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Depending on what state you are in you should be able to refinance the house yourself. I would consult the new mortgage company you plan on going to and advise them that your grandmother is on the deed sometimes it doesnt even matter and you should be able to go through with everything.....Good luck!

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โˆ™ 2005-11-28 20:12:00
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Q: If you want to refinance your home and your grandmother is on the deed also but you pay the taxes and insurance can you refinance by yourself since you live there?
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If you bought a house and had it financed with a cosigner are they on the deed and if you are able to refinance yourself can you do it without them?

Since you are both on the loan you are both on the title. You can refinance without them on the loan but would need them to sign the title over or transfer at close.

When you refinance your house and add your spouse's name to the refinance loan does that automatically add his name to the title?

of course since you are using their income. of course since you are using their income.

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When you refinance a mortgage can you get a refund on title insurance paid on the existing loan either lender's or owner's policies?

In many states, there is a discounted refinance rates for the premium. Ask the title insurance agent who is doing the new Mortgage Policy if you qualify for a discount. There are no discounts that I know of, on an Owner's Policy, since when a new Owner's Policy issued, it means the property and chain of title, has transferred hands.

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I want to know how i can get a fast mortgage refinance?

The fastest way to refinance your mortgage would be to contact your current mortgage company. Since they already have all your property information, they may be able to help you get this done quickly.

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Can you refinance your mortgage if you're in Chapter 13 but have not filed income taxes since 2003?

You have to receive approval to change your 'plan' from the Bankruptcy court. Usually, if they approve; and , you can find a lender willing to refinance while you are in BK, this means the money you save is then used to pay more to your debtors. if that is what you want to do. Usually, lenders want to see you pay the plan to it's end and then refinance.