If you took a home pregnancy test nine days after you were artificially inseminated could you be testing too early?


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2015-07-16 18:26:38
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yes yes.. it takes anywhere from 5-10 days for the fertilized egg to make it's way from the fallopian tube down into the lining of the uterus, it doesn't start producing HCG (pregnancy hormone) until it settles into the uterine lining, and that is what the test is looking for.. so you still may not have even implanted yet! give it a few more days, and take a test with first morning urine. Good Luck!



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A cow should be artificially inseminated (AI) an average of two to three months after giving birth, or when she starts showing signs of normal estrus which could be as late as four or even five months post-partum. Ideally it should be in the two to four month period, for a dairy cow, for her to rest (pregnancy-wise) before getting settled again.

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ovulation is the process that your body undergoes to prepare you for pregnancy your egg will exit your ovaries travel down your fallopian tubes into your uterus it will either become inseminated or not , if it does not become inseminated it will continue to travel down and out through your cervix, if an egg is inseminated it will plant inself into your uteran wall and begin the stages of fetal development. during ovulation your uteran wall will also thicked and begin to prepare itself for implantation. your period as a result of the egg not being inseminated the egg along with the excess uterary lining will be bled out through your cervix and out of your vagina the result of this is the menstruation stage. your body starts a new cycle every 28 days or so.. you menstruate and the cycle continues... an interuption in this cycle is pregnancy.. if you become pregnant your egg will implant itself and your excess will nto be bled out. that is why a missed period could be a sign of pregnancy

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You could be testing too early due to miscalculating your cylce. Wait a couple of days and test again. If it is still negative and you haven't got your period, see a doctor right away - it could be nothing, but it also could be an ectopic pregnancy! Good luck!!!

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Yes. Home administered pregnancy tests can be administered wrong and lead to a false negative result.

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