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If you take a urine test at the hospital and suspect you have a bladder infection is the urine just checked for that or would pregnancy show up also?

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It would just be tested for the bladder infection. If you want them to test for pregnancy, I'm sure they will.

2015-07-15 19:30:02
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Q: If you take a urine test at the hospital and suspect you have a bladder infection is the urine just checked for that or would pregnancy show up also?
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Sharp pain at bottom middle of your abdomen what is this?

Could be a bladder infection. You need to have it checked out.

What can cause an enlarged bladder?

Infection, Cancer, Liver Disease, Age, you should get it checked out.

Do some STDs have symptoms similar to a bladder infection?

Sometimes they can feel like a bladder infection, sometimes i personally feel like i have a bladder infection after sexual intercourse, but I am very prone to bladder and UTI's. Its always best to be checked with a doctor, you wanna be safer then sorry right. I am personally going through the same dilemma and am going to go and get checked out, i'lll let you know if i learn anything useful!

You have started to urinate quite a lot maybe every 30 mins or sooner with pink blood in your urine is that pregnancy?

That sounds like a bladder infection. When pregnant, I have never had blood in my urine. You should get that checked.

When you have vaginal mucus unlike the kind you experience when ovulating is this a sign of pregnancy?

this can be a possible infection or std such as a yeast infection, get checked by a doctor.

What could be the cause of bad cramps during pregnancy?

If you have bad cramps during pregnancy at any stage, you should go to the hospital to get checked out.

When you are pregnant is it normal to have a slight cramping for 15-30 seconds after urinating?

Cramping after urinating isn't a symptom of pregnancy, that I'm aware of. But is is a strong sign that you could have a UTI (Bladder infection). Go see your doctor to get checked for that. Antibiotics will take care if it if you do have a UTI. Yes, I'm pregnant and positive that I don't have a bladder infection and I have the same thing. Pretty much everything hurts when your pregnant.

Would a urinary tract infection cause vaginal redness?

Sometiimes the infection affects both he bladder and the vagina. And some vaginal infections make it very sore when you pee. Get checked by a docotr.

A week before she has her puppies will she bleed when she pees?

No she should not be bleeding in her urine. Take her in to be checked out by your Veterinarian. She could have a bladder infection or a kidney infection or something worse. Only a Vet can diagnose this correctly.

Is cervical discharge a sign of pregnancy?

No, cervical discharge is not a sign of pregnancy. Changes in cervical discharge can mean anything from a sexually transmitted disease/infection, vaginal infection, urine infection and so on. Any changes that worry you should be checked by your doctor. The above is not fully true. Extra Cervical discharge can be a sign of pregnancy as long as pain, burning or itch do not accompany it. If you have extra discharge but feel burn or itch of any kinda then you may have a yeast infection, bladder/urinary track infection and should see your doctor. However if you only have the discharge alone and your period is late then yes it could be a potential sign.

Why would your twelve year old female dog lose control of her bladder and there is a LOT of urine?

you may not take her out enough or it could be a bladder infection so you may need to see a vet it might be because of old age It is very important you take your dog in to be checked out by your Veterinarian. It could be a bladder infection or that she is losing control of her bladder as she is getting older. There are medications to help with the incontinence.

What if your tongue is red and swelling in the back of your throat what should you do?

GO TO THE HOSPITAL! There is a big infection happening and the infection can go inwards and the outcome can be fatal. Don't risk it, get it checked out by a doctor!

Could stress cause bleeding in your first trimester of pregnancy?

Yes, it could. If the bleeding is heavy or painful, go to thr hospital to get it checked out

I am having a lot of discharge everyday that is smooth and lotion-like is this a symptom of pregnancy?

Sounds more like an infection. Get it checked NOW!

Vaginal soreness sign of pregnancy?

You should obviously have this checked by your doctor as "vaginal soreness" could be one of many things such as an infection or an STD.

How do you get your 6 year old dog to stop peeing on the carpet even after you have just taken her outside?

1- get it a diaper 2-have it checked out by a vet. It may have a bladder infection

Can you pass a bladder infection to you partner?

perhaps if urine is involved in your sexual activity. Let's hope not. answerer two says: yes. if you get checked by a doctor first then no. This is recomended.

When your husband urinated there was a bit of blood afterwards?

Blood in your urine can be due to but not limited to: a bladder infection, kidney infection, prostrate problem, kidney stones, and bladder stones. Blood in your urine no matter how small is not normal, and should be checked out by a physician. A simple urinalysis is probably where they will start, this will show white and red blood cells that can be present that you can not even see with the naked eye. They can also check for infection, an infection could be caused by a bladder infection, kidney infection, kidney stones and bladder stones that may be cutting the urinary track. A bladder infection if not taken care of (usually with antibiotics) can travel to your kidneys and then you may be in a life threatening situation if not treated quickly and properly. Some doctors stop with just using the urine test strips but that doesn't always indicate an infection, insist that they run a urine culture. A urine culture will not only be more accurate, it will also tell you what type of infection it is and exactly what antibiotic will cure the infection. Hope this helps. Cheyzer

Does my cat have a bladder infection her behavior is diffent and she is peeing small amounts right in front of me?

You need to get her checked out by your Veterinarian. She could also be in heat too but probably not. It is important to have her checked out by your Vet to know for sure. A bladder infection is nothing to mess around with, she needs to be diagnosed and treated immediately. Normally with a bladder infection you will see the cat peeing constantly, small amounts or just straining to pee and nothing comes out. The cat will become very sick very fast. Off to the Vet you must go! You will need to change her diet also if she does have a bladder infection. You just don't want her to become blocked up completely but that happens more often in the males than in the females but don't take any chances. She must feel miserable. It is a very painful condition.

Is a watery clearish with some white discharge a sign of pregnancy it has little smell to it?

It could be, it could also be sign of a yeast infection or an STD, you should get this checked.

You think you are pregnant you had one day of constant urinating and a few hours of a very light pink blood and now I have no blood and you took a pregnancy test and it was negative what do you think?

It is a good idea to always take multiple pregnancy tests especially a blood test from you family doctor. While you are there have a bladder infection test, STD test and have your kidneys checked. Any of the above symptoms could relate to those.

What does it mean when it hurts before and after you pee but not during?

It means that you may have chlamydia and should be checked by a doctor. Or you could have a bladder infection but a venereal disease sounds more likely. and you need to slap your girl friend

What to do with girlfriend?

take her to the hospital. get her checked up.

What causes painful urination?

A bladder infection will cause this. Go to the doctor.cause when you have to go you have to goit means that you have a water infection or a bladder infection. go to the doctors and get your self checked out .Burning on urination is most commonly caused by a urinary tract infection (UTI). STDs can also cause burning on urination, in addition to vaginal discharge.It can be an STD or UTI. You need to see a doctor.No, it is not always a STD if it burns when you urinate. It can be a urinary tract infection or other problems. It will require a visit to the doctor for such a condition.Urinary tract infection... Go to the Dr for meds to clear it up.

One day after sex got burning when peeing partner has no signs I am a man . afriad it might be wife?

Your wife may have a yeast infection that may be causing the burning or it could be a bladder infection/kidney stones. If burning continues go to the doctor to get checked for STDs.