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Depends on the location!. But in most cases your chance of pregnancy is extremely slim.

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Q: If you were in a jacuzzi and your boyfriend got semen on you would you get pregnant?
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If you are pregnant and your boyfriend ejaculates in you what would it do to his semen?

Nothing, you are already pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend puts his fingers inside a womens vagaina?

No, she would not get pregnant. For that to happen, she would have to be ovulating, and he would have to have semen on his finger.

Can a 12 year old boy get a girl pregnant in a Jacuzzi?

Yes, but it would require penetrative sex in the Jacuzzi...

Is it possible to get pregnant by eating your semen?

No. In order to get pregnant you need sperm and you would need a man for that. If your masturbating and you make semen and eat it, you cannot get pregnant.

You are only 14 and my boyfriend managed to get semen down his trousers and now I'm not sure if i got in to me how would i be able to no if i did get it inside me?

if hes pulling out it dosent work you can get pregnant

Would you get pregnant if he drips in you?

Semen whether it shoots or dribbles out can make you pregnant. The sperms swim from the semen, the transporter fluid, and set aim on the fallopian tubes.

You and your boyfriend did a little sx technique he wore underwear and jeans you wore underwear and shorts a little semen got on your shorts could you be pregnant?

If he were wearing jeans no semen would have gotten on your shorts. But regardless unless you directly rub that semen stain on your vagina while it's still live, you won't get pregnant. The fact that you don't know this says you probably shouldn't be fooling around with your boyfriend in the first place and have been watching to much 16 and pregnant. Take a sex ed course. Then try again.

What good does semen do for a womans body?

Semen can make a woman pregnant, which results in birth. That would be considered good unless she doesn't want to get pregnant. Semen contains some vitamins, and is actually rather healthy.

If semen is on the vulva and you are a virgin can you be pregnant?

The odds would be against it, but it could happen.

If your boyfriend fingered you with semen on his hands and you're 9 days late but two HPTs read negative could you still be pregnant and what are the chances?

Why is your boyfriend fingering you with semen on his hand and why would you let him do that to you if you know if semen gets inside of the uterus what it will do so what do you think the odds of you being pregnant are 10 to 1 because once semen hits the air it dies so in order for him get you pregnant his penis must have in you other than that who knows be careful of what you let your boyfriend sometimes if you have sex though before your period it pushes it back so don't be frighten just wait if it does start for another two weeks or so then be concerned. yes - you could be. Wait another week and try another HPT. Semen does NOT die when it hits air - so it is a possibility. Good luck :)

Will a baby have birth defects if you get pregnant by finger?

You mean by someone inserting a finger wiht semen on it and you got pregnant that way? No it would not.

What does it mean when your boyfriend asks you if your pregnant?

Presumably, it means he would like to know if you're pregnant.

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