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You slam him against the celing then use force push then he hits the ground then you lock loghtsabers and then you stab his eyes out and you throw him out of the window

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Q: How does general rahm Kota die in star wars the force unleashed?
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How does Rahm Kota die in force unleashed 2?

He is forced off a platform on Kamino by Darth Starkiller.

What happens to rahm kota after the force unleashd?

Basically, after Galen Marek dies, Kota goes with the other rebels. In the Force Unleashed II which has not been released yet, I guess he's still there, because I saw a clip art of all of the characters (they added new ones!!!!!).

What character are in Star Wars the force unleashed 2?

The most-noticeable characters are Starkiller, Vader, Rahm Kota, Yoda, Juno Eclipse, Boba Fett, Baron Tarko, and PROXY

Who is rahm kota?

Ramh kota is a military genious from star wars.

Where do you enter cheats for Star Wars force unleashed?

Beat Master Rahm Kota (if you haven't already), go to the Rouge Shadow, go to Extras, then Cheat Codes then enter "Cortosis", "Vergence", "Lightsaber", "Countdooku", "Speeder", and "Katarn".

Who are all the jedi victims you have to kill in star wars the force unleashed?

As Vader in the prologue level, you have to kill Kento Marek, who is Starkiller's father. As Starkiller, the ones that are actually killed by him are Kazdan Paratus and Shaak Ti. The ones that live are Rahm Kota and Maris Brood

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Cully Fredricksen has: Played Dr. Tyler in "Midnight Caller" in 1988. Played Scarecrow in "True Believer" in 1989. Played Higgins in "Silk Stalkings" in 1991. Played Detective Grant in "Sisters" in 1991. Played Principal in "Stranger in the Family" in 1991. Played Clay Barstow in "Renegade" in 1992. Played Special Agent Johnston in "Picket Fences" in 1992. Played Emergency Room Doctor in "Visions of Murder" in 1993. Played Limo Driver in "New Nightmare" in 1994. Played Special Agent Collins in "Golden Gate" in 1994. Performed in "ER" in 1994. Played Dereth in "Star Trek: Voyager" in 1995. Played Capt Keneally in "Live Shot" in 1995. Played Dr. Hendricks in "Terror in the Shadows" in 1995. Played Detective in "The Client" in 1995. Played Vulcan in "Star Trek: First Contact" in 1996. Played Gillis in "Playing Dangerous 2" in 1996. Played King Advisor in "To the Ends of Time" in 1996. Played David Flowers in "Camera Obscura" in 2000. Played Vulcan Captain in "Enterprise" in 2001. Played Master Kota in "X-Play" in 2003. Played Guard Williams in "Black August" in 2007. Played Senator Kota in "Spike TV Segment 4: Wii Version and Duel Mode" in 2008. Played General Kota in "The TFU Experience: Unleashing the Force on Your Favorite Console" in 2008. Played General Rahm Kota in "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" in 2008. Played General Kota in "Spike TV Segment 2: Amped-Up Force Powers" in 2008. Played General Rahm Kota in "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition" in 2009. Played Sgt. Miller in "Kilo" in 2010. Played General Rahm Kota in "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II" in 2010.

Will rahm kota be in Star Wars the clone wars?

It is unknown but the chance is there

Who used a green light saber?

Many Jedi, most notably Yoda, Qui-gon Jinn, Rahm Kota,Kit Fisto and Luke Skywalker

What are the ocdes for Star Wars the force unleashed?

on the xbox 360 mandalore playas rahm kota wookie unlocks kentos robes holocron unlocks jedi adventurer robes dantooine unlocks ceramonial jedi robes korriban unlocks sith stalker robes marajade unlocks a new combo lightsaber unlocks amplified saber damage (note you dont have to enable it) katarn unlock all force powers and maxed exarkun unlocks maximum force push (note disables saving and may not allow you to view some unlockables) ossus unlocks every thing in the data base

What is force unleashed 2 storyline?

seven months after the first game, Darth Vader takes the now dead starkiller to kamino to be cloned to make the ultimate sith warrior. once again the pawn of Darth Vader he eventually escapes and begins searching for answers about his past and to look for juno. a while after he meets up with rahm kota he goes to dagobah and meets yoda. meanwhile Vader has contracted boba fett to track him down. this is all thet has been released at the present time.

What is the birth name of Kevin Rahm?

Kevin Rahm's birth name is Kevin Patrick Rahm.