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Read it, take the test, and answer the questions yourself.

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Q: If you took a AR test on the sisters grimm book 1 what would the answers be?
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What the title for the ninth sisters Grimm book?

The title of the sisters grimm book 9 is the final chapter.

Will there be an eight book in the sisters grimm series?

Yes there is there are many books of the sisters grimm series

When is book 8 in the Sisters Grimm coming out?

The Sisters Grimm Book 8, The Inside Story, will be in bookstores on May 1st, 2010.

When will the ninth Sisters Grimm come out?

The last sisters grimm book has already come out!

What is the ninth sisters Grimm called?

If you mean the ninth Sisters Grimm book, It's called the Council of Mirrors.

How old is Sabrina Grimm in book eight of the sisters Grimm?

I think 12

What is the name of the sixth sisters Grimm book?

It is a greaat book!!!

When does the sixth sisters Grimm book come out?

Sisters Grimm book six has already come out and is available in hard cover at most book stores. May 01, 2008

When is sisters Grimm 8 coming?

The 8 sisters Grimm book has already come out. I have read it. So the plot thickens.

When will the ninth Sisters Grimm book be out?

Sometime this year

Who writes the Sisters Grimm the book?

Micheal Buckley

Does puck die in the 9th book of the sisters grimm?