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If you travel abroad during your junior year does it help you get into an Ivy league School even if you don't get the 4.5 you normally would that yr?

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What is a junior in high school?

A junior is the year before senior year in high school. Normally 11th grade.

When do you take the psats?

Generally during your junior year of high school.

How old are you when you are in junior high school with out skipping a grade?

You begin junior year when you're 16 and turn 17 sometime during the school year or the summer after it, depending on when your birthday is.

Which school is better ferrars junior school or Putteridge junior school?

Ferrars is better its the richest junior school in Bedford sher and its the 2nd best school in beds

What happens during your junior year in high school?

when is my first time i feel scare

Where should you go when you study abroad your junior year of high school... Italy or Spain?

what language do you speak? but seriously spain because the spanish language is more useful after high school, no matter what you do with your life.

When was Hasland Junior School created?

Hasland Junior School was created in 1864.

When was Dovedale Junior School created?

Dovedale Junior School was created in 1908.

When was Eatonville Junior School created?

Eatonville Junior School was created in 1955.

When was Parkhill Junior School created?

Parkhill Junior School was created in 1939.

When was Westende Junior School created?

Westende Junior School was created in 1974.

When was Dollis Junior School created?

Dollis Junior School was created in 1939.

Do you capitalize junior high school?

No unless it is a proper noun such as Marshall Junior High School, but I can talk about junior high school without capitalization.

Which program was Ashley manning part of during junior year of high school?

feed the needly

What is Junior school in Australia?

Junior school is the name given to primary or elementary school is Australia. Children from the ages of five through 12 usually attend junior school.

What is the Japanese word for junior high school?

"Junior high school" (middle school) is 'chuugakkou' in Japanese.

What is junior high school?

Junior High School is an outdated term for what is now known as MIDDLE SCHOOL.

Where is Orangeview Junior High?

Orangeview Junior High School is a 7th-8th grade public junior high school- middle school in Anaheim, California.

How old is Lathom Junior School?

Lathom Junior School is dated back to 1965.

Should junior high school be capitalized?

It is not necessary to capitalize junior high school unless it is part of the proper name.I attend ABCD Junior High School in Philadelphia.I attended two different junior high schools.

How many junior colleges are there in Singapore?

22 JCs in Singapore Anderson Junior College Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) IB World School Anglo-Chinese Junior College Catholic Junior College Dunman High School Hwa Chong Institution Innova Junior College Jurong Junior College Meridian Junior College Millennia Institute Nanyang Junior College National Junior College NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Pioneer Junior College Raffles Junior College River Valley High School Serangoon Junior College Saint Andrew's Junior College Tampines Junior College Temasek Junior College Victoria Junior College Yishun Junior College

Which program was Ashley manning a part of during her junior year in high school?

service over self

When was Hopwood Junior High School created?

Hopwood Junior High School was created in 1949.

When was Saint Andrew's Junior School created?

Saint Andrew's Junior School was created in 1862.

When was Thompson Junior High School created?

Thompson Junior High School was created in 1970.