended. People stranded at sea die from drinking salt water.

What does salt do to an ice water bath?

== ==

When do you clam in salt water?

A Bath

If you add salt to water does the weight of the water change?

The salt-water mixture will have the same weight as the sum of the weights of the water and the salt. The water, itself, doesn't gain weight in a strict sense, but the salt-water mixture will be heavier than the plain water. Salt water is denser than fresh water.Yes, the weight of any salts dissolved in water will be additive with the water.weight of salt + weight of water = weight of salt and water in solution

Can you bath in salt water using table salt?

of course

Will a potato lose weight if it is peeled and soaked in a salt water solution for a day?

The potato will lose mass because the water from inside the potato moves to the salt solution causing it to shrink and thus demonstrating osmosis.

Can bath salt dissolve in water?

Bath salts are specifically formulated to dissolve in water, adding a fragrance to bath-night.

Why can a person lose weight after changing to a low salt diet without reducing Caloric intake?

Salt make you bloat because your body is mostly made up of water, so whenever you eat less salt you bloat less making you lose weight.

Where would you find salt water?

in your bath

Why does too much salt cause an increase in weight?

Salt does not cause your body to gain or lose fat. If you have high consumptions of salt then it will only result in your body temporariley gsining weight as it causes your body to retain water

If you placed a peeled potato in a 5 percent salt solution would it lose or gain weight?

Because of osmosis the water in the potato will move into the hypertonic solution causing the potato to lose weight.

Can lemon and salt help you to lose weight?

No. It. Cant.

What is the weight of salt water of one cubic meter?

what is the weight of salt water of one cubic meter

Why is salt water heavier then tap water?

because salt has weight

What exactly is a no salt diet?

A no salt diet is a diet that is low in sodium. By taking most of the salt out of your diet it decreases bloating and helps one lose water weight. It is a hard diet to maintain.

Why can a person temporarily lose weight after changing to a low salt diet even without reducing caloric intake?

Because eating salt causes water-retention.

How to survive in extremely hot weather?

get water and salt bath ,

How do you make own body weight loss wrap?

You can't really lose weight from a wrap. However, you can sit in the bath with some Epsom salt and it will take off a couple inches, but it's not permanent. This was stated from Dr. Oz.

Can you get gonorrhea from bath salt?

No you can not get gonorrhea from bath salt.