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Since you need to exert force on the ball to push it away from you, the ball will obviously push back (with a force that has the same magnitude, but is in the opposite direction). This is an example of Newton's Third Law.

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Q: If you throw a ball to your friend. will the ball exert a force against your hand?
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When you throw a ball to your friend and the ball is 0.15 kg and it accelerates at 20m per s squared what force did you exert on the ball?

F = ma, so assuming no losses F = 0.15 x 20 = 3 N.

Is there a force without any field?

All of the fundamental types of force can be mathematically described in the form of force fields. But force involves many things. If I throw a ball, I exert force on that ball which is then accelerated as a result. The force field involved is far from obvious, although it does exist. If you understand the physics deeply, you would see that in order for me to exert a force on a ball, the electrons in the atoms in my hand have to exert a force of repulsion on the electrons in the atoms of the ball. And that electromagnetic force can be described as a force field.

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