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once you get a Pokemon on to the wii it cant be leveled up or in your case evolved on the wii, but it can be leveled up on your DS and then retransferred onto the wii.

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βˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:21:08
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Q: If you traded a Pokemon from the ds to the wii would that Pokemon evolve by a link trade?
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How would you evolve karrablast in black?

Trade it for a Shelmet. Both the Karrablast and Shelmet will evolve upon completion of the trade. This is the only scenario where specific Pokemon MUST be traded for either of them to evolve.

Can someone trade you a magmar with a magmarizer?

the magmar would evolve if it is traded with the magmarizer

How do you get Arbok in platinum?

Like in the old games you would have to trade it to somebody, and then it would evolve, then hopefully the guy you traded it to gives it back!

When does boldore evolve in Pokemon white?

it is not a when because you evolve boldore by a trade and i would know that because i have the evolvation of boldore

Would someone trade with you on Pokemon platinum so your rydon can evolve?

depending on if they know you

What's a list of all the PokΓ©mon that would normally evolve from trade in Pokemon SHINY GOLD?

Please include WHEN they evolve.

Where to get a meowth in Pokemon ruby or Pokemon sapphire version?

You must trade it from FireRed or LeafGreen, or have it traded from Pokemon Colosseum or Pokemon XD. In Pokemon C., it would have already been traded from a FireRed or LeafGreen. In Pokemon XD, you can catch it in Phenac City.

To trade your Porygon in Pokemon platinum but you have no friends with Pokemon games can anyone trade with you so it would evolve but return the Pokemon to you once the transfer is complete?

no you need a friend to trade a Pokemon with you than give it back the computer would keep you Pokemon and you wouldn't get it back

Can Pokemon evolve in the Pokewalker?

you can not evolve Pokemon on the pokewalker i tried but would not evolve

If you put a Pokemon on offer in the GTS and bring it back a day later will it evolve on Pokemon Diamond?

Well for the PoKeMoN GTS evolving Pokemon Glitch is done differently. I doubt what you said wont work. If you want a PoKeMoN that can evolve only by trading you will need to do these things which aren't very complicated. 1. Put a PoKeMoN that needs to be evolved like Kadabra, Graveler, Haunter, Machoke that can normally evolve in a trade. 2. Put the off that would nearly be impossible like you want a Lv 9 and under Gyarados. Doing this will make your trade nearly impossible but that's what you want to happen. 3. Find a PoKeMoN that wants to be traded like a trainer wants an Abra and you have like a box full of a dozen Abra's. Trade with that trainer. 4. After you receive that PoKeMoN that, that trainer sent you in the GTS. Go back to your PoKeMoN that offered. And take it back. 5. After the PoKeMoN that you wanted to evolve normally in a trade will evolve after its being sent back to you. When you get it back it will evolve into its other form like lets say you put up a Kadabra after you traded for that Abra that, trainer wanted, your Kadabra will evolve into an Alakazam when you take it back from the GTS.

What would the Incas trade for money?

they traded by caravans they traded by caravans

Can you evolve magneton on Pokemon soul silver?

No, you can't evolve Magneton in Pokémon SoulSilver, in order to evolve it you would have to trade it into a Diamond, Pearl or Platinum game.

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