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Xbox 360

It has a lot of factors. Including the condition of the 360, and believe it or not if it has the box it came with and even instruction manual. It also depends on the GameStop. I'd say around $150 for an xbox 360.

  • I work for Gamestop and it doesnt matter for anything whether or not you have the box what matters is if the console works, do you have all the component cables, you have to turn it in with at least 1 working controller. in addition theres some other factors as well, do you have a hard drive? are you trying to get cash back or store credit.

I went to Gamestop today (03/17/2011) and they will only give you $40 in cash for your Xbox 360 and $65 in store credit.

My recommendations as a store employee:

  • it doesnt matter what Gamestop you go to we are a corporation everything's the same except tax.
  • If your trying to get cash just a reminder that they do take 20% off your total and if you get store credit you'll get any complying promotions in the system plus if you have your edge card you'll additionally get 10 percent more trade in credit. I believe for each system with all the cables and controller as well as the hard drive it trades in at about 120ish store credit.
  • Also if we have any other games we do as well take trade ins on them there value is based on the condition of the game, and how old is it. Most older games arent worth that much so play a game when you beat it and done using it trade it in asap to get the most trade in credit for your game. That edge card does wonders to its valid for a year you get a 1 year subscription to game informer the #1 selling game magazine in the united states and all the perks of haveing the card such as ten percent off all used games or accesories and ten percent bonus on your trades that is valid on any promotion to so not a bad deal.
  • The xbox will sell for 49.99 at Gamestop.
  • Call your local gamestop and ask, All places varies.
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Q: If you turned your xbox 360 into gamestop how much money would you get?
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