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You will lose protection if you start the new pack a day late. If you do that, you must use a back up method for the first seven days of that new pack. A better way to switch from a Saturday to a Sunday start is to take the first placebo pill in the pack as scheduled on Saturday, then start your new pack the next day. Doing so will not affect protection. Just remember that if you're starting the new pack on Sunday, then you may not have access to your health care provider or pharmacy on your start day; if you run out of pills, you may not be able to reach anyone at the office until Monday, and will lose protection.

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Q: If you usually start taking your birth control pills on Saturday is it ok to switch your start day to Sunday if it is the first Sunday after your period?
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How start birth control?

Usually pills are started on the first SUNDAY after your period.

When you get on birth control what will it do to your period?

usually you will start the pill the Sunday after your period begins. this will regulate your period so you will get it about the same time each month

When should you start your birth control if you started your period 2 days ago?

The doctors usually say to start the pill the Sunday after your last period.

When should you start birth control for a weekday period?

Sunday after your period

If you normally start your pill on Sunday can you start it on Saturday instead to start getting your period a day earlier?

Yes, you can start on Saturday instead.

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Do you start birth control the Sunday of your period or the Sunday after your period?

If you have your heart set on starting the pill on Sunday, then start on the first Sunday after you start your period. If your period starts on Sunday, start the pill on Sunday.Traditionally, women in the US started the birth control pill on Sunday. This has an obvious disadvantage - your health care provider's office is closed on Sunday, and many women start their pill late when they notice too late that they're out of pills. Do yourself a favor and consider starting on a weekday, as they do in most other countries.

I had unprotected sex twice on Saturday at 7pm and 2am no semen and on Sunday at 1230pm he did My last period was on 0929 and is usually 7 days long and 30 to 35 day cycle What are the chances?

nicht gut

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If you Started your Period on Saturday do you start the pack from Saturday?

it depends on what kind of birth control you are on. talk to your doctor. some you start the day you start your period some there is a set day to start the pack

What if your period irregular what to do to make it regulate?

Birth control usually does the trick to regulate your period.

Have been on birth control for a month just started your period Saturday and am supposed to start the new pack tomorrow Sunday will that end your period and is that normal to only have it for one day?

When you take BC pills you should have a 7 day break - after this break you start the new pack of pills.

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