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Magic, right?

I refer you to The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings.

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How did Saint Patrick help others?

he inspired people to be good and help others if they were in trouble

What is your advantages among the others?

good deeds,we should help others

Are these answers good answers?

The answers that are given here are given by volunteers that may have a perticular expertise in a given area. Most answers are given by people that genuinely want to help others by sharing their knowledge. If you have an area that you are fairly well versed in then you can answer questions too. I would say that the answers found here are mostly good answers. There are a lot of questions that are not good questions and they will get bad answers or no answer.

Who are good people?

good people are those who take care of others, help others, and those who are know the art of good living they are very kind generous they sustain and keep good relationships with others

What should a good person be determined to do?

They should be determined to be kind and to help others (think OTHERS first)

How can people be a good saritan?

By recognizing the needs of others and providing what help you can, either through your own capabilities or the use of others who are qualified to give help.

Why is war good?

It's good because it can help people save others and settling arguments.

What is a good global citizen?

A good global citizen is one who help the environment and others aswell

Why are the traits of a good citizen necessary?

Good citizens are what keeps the society going. Good citizens are the ones who work to help others, who help their society (town/city/nation/world) to prosper and grow. Bad citizens destroy what others have done, steal from and hurt others, and take the money and help that ought to go to good citizens who really need it. It's the good citizens we need to survive as a species.

What is the purpose of the good samaritan laws?

To help someone how people didn't help as he was prejudge by others travelling by.

What can you do for the good of humanity?

Treat others with respect. Help others out. Serve as an example to others. Do what you believe is right, not necessarily what you want to believe is right.

What are the qualities of a good caregiver?

patience, love, honesty and passion to help others are the qualities of a good caregiver

How is television a force of good in the world?

It isn't. It can be used for good and to help others but its mostly there to just get money.

How does it help us to help others?

It makes you a better person in the eyes of others. And you as an individual should better when helping others. and one day ( there is an old saying) when you need help, someone will be there for you to assist you also cos there nothing we do on earth that goes in vain. so its always good to do good to people around us.

What made Martin Luther King Jr help others?

he was a good man

Why is the parable of the good samritan so important to christians?

becasause they help others

What is the purpose of a volountary organisation?

its purpose is to provide a service or good free of charge and to help others that are less well off. its purpose is to provide a service or good free of charge and to help others that are less well off.

Do you help people?

When you help others, it will make you feel good about what you are doing. You will also make the person you are helping happy.

How do guitars help others?

They don't help people, but are musical instruments and allow people to create good music.

Is it good to be a lawyer?

It will be good to be a lawyer as it may be a high-price salary job and help others to fight for justice.

Hester believes that wearing The Scarlet Letter has given her?

a chance to help other people or knowledge of the hidden sin in others

What happens to animals whose mutations do not help them survive in a given environment?

They often do not thrive and die earlier than others

You like to help others what is a good job for you that pays well?

Paramedic in a big city

Are blackberry good for business?

yes they help to keep u and others organized and connected

What did Wilma Rudolph do for others?

made others feel good about themselves, she help find the insides and sould for friends familys and even strangers

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