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you go to she gives you letters and evything so i think you should go there i knew that but it is with money my father does not pay by net atall srry for that any other suggestions??

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โˆ™ 2008-08-20 13:16:38
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Q: If you want to meet Miley Cyrus on a net chat at which site you go?
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On what site you can chat with Miley Cyrus? there are NO Posers if they are they get banned,they will tell you when she is on.

On what site have you seen Miley Cyrus burp?

Youtube would be the easiest way to find miley burping. type in, Miley Cyrus burping or Miley Cyrus burp contest.

Selena Gomez better than miley site?

yea Selena Gomez site is better then Miley Cyrus site

Is Miley Cyrus something I can't say on this site?

The name "Miley Cyrus" is allowed for use on WikiAnswers (for appropriate uses, that is).

On which social networking site is Miley Cyrus?


How can you chat with Hannah Montana?

You can chat with Hannah Montana by visiting her site Miley

What is miley cyrus' Preferred Site Language?


Miley Cyrus quiz?

WikiAnswers is not a quiz site. We are a question and answer website.

Are Miley Cyrus and lexi Cyrus cousins?

Miley Cyrus and Lexi Cyrus are not cousins First Lexi Cyrus is a Site model name for Jenifer Greenwood !! Who is faked alot to Miley doesn't Have no clue who is Jenifer Greenwood aka Lexi Cyrus Then Miley Cyrus Only Cousins are Shelbo Cyrus - (MILEY'S DAD SIDE) And Christina Finley - (MILEY'S MOM SISDE)

What is Miley Cyrus Miley World?

Miley's World was Miley Cyrus' official website, but is now closed. The site now redirects to her new website which can be found in Sources and related links, below.

What are Miley Cyrus fan sites?

The number one miley fan site is but cost is 30 dollars

Where do you find Miley Cyrus quizzes?

There is one site with quizzes on pretty much everything its (Including Miley)..............

Does anyone want to chat?

Answers is not a chat site. Visitors to the site ask and answer questions. You can meet other members in the Community Forum.

Does she has a website calledwwwmileyworldcom?

Yes, Miley Cyrus does have a site called

What are good Miley Cyrus fansites?

to get miley's address go on make a account then add mileycyrus558 is a great fan site. At this site fans can chat, discuss, comment, and write their own blogs about Hannah Montana.

Who is Kerynn Cyrus?

Kerynn Cyrus is a site model. She lived in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Now she lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She is Miley Cyrus' cousin.

When is Miley Cyrus coming to VA?

i am not sure but you can go to her site called miley world and click on "tickets" and it will tell you all the states

What is a site where you can chat with Miley Cyrus 4 free?

Best bet would be to check her website to see if there is away, dont buy into all the email addresses or accounts on social networking sites, most of them are imposters (:

What is Miley Cyrus' penguin name on Club Penguin?

There has been no confirmations or anything that Miley Cyrus owns a Club Penguin account. So, therefore, she cannot have a penguin name on the site.

Does Miley Cyrus have stomach pierced?

Yes Miley Cyrus does have her belly button pierced. If you dont believe me go to this site.

Who is Shandra Danielle Rose Cyrus?

Hi, She is Miley Cyrus Cousin. She is starting to sing now. She has a facebook and a twitter. She is also a site model.

What are the lyrics to breakout by miley cyrus?

The lyrics to that song are copyrighted and cannot be legally reproduced on this site.

Does Miley Cyrus have a

No she dosnt,i know this off other answer site like wiki answers.

Who will answer my question about Miley Cyrus?

People who answer questions on this site are called Contributors, because they contribute their knowledge.

Where will Miley Cyrus be on New years?

She has not confirmed any events for New Years on her web site.