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the gavitational field on Mars is about one third of Earth's

(i.e. your weight would be a third of what it is here)

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Would there be a difference in weight it it was moved from earth to mars?

Yes, the weight would be reduced to 38% of what it would be on Mars. A 100 pound object would weigh 38 pounds on Mars.

What would your mass be on Mars?

if you weigh 100lbs on earth your weight on mars would be 37.7lbs.

How many eyes would you have on Mars?

if someone leaves Earth and then goes to Mars they would not have a loss or gain of eyes

How much would a lbs person weigh on mars?

The answer depends on the person's weight on Earth but each pound's weight on Earth would be equivalent to 0.376 pound's weight on Mars.

Would mass and weight be the same number on mars?


How much you weight in mars i weight 110?

If you weigh 110 lbs on earth, you would weigh 41.8 lbs on Mars because Mars has 38% of the gravitational pull that the earth has.

Would your mass or weight be different on mars?

Your mass always remains the same, no matter whether you're standing on Earth, Mars, or anywhere else in the Universe. Your weight, on the other hand, would be different, because of Mars's weaker gravitational pull in comparison to Earth. On Mars, you would weigh 0.38 of how much you weigh now (your weight on Earth X 0.38 = your weight on Mars).

Why would a person weight more on Jupiter than they do on Earth and would weight less on Mars?

it has to do with gravity. Jupitar has more gravitational force then Earth and Mars has less gravitational force.

What are two intristing facts about mars?

Mars is the god of war in Roman mythology (Ares).If you weigh 100 lbs, your weight on Mars would be 38 lbs. (multiply your actual weight by 0.38)

How much does a man weigh on mars?

A man on Mars would weigh 38% of his weight on the Earth. This means that to find out a man's weight on Mars, you have to multiply their weight by 0.38. example: 100 pound man on the Earth weighs 100 X 0.38 = 38 pounds on Mars

What is the weight of 6 kg object on the surface of Mars?

22.33N. A 6kg object would have a weight of 58.84N when it is on earth but a weight of only 22.33N on the surface of mars. So times 2.6.

How much do you weight on mars if you weight 96 pounds on earth?

You would weigh 95.24 lbs

What is the human weight on mars?

Mars has a force of gravity equal to , which is almost a third of that of Earth. As such, a human weighing on Earth would weigh about on Mars.

Would your weight change in Mars?

Yes, it would. Weight is determined by the measure of gravitational force on an object, which means that if you are 100 pounds on Earth, and you went to another planet, your weight would change depending on the size of the planet. Since Mars is smaller than Earth, your weight would be less than if you were on Earth.

How much would a ten year old weigh on mars?

That will depend on what the ten year old weighs on earth! The weight on Mars would be approx 0.376 (or 3/8) of the weight on earth.

Is the mass of an elephant the same on the moon as mars?

The mass would be the same. the weight would not.

Would an earthling feel heavier light or about the same weight on the surface of mars?

As Mars is smaller than earth, and therefore has a lighter gravity, a person would feel lighter on Mars. In fact on Mars you would weigh half as much.

How much pounds would you weigh on Mars if your weight was 69 on Earth?

On Mars, you'd weigh 26.22 pounds.

Would your mass and weight be different on mars than on earth?

Your mass would be the same but your weight would decrease to 38% of what it is on earth. If you weigh 100 pounds on earth you would weigh 38 pounds on Mars. Mass is the same no matter where you are. Mass is basically the amount of matter an object has. Your rest MASS is constant anywhere in the Universe. Your weight will differ based on the Gravitational Field you are in. Because the gravitational Field on Earth would be different than that of Mars, you weight on Mars will be different than on Earth.

How much does people weight on Mars?

To find out one's weight on Mars, you have to multiply their weight by 0.38.

Would your weight go down or up if i go to mars?


How much would a 230pound person weight on mars?

86.71 Pounds

What effects on you on Mars?

Mars effects your Weight by example if you weighd 185 pounds on mars you'll weigh 69.7 pounds. if you tell me your weight i'll tell you your weight on mars. :)

How much would a 330 pounds person weigh on the mars?

To keep it simple weight is about 40% of earth weight on Mars. 0.4 * 330 pounds = 132 pounds ==========

What would be the curb weight of a 1955 Trabant AWZ P70 on Mars?

The 1955 Trabant AWZ P70 weighs 850 kg curb weight. The weight conversion from Earth to Mars via: Equatorial surface gravity (1g-Earth to 0.386g-Mars) would lead to 850kg * 0.386 = 328.1 kg.

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