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If you trying to get pregnant is it all right to get a tattoo?


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no its fine

but i will make a baby with u

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two schools of thought......1. When you are pregnant your immune system is running wild....2. After your 5th month your baby feels what you feel.......Bad time..Many tattooists will not tattoo you if your pregnant at all.

If you are trying to get pregnant then you should not take the pill at all.

It all depends on the size of the tattoo and the amount of detail you want in it.

No not at all. You were lucky being able to get pregnant that quick.

if its a new tattoo your fine . the tattoo will scap and some of the ink will leak its your body getting rid of all of the left over ink . but you shouldn't be putting lotion on a new tattoo a&d ointment is the best that's what the tattoo artists in ny recommend

ALL of them ! If a woman is trying to become pregnant, the only drugs she should be taking, are those prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner !

Roman numerals are only of significance to the bearer of the tattoo, as are all tattoos.

First of all if you are a guy, nothing is going to help. second of all, vitamins don't get you pregnant, go have a long talk with your mother. if you are a woman trying to conceive, folic acid and multi vitamins help your chances of getting pregnant. ask a doctor or pharmacist which ones would be right for you

Doesn't mean anything, if it means shes not pregnant and not trying to get pregnant its all cool.

All of them! If you are trying to get pregnant you do not want to take birth control pills. Their whole purpose is to prevent pregnancy.

answer:yes actually you can get pregnant by pre ejaculation all it has to do is drip into you and devolop and you could easily get pregnant.

Without casting a personal dispersion on your choice…I as a professional would advise you from trying to get that much wordage crammed onto one finger. Trying to get all of this crammed onto one half of one finger would be chaos, and couldn't be done, not even with a 1 needle liner. Even if it were to be done, it would all blur together over time, and then you would just have a messy looking blob on your finger where that tattoo used to be.

If you have all the symptoms take a test. If negative you are not pregnant. Otherwise see a doctor.All the best!

it appears that she is in the process of removing a tattoo on her right arm where she has a band of letters. on the movie i can do bad all by myself at the end you can kinda tell that she is in the process, but there is n definite answer to your question.

they worked and were right all four times for me...

Yes he has a tattoo. Actually all of them do.

you can get all tattoo inks from ebay

Not all rap artists do have them all over their bodys, but if they do then they must like having them and that's their right.

yes, you can get pregnant regardless of what day of the cycle you are in. you need to use protection at all times.

The tear drop tattoo is used by some prisoners who have committed murder. The cross tattoo under the right eye is similar, but is specific to white supremacists / neo-Nazis You murdered someone its a British skinhead tattoo but im not sure what it means. No that's a tear drop All Above Answers Are Tear Drops But A Cross Means "New Life"

If you got your period it is extremely unlikely you are pregnant. And if you are trying to conceive you usually need to have sex 2 weeks before your period is due.

Yeah, home skillet, you're pregnant. Unless you're simply not trying hard enough.

He has the tokio hotel sign on the back of his neck, a star beside his right hip bone, a skeleton looking tattoo on his hand, and a tattoo of a German saying on his left side.

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